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Published in: Art & Photos
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  1. 1. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? MARCIA RUMSEY
  2. 2. When editing our preliminary task we didn’t take as much time which resulted in actually hearing the director at the beginning of one shot. However for our final piece we took extra care by constantly watching it back. We also used more complex editing techniques (with the help of online tutorials) than we did in our preliminary, mainly because of time constraints. EDITING
  3. 3. When shooting our preliminary we did not know much about the camera (the Cannon D600). This is clearly shown as a few shots are out of focus. However for our final piece we researched the cameras and lenses available so we could use the most suitable one for our opening. There was also a few shaky shots in our preliminary task. However we overcome this in our opening by using a sturdy tripod for all our shots whereas in our preliminary for a few shots we didn't use one. CAMERA
  4. 4. In our preliminary task not only is there the sound of the director but there is also a lot of background noise. When making our preliminary we didn’t really consider trying to erase this background noises or even add non diegetic sound. There is also a few points where the dialogue is quieter because of the position of the camera. However in our final piece we spent a long time carefully selecting the music for our final piece. We also took time to decide what sounds to keep in and what to take out. We also had to decide what sounds we wanted to replace with other sound effects. SOUND
  5. 5. In our preliminary task we didn't even consider lighting. We used the normal light in the room without setting up any artificial light. However in our opening, lighting featured heavily. Therefore we spent a lot of time setting it up and even before we started shooting we did some test shot to make sure we could create the right lighting we wanted. LIGHTING