Qualitative Research


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Qualitative Research

  1. 1. In Depth InterviewsRoberto Preciosa - 13 1. When did you start becoming interested in music?I started becoming interested in music from the age of 8. I used to listen to a lot of nursery rhymesfrom early childhood. Then my taste for music developed and I learned to appreciate how it mademe feel. So, then with my feelings, it helped me to concentrate and certain types of music wouldchange my mood. For example, if I listened to sad music, romantic songs (Bruno Mars- Grenade) thatwould make me feel sad because of its narrative and I would be kept thinking how people actuallygive their lives for others out of love. Radio plays a big part in how I listen to music. My favouritestation to listen to is Capital, I like Capital because I enjoy keeping up to date with music and thatparticular radio station allows me to keep up with current songs. 2. Which artist inspired or inspires you the most and why?Interesting question. I liked listening to Usher when I was younger because I thought he was cooland my favourite song was ‘Yeah ft Ludacris’. He also produced a great album called Confessionswhich I listened to all the time and still listen to this day. The things I like most about him and thatinspire me is the fact that he is calm as an artist and is in the media for all the right reasons. What Imean, is that some artists are known for doing drugs, sleeping with women outside of marriage etc,and Usher isn’t like that. He makes the headlines and is popular because of his music. He boosted hissales by taking on the biggest selling popstar Justin Bieber. This helped him with promoting albumsand music videos because he was the mentor of a huge phenomenon.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSPhCS-15eE Usher- Yeah ft Ludacris 3. What interests you about music videos and makes you want to go back and watch them?Music videos interest me when it accompanies the song and you can make sense of the narrative.The music video is sort of a wine going with a dish, the wine has to marry the dish and go along withit. That is how it is with a music video; it has to go with the song because that is what is going todraw people into the song, the video. I prefer it when a song has a music video because if it doesn’tthen you cannot really understand the narrative of the song unless it has a video to it. Most songs Iunderstand the meaning of but if there is one particular song I don’t understand then I would want avideo made for it in order to fully understand it. I will only go back and watch a music video again if itinterests me, such as Adele – Rolling in the Deep. Most people think the video is pretty pointless butI like it and think that it has a much deeper meaning and goes well with the song.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYEDA3JcQqw&ob=av2e Adele- Rolling in the Deep
  2. 2. 4. If you were to choose one song, what music video would you construct for it?I would choose Adele – Set Fire to the Rain because I think that the song is really meaningful and lotsof people can relate to it. I would have Adele standing on train tracks looking at pictures whilst goinginto flashbacks of that certain memory. She would also be the performer in the video, and she wouldbe singing the song. I would then have a red sunset and it would start to rain when the song is at itsclimax and she would place the pictures in a cardboard box and set fire to it hence the name ‘SetFire to the Rain.’ The flashbacks would be in black and white whilst the rest of the video is in colour.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlsBObg-1BQ Adele – Set Fire to the RainSarah Friede- 19 1. When did you start becoming interested in music?I started becoming interested in music ever since I started primary school because we had Fridayassemblies where new songs were heard and children went up on stage and performed to new,upcoming songs. Also, my parents used to listen to old songs in the car and I used to listen to CelineDion and my favourite band was S Club 7. They were my favourite because they represented theideal teenager which is what I aspired to be. Radio used to play a part of my life, especially driving toand from school. I now get the bus and newer technologies have come out so radio isn’t as popularas it used to be. I listen to it at work purely because I have no choice (laughs). 2. Which artist inspired or inspires you the most and why?I have two artists which inspire me; they are Nicki Minaj and Bruno Mars. Nicki Minaj is a femalerapper and that isn’t common in the music industry which inspires people to dream because theycan achieve what she has achieved. Also, she is different and she is not afraid to have controversialsongs and costumes, breaking the stereotype of the music industry. My favourite song from NickiMinaj is ‘Itty Bitty Piggy’. Bruno Mars inspires me because he has an angelic voice and he wasdetermined to become successful from a young age and he succeeded. Also, because he doesn’tonly sing but he dances, plays a variety of instruments and is a songwriter/producer. He is a man ofmany talents, is also funny and down to earth. His songs are in big, blockbuster movies such asTwilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. I don’t have a favourite song because all of them are equally amazing.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMZ5s7o2F88 Nicki Minaj – Itty Bitty Piggy 3. What interests you about music videos and makes you want to go back and watchthem?An interesting narrative makes me interested because it’s like watching TV whilst listening to thesong which is useful because it can relate to the lyrics making the song easier to understand. Also, itcan convey a message to the public. An engaging artist makes the audience feel special as you feelthe artist is talking directly to you. Some people don’t need a music video if they have a good singingvoice but if they are talent less e.g. Rihanna then they need an extravagant video to cover up theirlack of talent. My favourite music video is Bruno Mars; Lazy Song because its so much moredifferent and unique to other music videos.
  3. 3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLexgOxsZu0 Bruno Mars- Lazy Song 4. If you were to choose one song, what music video would you construct for it?I would pick Bruno Mars ‘Talking to the Moon’ because it is a very empathizing song that I can relateto. The music video that I would make for this is the classic love story after a break up. I would shootmost of this in split screen and from the two people’s point of view (hesitates). Most of it would benarrative but it would have an aspect of performance concentrating solely on his talent and hisvoice. Err; whilst Bruno Mars is walking through the busy streets of New York, he spots his ex-loverfrom a distance. This would be during the bridge when the music intensifies. He runs fondly towardsher and by the time he got to her he suddenly realises that he is a mistaken and falls to the ground ina heart trenching crunch. There is atmospheric music playing in the background and he then looksdirectly into the camera as he sings the last line of his song. Fade out.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K59Tmrs9YD0 Bruno Mars- Talking to the MoonMarcia Preciosa