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Text Ayrton Senna

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Text Ayrton Senna

  1. 1. EREM Dr. Jaime Monteiro Gameleira, ____ de __________ de 2014 Alunos:____________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ Professora: Márcia Oliveira da Silva Série: 3º A Exercício Avaliativo de Inglês Text: AYRTON SENNA ( March 21, 1960 / May 1, 1994) Ayrton Senna da Silva was born on March 21, 1960, in São Paulo into (DENTRO) a wealthy (RICA) Brazilian family where, with his brother and sister, he enjoyed ( DESFRUTOU/TEVE) a privileged upbringing (EDUCAÇÃO). He never needed (PRECISOU) to race for money but his deep (PROFUNDA) need for racing began (COMEÇOU) with an infatuation (PAIXÃO) for a miniature kart (KART) his father gave him (DEU-O) when he was four years old. When he was 13, started (COMEÇOU) kart competitions, and became (TORNOU-SE) kart champion four years later (MAIS TARDE). His driving (PILOTAR) talents didn’t go unnoticed (PASSARAM DESPERCEBIDOS), and he enjoyed (TEVE) a steady (ASCENSÃO) rise (CONSTANTE) in his career (CARREIRA). Senna joined the Lotus team, in 1985, and won (GANHOU) his first GP at Estoril, Portugal under (SOB) difficult conditions. When he joined (JUNTOU-SE) the MacLaren team, in 1988, Alain Prost was his teammate (COMPANHEIRO DE EQUIPE). The competition between (ENTRE) the two culminated in a number of dramatic incidents. He was F1 world champion in 1988, 1990 and 1991. In 1994, Senna finally left (DEIXOU) the MacLaren team for Williams-Renault, the top (MELHOR) team at the time (MOMENTO). On May 1, 1994, he took (PARTICIPOU) part in his third (TERCEIRA) race for Williams-Renault team, the San Marino GP. Senna would never finish the race. He went off (SAIU) the track (PISTA) in the Tamburello curve and did not survive (SOBREVIVEU) the injuries (FERIMENTOS) caused by the head-on (FRONTAL)collision with a concrete wall (MURO). He was 34. His death(SUA MORTE) was considered by many of his Brazilians fans to be national tragedy. Senna is buried (ESTÁ ENTERRADO)at the Morumbi cemetery in São Paulo. After (APÓS)his death, his family created the Ayrton Senna Foundation. An organization with the aim (OBJETIVO)of helping poor(POBRES) and needy (NECESSITADOS)young people in Brazil and the world. As (COMO) a result, Senna continues to impact (IMPACTAR) the world today. 1. Due to its characteristics, the text is a: A) biography B) testimony C) news D) synopsis of film E) reporter 2. This text aims A) to give information on a personality. B) narrate a Formula 1 race C) describe a personality D) to introduce an ideology E) relate life story. 3. According to the text, inform: a. Personality name:___________________________ c. Place of birth: ______________________________ e. Name of a foundation: _____________________________________________ b. Date of death:______________________________ d. Name of mate in the MacLaren team: ___________________________________________________ f. Name of a cemetery;____________________________ 4. Give the meaning of the words in bold. a. His death. ________________ b. champion four years later. c. would never finish the race. ___________________________ 5. Write in English a. Ele foi campeão da Fórmula 1 em 1988, 1990 e 1991. __________________________________________________________________ b. Sua morte foi considerado por muitos fãs brasileiros uma tragédia nacional. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ c. He never needed to race for money. _______________________________________________________________________________ d. A competição entre os dois culminou em inúmeros incidentes dramáticos. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ GOOD LUCK!

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