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Login streaming educon stepsheet 2013


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Login streaming educon stepsheet 2013

  1. 1. Streaming Educon via YouTube and Google+ 2013
  2. 2. logonto the sla site according to the room your are inlook in the back of this packet for room usernames and pass “email”
  3. 3. click “YouTube” click “Sign in”click arrow
  4. 4. click “My channel”click “Live stream to your channel now!”
  5. 5. click “Okay, got it!” #standardizethat Who: Mike Kaechele When: Session One Where: Room 300*MOST IMPORTANT STEP*Name the hangout - the exact waythat it is in the back of thispacket. Look for the name in the title - presenters name - session # - room #correct slot for the DAY and thecorrect slot for the TIME!example -#standardizethat - Mike Kaechele - Session 1 - Room 300 (title) (presenters name) (session #) (room #)
  6. 6. click gear symbolclick microphone symbol& click on SNOWBALL
  7. 7. click “START BROADCAST”*2nd MOST IMPORTANT STEP*click “END BROADCAST” ONLY when the session is over
  8. 8. channel usernames & pass codes to logon to SLATE
  9. 9. title - presenters name - session # - room #If current reform is making things worse, is radical reform necessary? Douglas W. Green Session Three 209Cultivating an Authentic Voice in the Online Environment Laura DeSena Session Three 211Will This Be On The Test?: The Challenge of Assessing Cognitive Skills Dave Lenowitz,Cinnie Slack Session Four 313Free-Range Media = Free-Range Learning Innovation Joyce Valenza,Lisa Nielsen,Shannon Miller Session One 311 (Skype),Michelle Luhtala,Michael DeMattiaDeveloping Portfolios as Artifacts of Understanding Claudia Loewenstein,Trevor Worcester,Chris Session One Drama Bigenho StudioReimagining Community Teresa DeFlitch Session Five 301PLCs: Developing a Shared Vision Tim Best,Stephanie Dunda,Rosalind Session Five 300 Echols,Gamal Sherif,Matthew VanKouwenbergPower to the People Douglas Herman,Josh Weisgrau,Marcie Hull Session Two 311Question IT: Are We Mad?! Peter Skillen,Brenda Sherry Session Three 308How to host a TEDx Youthday Event Larry Kahn Session One 313You Cant Buy Change Sylvia Martinez,Jon Orech Session Three 204Controlling Cognitive Load in a Dual-Tasking Society Chris Bigenho Session Two 309How do we ask the right questions? Zac Chase Session Three Drama StudioUsing the Arts to Explore Social Justice Themes Melanie Manuel,Josh Block Session Three 303Motivating Students with Digital Magic Howie DiBlasi Session One 209So youre connected...Now what? George Couros,Patrick Larkin Session Four 308It Takes a Village Zoe Siswick,Brad Latimer Session One 301Differentiated Support for Math Students Brad Latimer,Luna Frank-Fischer Session Three 300Forging Student/Teacher Relationships in an Era of Shared Learning Marcie Hull,Jeff Kessler,Tyrone Kidd Session Six 208Visualizing Functions with Geometers Sketchpad Erin Garvey,Scott Steketee Session Five 211The Role of Adventure Education in a Project Based Learning Environment Caitlin Thompson,Jacob Lotkowski Session Two 211Finding their Voice in a World Language Classroom Jamie Britto,Valencia Siff Session Five 303Tradition vs Innovation, a Battle of Beliefs Liz Davis and Lisa Thumann Session Two 308Google Chromebooks in the Classroom: A Report from Project Learn Liam Gallagher,Cartwright Reed Session Six 301Synergy - Questions are the waypoints on the path of wisdom Bo Adams,Jill Gough Session Two 300
  10. 10. Synergy - Questions are the waypoints on the path of wisdom Bo Adams,Jill Gough Session Two 300Searching for DaVinci Kelly Tenkely,Michelle Baldwin,Anastasis Session One 308 Academy FacultyBig ideas and authentic problem Christina Jenkins,Francesca Fay,Alisa Session Three 207 Berger,Mary MossTelling Stories that "Stick" in an Age of Ed. Reform Eric Lundblade Session Six 209Youth Voices Paul Allison Session One 307Hacking School: the EduCon 2.4 Hackjam Chad Sansing,Meenoo Rami Session Four 211Next Gen Professional Learnin Laura LR Thomas Session Two 209How do we engineer punctuated equilibrium? Darren Kuropatwa,Andy McKiel Session Four 204Teachers as innovators and social entrepreneurs Sam Reed,Timothy Boyle,Anissa Session Five 304 Weinraub,Michele Mckeone,Rashaun WilliamsWhat If? David Jakes Session One 208Reinvent Your School Library and Computer Lab into a Learning Commons David Loertscher,Joyce Valenza Session Two Drama StudioGetting Students to Do the Work Derrick H. Pitts,Jesus Jimenez-Lara,Alex Session Six 211 Johnson,Tyler Morales,Allen Yang,Matthew N VanKouwenbergThinking About Thinking Skill Jennifer Orr Session Two 307Collaborating with New Media Literacies Karen Blumberg,Don Buckley Session Three 309Across the Great Divide Kevin Egan Session Four 303Building Bridges: Communities of Practice from K-16 Tom Woodward,Tim Stahmer,Jeff Session Three 307 McClurken,Tim Owens,Martha BurtisFrom Thinking to Becoming Philip Cummings,Wendy Eiteljorg,Hadley Session Four 301 FergusonWhat Should Every Citizen Know? Dan Callahan Session Five 207Permission to Speak? Chad Sansing,Kirsten Olson,Christina Session Two 301 Cantrill,Paul OhInnovation: Elementary Edition Lyn Hilt Session Five 208Whats Your Problem?! Designing Curricula for Problem Seeking James Lerman & Jeremy Angoff Session One 300When kids write because they want to, not because we tell them to Becky Fisher,Pam Moran,Paula White Session One 304Lets Talk About Change Rob Mancabelli Session Four 304Measuring Difference Kyra Gaunt-Palmer Ph.D. Session Four 208Lessons About Space from K-6 and Implications for Secondary Schools Jeremy Brueck Session Four 207
  11. 11. Lessons About Space from K-6 and Implications for Secondary Schools Jeremy Brueck Session Four 207Re-Imagining Your School Samantha Morra Session Two 207Building the 21st Century School: Adopting a Habit of Innovation Mary Moss,Alisa Berger Session One 207K-12 and Higher Ed: The Best of Both Worlds Youngmoo Kim,Adam Fontecchio Session Two 304Architecture Participating in Education Jim Richardson,Wyck Knox Session Four 309Empowering Students Through Documentary Filmmaking George Mayo Session Two 303Teaching Critical Thinking and Writing Online Ted Bongiovanni,Lisa Springer,Evan Friss Session Four 307PBL is Easier With Friends Chris Fancher Session Five 307Home & School Meeting 2.0 Joe Mazza Session Six 303Beyond Klout and PLNs Jonathan D. Becker Session Four 311What does it take to be a technologically savvy teacher in 2012 Sean Nash Session Five 209#chats and #camps Jonathan D. Becker,Meredith Stewart,Bud Hunt Session Two 204Constructionism from Top to Bottom Gary S. Stager Session One 204Switching Learning Spaces Michael Wacker & Glenn Moses Session Six 204Math 2.0 and the Wanna do Curriculum Ihor Charischak Session Six 207Coaching a Winning Team Jeff Richardson,Suzan Brandt Session Four 300Learning Environments David Bill,Ethan Bodnar Session One 211Learning in Public Alec Couros,Dean Shareski Session Three 304The Rise of the Introvert Tony Baldasaro Session Three 301Connecting with the other ones... Josh Block,Meenoo Rami Session One 303Integrating Math and Science in Your Classroom Rosalind Echols,Matthew VanKouwenberg Session One 309What Happens When the Kids Run the Building Chris Lehmann / Pia Martin Session Three 208Amplifying Student Voice Larissa Pahomov,Katie Robbins,SLA Students Session Two 313struct by_inspiration Mark Miles,Eliot Kaplan,and Kristin Searle Session Four 209On Being Resilient Diana Laufenberg Session Two 208A Future Leader Rashaun Williams Session Five 204Learning to Learn through Business Creation Christian Kunkel,Matt Sherman Session Six 300Storytelling with Google Dan Barcay Session Four Dra ma Studi oReflecting on Reflection Jennifer Orr Session Three 308
  12. 12. Reflecting on Reflection Jennifer Orr Session Three 308A new vision for mathematics in high schools Mike Thayer Session One 301Making Connections Between Space, Time, and Learning Pam Moran,Paula White,Becky Fisher Session Two 204Mind the Gap John Schinker Session Five 308A look at how Google Earth can foster empathy and broaden students world view Steve Goldberg Session Three 209Where are the Beautiful Learning Spaces? Andrew Campbell,Jennifer Chan Session Five 303Qualitative formative assessment Reshan Richards Session Three 311The Other 18 Hours Alex Shevrin Session Five 211Panel: Home & School 2.0 Gwen Pescatore (P),Deb Rzepela-Auch (P),Dania Session One 304 Henaidy (P),Andrea Abel (T),Sara Heckman (T),Nancy Kaufman (T),Gabrielle Morrison (T),Joe Mazza (A)I was promised flying schools Christina Cantrill,Kirsten Olsen,Chad Sansing Session Four 311Hack On: The NWP Educon 2.5 Hack Jam Meenoo Rami,Chad Sansing Session One 308Small Town School Daisy Dyer Duerr,Sabra Provence Session One 311Leading When the King has no Clothes Douglas W. Green EdD Session Two 300Project SPACE: A Case Study Tyler Morales,Derrick Pitts,Matthew Ginnetti,Allen Session Two 307 Yang,Winston Wright,Alex JohnsonTurning It From Sucks to Rocks Dan Callahan,Michelle Baldwin Session Two 301Make. Hack. Play: The Tools of Webmaking Laura Hilliger,Chris Lawrence Session Four 209Web Literacies: Redefining the Continuum of "Literacy" Laura Hilliger,Chris Lawrence,Paul Oh,Christina Cantrill Session Two 303The Politics of Ed-Tech Audrey Watters Session Four 308Developing the Design Mind Christian Long,Laura Deisley,David Jakes Session One Dram a Studi oDigital Fabrication in K-12 Jaymes Dec,Karen Blumberg,Don Buckley Session Four 307Curation: three ways Joyce Valenza Session Two 304Performance Task Assessment & the CWRA Pam Moran,Jonathan Martin Session Five 204Yearners versus Schoolers ihor Charischak Session Three 207Empathy THE 21st Century Skill Samantha Morra Session Four 300Makeover: Classroom Edition Christie-Belle Garcia,Alexandria Garino,Sarah L. Session Six 211 HamiltonMaking the Impossible, Possible Anne Collier,Peggy Sheehy,Marianne Malmstrom Session Two Dram a Studi
  13. 13. How do Colleges of Education need to change? Bethany Smith Session Two 211Stuffed Hamburgers and Trash Aquariums Christina Jenkins,Mary Session Three 304 Cantwell,Shelley PaulIf the school library has a future, what will it be? Pam Moran,Deven Black Session Four 204The Closer Citizen Chris Lehman,Kate Roberts Session One 303Disruptive Innovation Danielle Hartman,Dr. Spike Session Two 207 Cook,Dana SirotiakYou Say You Want Tech Standards? Here Come the NITS! Gary S. Stager Ph.D.,Martin Session One 204 Levins,Brian SmithEducating for Changemaking Zoe Duskin,Kirsten Hill,Laura White Session One 207Invent to Lear Sylvia Martinez,Gary Stager Session Two 208Sequence and Consequence Gerald Aungst,Amanda Dykes Session Two 309The Stuff Doesnt Matter: Technology and Design Basil Kolani Session Two 311Collaborating in the Bronx to Amplify Youth Voices Amal Aboulhosn,Chris Sloan (in a Session One 307 Hangout),Paul Allison,Tricia Clarke,Jim NordlingerBuild-A-MOOC Workshop Jon Becker Session Four 304Competency Education Kim Carter Session One 309Gain by Giving Up: Beyond Zero Sum Schedules Andrew Carle,Jodi Kittle,Melissa Session Three 313 Scott,Carey Pohanka,Melanie Barker#standardizethat Mike Kaechele Session One 300CoderDojo: World-wide Youth Coding Club Movement Kim Wilkens,Vincent Scheivert Session Two 313Restorative Solutions to Harassment and Bullying Kay Kyungsun Yu,Steve Korr,Jennifer Session Four 303 Lowman,David Keller TrevaskisUsing Appreciative Inquiry and Engaging in a Learning Community Tariem A. Burroughs Session Five 307Visualizing Data with Fusion Tables Alvin Trusty Session Six 301Entrepreneurship in Education Iris Hammel,Analiese Smith Session Three 300Flipping the Script David Limm,Hillary Linardopoulos Session Four 211 Brian Cohen,Katrina Clark,Samuel ReedUsing Digital Texts Maggie Beattie Roberts Session Three 309Teaching Frameworks For Creative Collaboration Greg Bamford Session Six 208Video Production and Social Media George Mayo,Harry Costner Session Three 301Self-Care for Selfless Educators & Advocates in the Movement Michaela Pommells,Reagen Price Session Four 313A School Leader’s Guide to 21st Century School Design Mary Moss,Alisa Berger Session Four 309
  14. 14. A School Leader’s Guide to 21st Century School Design Mary Moss,Alisa Berger Session Four 309Students as Teaching Resources Anastacia Brie,Grace OKeeffe Session One 313@remixeducon George Mayo,Harry Costner Session One 211Using Spoken Word to Inspire Matthew Kay,Cait Miner,Greg Corbin Session Four Drama StudioStructuring Inquiry Chris Lehmann Session Four 208Breaking down classroom walls - open learning Verena Roberts Session Six 300Disruptive Talent Claire Robertson-Kraft,Alyson Session Five 207 Goodner,Rachel MeadowsUnraveling the Textbook John Pederson,Diana Laufenberg Session Two 308The Utopian School Scott S. Floyd Session Three 204Design Thinking in Schools Don Buckley,Karen Blumberg Session Five 301Broadening STEM, Intertwining the Arts with the STEM Disciplines Alistar Erickson-Ludwig,Liana Nathan Session Five 304Honoring Our Learning Philosophy Through Our Learning Report Megan Howard,Jill Gough Session Six 204Ownership On Lock Pia Kaufman,Daniel Williams Session Four 301Adopting, Using, and Reusing Open Content Bill Fitzgerald,Jeff Graham,Andrea Burton Session Five 208So You Want To Start an Educational Non-Profit Bill Fitzgerald,Jeff Graham,Andrea Burton Session One 208Students as Teachers Alexa Klein Dunn & Joshua Block Session Three 307Rough Cut Schools Douglas Herman and Josh Weisgrau Session Five 300Standards Based Reporting and Grading at SLA Mark Bey,Roz Echols,Pearl Jonas,Brad Session Two 209 Latimer,Larissa PahomovThe Place of I-Thou Dialogue in the 21st Century Classroom Matthew C. Baird Session Three 211Embracing Change Mark Bey,Kevin Beckford,Pearl Jonas Session Five 209Teacher evaluations Juan Gabriel Sanchez Session Six 209Why School? Will Richardson Session Three 208Educon 101 Marcie Hull,Zac Chase,Tim Best Session One 209