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  1. 1. EREM Dr. JAIME MONTEIRO Pupil:_____________________________________________ Grade: _____ Date: ______/______/2014 Teacher: MÁRCIA OLIVEIRA EXERCÍCIO DE INGLÊS Alguns grandes nomes como Isaac Newton, Walt Disney, Elvis Presley e outras famosos foram criticados quando jovens. Pessoas diziam coisas como: Tire suas próprias conclusões! MISJUDGING Walt Disney – film maker; cartoonist Once, when Walt Disney was working at a newspaper, the publisher told him that he didn’t have a good ideias and fired him. Albert Einstein – physicist When Einstein was in elementary school, the director told his parents “He’ ll never succeed in life.” He, later, created the Theory of Relativity. Louise May Alcott - novelist, poet An editor told Louise that she couldn’t write anything good. In 1868 she wrote “Little Women”, a best–seller all over the world. Charles Darwin - scientist Darwin couldn’t finish medical school. However, he wrote “ The Origin of The Species” and changed the history of science. Beethoven – composer One day, when Beethoven was playing one of his compositions on the piano, his music teacher told him, “You are hopeless as a composer.” Elvis Preley - singer He flunked the audition for a popular TV show called “Talent Scouts”, in the 1950’s 01. Answer the questions according to the text. a) What did Louise May Alcott write? ___________________________________________ b) Couldn’t Darwin finish medical school? _______________________________________ c) What was Disney doing when he was fired?____________________________________ d) Who was Beethoven?______________________________________________________ e) Who created the The Origin of The Species?___________________________________ f) Who created the Theory of Relativity? _______________________________________ g) What did the director of Elementary School tell Einstein’s parents ? 02. Complete the sentences. Use the words in the box. a) Walt Disney was a genius _______________ a publisher fired him. b) Albert Einstein _______________ Charles Darwin were scientists. c) Darwin changed the history of science, ______________ he never finished medical school. d) Elvis flunked the audition for a show ________________ the director didn’t like his voice. 03. Sabendo que o prefix MIS indica erro ou falta de, qual seria a melhor tradução para o título do texto? _________________________________________________________________________________ Because = porque And = e But = mas However = entretanto You are good for nothing!You are hopeless!You are not going to make it!

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