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Arthritis Alternative Treatments


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Find natural arthritis treatments and alternatives to drugs.

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Arthritis Alternative Treatments

  1. 1. ==== ====Check this out for all nautral arthritis remedies: ====During my long nursing career I was never able to find relief from my own arthritis pain until Iturned to natural or alternative medicine. Many people have found there was a way to relievethemselves from the crippling pain of arthritis, especially osteoarthritis, although many people withrheumatoid arthritis have reported that a major diet change has made their rheumatoid arthritissymptoms disappear and they continue on their own rheumatoid arthritis treatment relieved ofpain.The arthritic joints usually appear to be even larger, are stiff and painful, and usually feel worse themore they are used as the day goes on. Hurtful arthritis pain is usually experienced whenever astiff or swollen joint is used even for the easiest tasks. Unlike other types of arthritis, such asrheumatoid arthritis or ankylosing spondilytis, osteoarthritis is not systemic in basis in other wordsit cant be detected by using blood tests for diagnosis because it appears to be localized.The cartilage is made up of chondrocytes, water, proteoglycans and collagen. The chondrocytesare basic cartilage cells and are essential for our balance and function. Collagen is the mainprotein found in all the connective tissues in the human body, including muscles, ligaments, andtendons. Proteoglycans are the very large molecules that help to make up cartilage. They bond towater, which ensures there will be high-fluid content in the cartilage.In general, the possible causes and the factors leading to the deterioration of cartilage in arthritisand specifically osteoarthritis are still not known. And injuries can sometimes be the start of a long-term arthritic disease process. Arthritis, or rather osteoarthritis, can develop many years later aftera single traumatic injury to a joint or even near a joint. And one possible cause of arthritis is theinflammatory response due to the over-reaction of the immune system to an injury or other assaultin the body, such as an infection, even if minor.Some people report that glucosamine, with or without chondroitin, helps and others say they triedthem and they didnt help them at all. To see if it might be allergy related - or helps, you can tryavoiding the eight most allergic foods, one at a time. They are wheat, which is the most allergenicof all, corn, eggs, milk, nuts, peanuts, fish and shellfish. Keep in mind that if you take a jointsupplement it should help to do three things - build up your cartilage, provide pain relief for yourjoints and enhance your flexibility and movement.One successful natural treatment method involves avoiding all inflammatory foods. Another is totry massaging your fingers or other affected joints with virgin coconut oil once or twice a day. Thesupplements that may help any disease or arthritic ailment include sublingual methylcobalamin,vitamin B12, not cyanocobalamin. It dissolve slowly under the tongue, not be chewed and vitaminD3 gel capsules, especially if you cant get a daily dose of 15 to 20 minutes or so of the sun onyour arms and legs so you can make your own vitamin D3.
  2. 2. An acidic diet, which is made up of foods that are not alive, is considered to be inflammatory to thejoints and other body processes. I started eating a diet of living foods (fruits, raw veggies, raw nutsand raw seeds), years ago, which caused my osteoarthritis to disappear and therefore relieve meof the crippling arthritis pain I had for years. If you attempt this diet its best to try it for at least 30days, thereby eliminating any foods that might be the culprits.If you really do want to get rid of your arthritis pain permanently it may take a major change in yourdiet and an ongoing commitment to it. Exercise is usually good for any joint affected byosteoarthritis, but check with your arthritis doctor first. And did I mention how important it is tomake sure to keep moving, moving, and moving? Now if you have pain and swelling in yourfingers, you can try squeezing a wad of Thera-putty which is made for this purpose, or exercisingthem with two of the Chinese chime balls which you can get cheaply from several sources. Thereare many exercises that can be used as a therapy or treatment for arthritis regardless of howmuch restriction of movement there is.For arthritic fingers, a good exercise for many people is to put the finger tips together and presshard and release then repeat several times. Make sure to fight arthritis through plenty ofmovement and exercise. Keep a basket of arthritis treatment aids for arthritic hands, such as theThera-putty, hand grips, and the Taiji Chinese chime balls to be used at bedtime or while yourewatching television.Once you become completely knowledgeable about arthritis whether its osteoarthritis, rheumatoidarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, gouty arthritis, juvenile arthritis, or ankylosing spondylitis, youll be ableto plan your own arthritis treatment program, natural or conventional or a combination of both.Conventional arthritis doctors may suggest their standard protocol for your joint pain and may tellyou to take over-the-counter NSAIDS or prescribe COX-2 inhibitors which all have some seriousside effects. Make sure you do your research before you take any arthritis drugs, medicines ormedications. Naturopathic doctors may have other suggestions not listed here. They may haveherb recommendations but do research on the herbs also.A useful tip: if youre going to take any arthritis drugs or prescription medications, make sure toask your pharmacist for the drug inserts so you can read up on the drugs and understand any sideeffects or adverse reactions that they have, before you start taking them. Make sure to let yourpharmacist know what other drugs, herbs and over the counter medications youre taking too.Knowing more about symptoms and treatments for arthritis, osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritisand how they work will ultimately help contribute to your arthritis pain relief. Once you understandthe facts and warnings about arthritis, the symptoms, possible causes and the treatmentapproaches you can take, youll be on your way to recovery and hopefully your pain will disappear.Perhaps following some these tips and suggestions, with the approval of your arthritis doctor mayhelp you get back in the swing of things fast and allow you to spend your days enjoying life free ofpain once more.For more information on arthritis pain relief and arthritis treatments go to Helen Hecker R.N.s website specializing in arthritis pain
  3. 3. relief with tips, advice and resources, including information on arthritis diets and natural arthritistreatmentsArticle Source: ====Check this out for all nautral arthritis remedies: ====