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Eating disorders


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Published in: Education
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Eating disorders

  1. 1. Eating disorders: are you eating what you need? Nowadays there are many people around the world that are affected by obesity, anorexia or bulimia. These eating disorders are affecting a lot of teenagers every day. Teenagers as you might be or as a person that you should know doesn’t know why they need to eat correctly or they just think that they are doing it correctly while they don’t. In the United States as many as 10 of 100 young women suffer from an eating disorder. Don’t forget this information and try to stop a bad alimentation. If you try to improve it you will be happier: food makes you happy! OBESITY is an eating disorder that is affecting a lot of people due to the oily, not healthy but delicious food that is eaten by many people every day. Obesity is affecting a lot of people in the Unites States principally (26% of adults are obese!). It can cause you important problems like cardiovascular diseases. Don’t forget this: Fast food doesn’t need to be better than a delicious home-made food!. ANOREXIA and BULIMIA are important eating disorders that are causing many important problems to a lot of people. The people that are specially affected by these problems are young people who want to be like fashion models or like some of their idols. Don’t forget this: You need to eat healthy but correctly!, anorexia is a problem that you can carry with you during all your life, it can cost YOU the death. You need to believe what your doctor says every time. Control your food and weight! Remember: that meat, fish, vegetables, milk, fruit and cereals cannot be out of your diet! Don’t get obsessed with your weight and just have a correct alimentation. You need to try to be healthy, just try it, it’s EASY. Susana Pantoja Ridao 4ºA