Kerry Logistics Corporate presentation


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Kerry Logistics Corporate presentation

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Kerry Logistics Corporate presentation

  1. 1. 1 October 2011 © Kerry Logistics Network Limited. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Reasons to Believe Global Presence 15,000 employees • Diversified service portfolio 24 countries • Serving one-third of top 100 global brands 400 business centres 2.4m sq.m logistics facilities • Asia driving global footprint in 24 countries 8,000 vehicles © Kerry Logistics Network Limited. All rights reserved. Kerry Logistics – your best option in logistics partnership2
  3. 3. Reasons to Believe Solid Operator in Greater China Heritage You Can Rely On – Kuok Group 12,000 employees • 6 decades of heritage and experience in Asia 260 business centres 6,000 vehicles • One of the first pioneers to invest in China 1.7m sq.m logistics facilities • One of the largest int’l conglomerates in Asia with 700 operating licences 300 customs brokers diversified interests 110 customs inspectors 60 int’l airports & ports coverage Kuok Group Members © Kerry Logistics Network Limited. All rights reserved.  Greatest business synergy and network in ASIA3
  4. 4. Milestone Kerry EAS Logistics Building the Kerry Expansion to becoming the largest TJ Logistics brand Mainland China logistics network in and the strongest & ASEAN Mainland China logistics network in Greater China 1981 2000 2002 2008 2011 2001 2005 2009 Global presence in 24 countries © Kerry Logistics Network Limited. All rights reserved. First warehouse Launching Expansion to in Hong Kong of logistics Europe services Setup of Asia Road Transport Network across ASEAN4
  5. 5. Our Leading Edge The Growth of Satisfaction Strong Assets • Steady and consistent growth • Operates 2.4m sq.m of facilities • Strategic acquisitions • Scalable infrastructure supports expansion • Strong growth in 2010 Key assets throughout the supply chains Logistics Centre Container Terminal Seaport © Kerry Logistics Network Limited. All rights reserved. Inland Ctr Depot Rail Terminal Truck Fleet  Strict control and flexibility to support your  A reliable and resourceful partner you can trust future expansion and long-term growth5
  6. 6. World-Class Logistics Centres Set New Standard Logistics Centre Coverage in Asia © Kerry Logistics Network Limited. All rights reserved.  Strategically important infrastructure assets critical to Asian execution  Defining dominate Greater China/Asia logistics model  10 Self-owned Logistics Centres in Mainland China6
  7. 7. Logistics Centre Portfolio in Hong Kong Sheung Shui Fanling • 33,100 sq.m • 26,300 sq.m Kwai Chung – Temperature-controlled • 61,300 sq.m Taipo – PC3 Kwai Chung • 25,700 sq.m • 26,600 sq.m Kwai Chung Taipo – Nine to Five • 184,900 sq.m Food Production Ctr • 1,700 sq.m Shatin Tsuen Wan • 40,100 sq.m • 55,000 sq.m © Kerry Logistics Network Limited. All rights reserved. Kowloon Bay – DG • 16,900 sq.m Asia Airfreight Terminal • 15% Shares Kwai Chung – Cheung Sha Wan Temperature-controlled • 55,600 sq.m. Chai Wan • 45,600 sq.m • 49,700 sq.m7
  8. 8. Our Leading Edge Cutting-edge IT System International Management Expertise • Highly customized solutions • Strong project management expertise • Flexible system integration • Proven track record • Seamless info flow along the supply chains • Dedicated and specialized people Winning proprietary system A team of professionals at your service © Kerry Logistics Network Limited. All rights reserved.  Visibility, accessibility and connectivity along the supply chain  We know your business. We speak your language.8
  9. 9. Business Portfolio IL SCS IFF Diversified service portfolio enables efficiencies and competitiveness E&T F&L FMCG IMS © Kerry Logistics Network Limited. All rights reserved. F&B AUTO PHARMA9
  10. 10. Our Customers Electronics & Technology Fashion & Lifestyle Food & Beverage © Kerry Logistics Network Limited. All rights reserved.10
  11. 11. Our Customers FMCG Industrial & Material Science Automotive Pharmaceutical & Healthcare © Kerry Logistics Network Limited. All rights reserved.11
  12. 12. Customer Testimonials “ Kerry Logistics makes the Hong Kong regional “ We appreciate the valuable support and services warehouse the BEST Louis Vuitton Regional provided by Kerry Logistics in the continuous Warehouse. ” improvements process. “ LOUIS VUITTON ASIA VIASYSTEMS ASIA PACIFIC “ Kerry Logistics is the BEST distribution partner of “ Kerry Logistics always strive to achieve the highest Netgear. ” quality and to provide world-class services. ” NETGEAR, INC WORLD FAMILY © Kerry Logistics Network Limited. All rights reserved. “ Truly a business partner that understands and “ We appreciate the continuous improvement of creates value in the supply chain. ” Kerry Logistics on professional logistics services. ” ECOLAB CANON HK12
  13. 13. Our Value-added Services Electronics & Technology Fashion & Lifestyle Postponement RMA Function Testing Kitting GOH Tagging Sorting In-Transit Assembling Conversion Labelling GOH Delivery Ironing Labelling Food & Beverage © Kerry Logistics Network Limited. All rights reserved. POS Kitting Gift Packing Shrink Wrapping Date Printing Stock Take Temperature Control Call Centre Support Stock Take Assembling In-Transit Assembling Stamping Wrapping13
  14. 14. Our IL Competence Achievements in Hong Kong No of SKUs Total CBM No of Orders No of Pieces WAREHOUSING & VAS 100,000 150,000 350,000 90m per month per month per month per month No of Drops Total Miles DISTRIBUTION 350,000 600,000 per month per month System Update On Time System Report On Time Report Accuracy Update Accuracy Update PERFORMANCE 99.5% 99.5% 99.95% 99.95% • System Inventory Transaction On Time Inventory • Report © Kerry Logistics Network Limited. All rights reserved. Accuracy Accuracy Damage/Pilferage Delivery • Inventory & Delivery 99.95% 99.8% <0.05% 97.5% • Customer Service Response to Problem Fulfilment Cust Request Resolution Accuracy w/in 3 days w/in 2 wks 99.85% 99.5% 100%14
  15. 15. Quality Management & Continuous Improvement Continuous Improvement Quality Assurance ISO9001 Quality ISO27001 Information Security ISO14001 Environment OHSAS Quality Analyst 18001 KPI © Kerry Logistics Network Limited. All rights reserved. & Control TAPA ASIA Business Process HKQAA Workflow Design Improvement Fine Wine Storage15
  16. 16. To Be a Good Citizen Environment Community Build on Care © Kerry Logistics Network Limited. All rights reserved. Society Employees16
  17. 17. We Are Always Ready to Serve You The Full Service Team of Kerry Logistics Senior Management Name Name Position Position Country/City Country/City Business Development Corporate Account Mgmt Operations ITS Name Name Name Name Team Position Position Position Position Name Name Name Name Position Position Position Position © Kerry Logistics Network Limited. All rights reserved. • Business solutions • Account servicing • SOP • Business analysis • Product development • Customer relations mgmt • Daily operations • Business application Role • Marketing intelligence • Continuous customer • Total quality management • System integration • Segment development development • KPI • Implementation Kerry Logistics’ highly experienced team is ready to support your business and growth17
  18. 18. 18 Driving Business Forward © Kerry Logistics Network Limited. All rights reserved.