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Cat Care


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If you want to see more on cat health, care, and pampering, including great home-made recipes, go to:

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Cat Care

  1. 1. ==== ====Check out some of the best cat health and pampering info, including homemade recipes, here: ====Cat care advice comes easily to some. The Complete Cat Care Advice Guide makes me reel withincredulity. But if you want true cat care advice, ignore my disbelief and read it. This book trulymakes sense of genuine cat care advice.Genuinely, it is a super owners manual which details virtually every aspect of cat care and catownership in real detail. It gives great advice on how to play with your cat, games he will enjoy andrespond to. That includes interactive play and also games you can devise for him to play on hisown, even outdoors.Healthcare, a proper diet, nutrition, basic first-aid and behavior (both yours and your cats) are alsopredominant. This book doesnt mess about in any area. That is a claim, so Ill explain why that ismy opinion.Lets face it, most of us, myself included, reckon that our pussies simply take care of themselves.Do you think Im wrong? Well, try the cat care advice book, test yourself with the questions, andthen tell me if Im wrong.I know that I simply bought a cat, well inherited a cat actually, but never bothered to find out what Icould do with him beyond being a quartermaster. I just fed him, gave him somewhere warm andsafe to sleep (his little den), and enjoyed his attentions when he seemed grateful to me as hismaster and provider.Did ever think about seeking cat care advice? No! I thought I was doing everything I could for mycat. I loved him to death. I also fell in love with four other cats my sister-in-law left me when I hadthe space in a barn in France I was renovating. They all just went about their own thing andsnuggled up around my head when I eventually had time to put it down after a hard daysplastering. But thats another story.I had a great time with my kitten jumping on my plate as I was about to eat my evening meal. Onthe other hand, I found his mums plaintive cry while I was trying to work very distracting andultimately most annoying. At the time, I never thought to get some advice on caring for my cats. Ilived in the countryside then and didnt think any advice would be necessary.To put it plainly, I loved and hated what my cats gave me, but I never thought about their state ofmind at all. Our relationship was all one way: mine.So let me tell you what I, personally, found helpful about Cat Care Advice. It taught me, firstly, thatmy contract between myself and the cat was all one-way, in terms of I was the only one who couldmake that relationship better. And how could I do that? Firstly, understand what my cat is trying to
  2. 2. tell me. Secondly, know how to respond to my cats signs that I understand. Thirdly, andembarrassingly, how to generally care for a cat.Goodness, apart from basic care, did you know that you can even teach your cat to back-flip, twistin the air, shake hands, beg, open doors, roll over and ever so much more? I didnt. Then, Idecided to try and understand what was going on in my cats world. I began to wonder about whathe was thinking, what his anxieties may be and how he was trying to communicate with me. I haveto say that Cat Care Guide really did help me. It made me accept that the care of my cat waspurely down to me.So this cat care advice includes how to choose a cat that is right for you and what to look out forphysically, getting your cat acclimatized to your home, how to play, good toys to purchase, how todeal with unwonted behavior, illness and medicine, behavior delinquencies, elderly cats andhealthy eating. Let me add that thats on top of the normal stuff youd find from cat care adviceexperts.For more, try the experts via my cat care advice blog below.Timothy Payns cat blog: Source: ====Check out some of the best cat health and pampering info, including homemade recipes, here: ====