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This presentation will reveal basic concept and details behing AdTaily self service advertising platform.

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  • AdTaily

    1. 1. Sell ads to your audience Part of AGORA Group
    2. 2. This presentation will reveal  What is AdTaily basic facts | how it works | ad specs | revenue split | setup process  Why do I need it  Where will I use it  Who is behind AdTaily  Our progress
    3. 3. What is AdTaily - basic facts  A self service advertising network with AdTaily your readers can start buying ads right when they’re browsing your website, and finish the entire process in 3 minutes  Extremely easy to use we simplified the Ad purchase process by limiting unnecessary options and bringing the most important factors forward; setting up AdTaily for your site will take only 3 minutes  Free ! ads bought directly on your page are commission free - you get all of the money
    4. 4. What is AdTaily - how it works Step 1 choose  AdTaily widget is displayed on your page  Your visitor can easily spot the ‘Advertise here’ link
    5. 5. What is AdTaily - how it works Step 2 create  User uploads the box image, fills the link field and specifies the duration of the campaign in days
    6. 6. What is AdTaily - how it works Step 3 pay  Payment is streamlined in our process  We support PayPal and credit cards
    7. 7. What is AdTaily - how it works voilà :)  The Ad is displayed instantly  or right after being accepted by the publisher
    8. 8. What is AdTaily - ad specs  Display the advertiser chooses exactly the space where his ad is supposed to show - no targetting technology is required, no keywords - this means that the ad will always work  One format - 125x125 with one, purely graphical format the advertiser is able to use a single creation on every page - without worrying about the availability of different modules or supported formats  Sold per day(s) just like in small newspapers, we charge users per day (or multiple days) - it’s easier to control, and understand for the advertiser - less terminology (like CPC or CPA) = wider group of advertisers - that said, we’re still able to tell the client how many people will see the ad and how many clicked on it.
    9. 9. What is AdTaily - where are the $’s?  We only charge commission when we bring you the money if the advertiser reaches your site via our store or network of partners we will charge commission - in other words - we only take a bit of money you wouldn’t normally get  How much? 70% is always yours, 100% if you advertisers buy direct (look below)  Direct selling is free You keep 100% of the money that advertisers spend directly at your website, through our widget. The money goes straight to your PayPal account, so no build-up delays.
    10. 10. What is AdTaily - setup 1 create a profile 2 describe the website 3 copy-paste the code
    11. 11. Why do I need it  your audience = your advertisers The readers of your website or blog would like to post the ads targeted at other readers. They know each other, they know the topic you write about, and they know you - it’s the best place for them to advertise. With AdTaily you keep them on your page throughout the whole process - the trust, your brand is always there.  it’s effortless The whole process is automated.  it’s (hassle)free Did we mention that we even cover the cost of transaction - you get all the money. And we don’t require any printed forms, agreements or long term commitments.  it’s safe You can switch on moderation and decide which ads will show on your page. You’re in control.
    12. 12. Where will I use it  Blogs Have well targeted communities of readers. They’re not about volume, but quality of readers - this is very attractive to advertisers, but not well supported by current monetization solutions.  Medium sized sites The inventory is already substantial, but still no direct sales team is present. By installing multiple widgets in different sections AdTaily will optimally monetize the content.  Large sites and portals AdTaily helps monetize new projects, that are not yet attractive to large advertisers. Also niche and local sections are best served with AdTaily - just like local classifieds.  Apps, services AdTaily doesn’t have to be limited to editorial content - it’s design, and underlying API allows using it in applications, services and user-generated content sites.
    13. 13. Who is behind AdTaily  The Team We’re a team of 14 people now, spread across Europe - London, Warsaw and Krakow. Most often you will meet: Jakub Krzych - Co-Founder, Head of Product (Krakow, PL) Julia Krysztofiak-Szopa - International Operations Manager (Warsaw, PL) Marcin Grodzicki - Business Development Manager (London, UK)  Our Group We are a part of the Agora Group. Agora's media offer includes newspapers and magazines, outdoor advertising, radio broadcasting, online activities and selling collections of books and books with CDs and DVDs.
    14. 14. Our Progress  Founded February 2009  Online since June 2009  10 000 registered publishers  600 000 000 pageviews monthly  Ready to use
    15. 15. Thank you! Did you register your website at