Grammar exercise presentation


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This presentation was given at the fall 2010 APC Conference at Elgin Community College as well as at the spring 2011 ITBE Conference.

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Grammar exercise presentation

  1. 1. Re-Connect, Re-Energize, Re-Emerge ITBE Spring Conference February 13, 2011
  2. 2.  Complete the Sentence Sorting and Matching Picture Stories Picture Descriptions High Town/ Big Town
  3. 3.  Table Surveys Ask and Write Surveys
  4. 4.  The Odd One Out Making Predictions Comparisons Sentence Transformation Conversation cards
  5. 5.  Board Races Dominoes Jeopardy Basketball
  6. 6.  Board Games with Pictures Board Games Guess Who Sentence Auction Alibi
  7. 7. Complete the Sentence: When/ While Cards While Jimmy was While Albert was swimming lying on the beach While we were While you were washing the dishes cleaning the windows While Mr. and Mrs. While Dr. White Johnson were dancing was playing the piano While I was writing While my sister some letters was preparing dinner Back
  8. 8. Beginning Adjective and Noun Cards – for presentation House Box Hard Dry Boy Student Old Fast Girl Serious New Slow Table Amusing Young Square Women Clean Big Round Men Dirty Small Beautiful Back Car Fat Tall Ugly
  9. 9. Back
  10. 10. Back
  11. 11. Back
  12. 12. Table Survey – Personal InformationWhat is your _____________________?It’s ______________________________. First Last Phone Address City State Zip code name name number Back
  13. 13. Find someone who…Can you__________________? Drive a truck Use a calculator Type Read a map Use a computer Repair machines Use hand tools Use power tools Use a cash register Change a tire Repair sinks and Fix cars toilets Cut hair Lift heavy things Take care of plants Cook Write sentences about your classmates: Example: Kavita can drive a truck. HuSen can use a calculator. •_______________________________________________________________________ •_______________________________________________________________________ •_______________________________________________________________________ Next
  14. 14. Class Survey – Short answers Are you able to Do you like to take Do you want to Can you fix electric work with care of sick work in health problems? numbers? people? care? Can you drive? Do you want to Are you able to use Do you have good work in an office? a computer? people skills? Are you usually Are you usually Would you rather Would you rather punctual? dependable? work day shift or work alone or with night shift? others?Write about your classmates’ answers.Example: Steve is able to work with numbers. Carmen likes to take care of sick people.•______________________________________________________________________________•______________________________________________________________________________ Back
  15. 15. The Odd One Out GameWhich of the following doesn’t belong. Please state your reason. After you have made your reasons,the class will compare their reasons and if you have a unique reason, your group will get 1 point.(1) walk play listen TVReason:(2) house quickly bicycle carReason:(3) ugly beautifully slowly quicklyReason:(4) black interesting sadly jealousReason: Back
  16. 16. What would happen if . . .With your partner decide what would happen if these events happened? Also decide whether ornot you think it’s a good idea or a bad idea.What would happen if the price of gasoline was raised 300%?What would happen if the polar ice cap melted?What would happen if the drinking age was lowered to 14?What would happen if there was no rain for five years?What would happen if the speed limit was 250 km/h?What would happen if your country had a one-child policy like China?What would happen if university was made free for everybody? Back
  17. 17. BackLos Angeles
  18. 18. Back
  19. 19. What are you What are you What do you do What do you drink wearing today? doing right now? every Sunday? every morning? What is the What time do you What do you What do you doteacher doing right usually go to bed? usually do after every day? now? class? What do you What do you What do you What is the usually do every usually watch on usually do on teacher wearing night? TV? Friday? today? What are we What do you when What are you What do you want learning about you get home? planning to do to learn today? today? after class?What time do you What time do you What do you What do you usually work? usually get home? usually eat for usually eat for breakfast? lunch? Back
  20. 20. 1. Chinese people usually celebrates the New Year in February.2. Do elephants lives in groups, or do they live alone?3. The male lion is very lazy, and sleep for about twenty hours a day.4. Babies doesn’t have tears when they cry until they are several weeks old.5. Giraffes don’t sometimes sleep at all for twenty-four hours.6. Hippos are eating at night and spend the day in the water.7. Fingernails are growing more during the day than at night.8. Bear do not see well, so they smelling their food.9. Many people are thinking the heart is on the left, but it is in the middle of your chest10.Sometimes students are having problems with English spelling Back
  21. 21. September at 8 pm on Monday in 1992 at midnight on January 1st in winter at the museum onFebruary 11th in summer at the theater on May 15th in Spain at half past six onSaturday night in the morning onthe weekend on Sunday morning in Back
  22. 22. Who What When Where How100 100 100 100 100200 200 200 200 200300 300 300 300 300400 400 400 400 400500 500 500 500 500 Back
  23. 23. Click a Basketball to get your question 3-Pointers 2-Pointers 1-PointersVerbsAdjectivenounspronouns
  24. 24. Back