Helping Your Cat Live Longer


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Helping Your Cat Live Longer

  1. 1. ==== ====Check out some of the best cat health and pampering info, including homemade recipes, here: ===="Aint it funny how time slips away" sang Willie Nelson. Well sometimes its not only funny butdownright scary too! You look at your cat and realize, although it seems like only yesterday youbrought her home as a very playful kitten, she is now a senior cat.Time has marched on, for both you and your cat. Older cats of course, can give you just as muchdelight and love, as young uns, but they do need a bit of senior cat care to help them enjoy theirlater years.At what age does your cat become senior? Many veterinarians consider a cat to be senior ataround ten years of age. But this is a very loose figure. There are plenty of well cared for ten yearold, or older, felines who are as fit as the proverbial fiddle.What Does Senior Cat Care Entail?It may mean more regular visits to your veterinarian, not necessarily for expensive treatment, butso that conditions related to aging can be diagnosed and treated before they cause problems.It is an important part of senior cat care to keep a check on your cats teeth. Many older cats sufferwith dental (and gum) problems. The pain can cause them to loose interest in their food and hencenot get the nutrition they require.On the subject of your older cats food, cats nutritional needs change as they advance in years.As cats get older they become less active and, if kept to the same diet she or he enjoyed as ayounger kitty, may become overweight. Senior cat foods are designed to benefit the digestivesystem of elderly cats and cut down the chances of obesity. Your senior feline may find severalsmall meals throughout the day easier to digest than one or two larger ones.Senior Cat Care and Behavioral Change.Caring for a senior cat means being aware of any change in their behavior.Perhaps your cat cannot now move like they were once able to. This could be due to painfularthritis, seek advice from your veterinarian. Your pet may not be able to leap up onto their favoriteperch as they once did, fixing another perch lower down as a midway point may help.Sometimes cats that have been friendly become aggressive when they age, this can be becauseworn joints are causing discomfort. Likewise an older cat may be less tolerant with young childrenand other pets.
  2. 2. Senior cats sometimes have accidents when using the litter tray. This happens for a variety ofreasons and you will want your veterinarian to check if there is any medical problem. One simplereason that your senior cat may be missing the tray is that it is too high sided. No problem whenyour feline friend was young and fit, but now he or she needs a tray that she can easily climb inand out of.Failing eyesight, hearing and sense of smell all mean that you may have to make allowances foryour aging feline friend. Remember that, reaching out to pick up a cat that cannot hear yourapproach is likely to startle him or her.Cats of any age snooze at least for some of the time during the day, but your older cat may havetaken to sleeping most of the time. As part of your senior cat care, enjoy a gentle play session withyour cat each day. Playing helps your cat exercise and this may help to slow down aging.Naturally the exercise should not be too strenuous for your older cat.Caring for a senior cat also means making sure that she or he is warm and has somewhere tosleep out of drafts. You may need to groom your cat more frequently too as older cats oftenbecome less able to groom themselves.Your cat has brought you joy through the years and she, or he, can continue to do so now they areolder with the help of senior cat care.Larry Chamberlain is a life long cat lover and writes about all things cat related for the Best Cat Artwebsite. Discover what he has to say about Cat CareWant to tell the world about your cat?Article Source: ====Check out some of the best cat health and pampering info, including homemade recipes, here: ====