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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Do YOU want to DRINK your LIFE? Some people drink their free time drinking alcohol in a parks. But YOU don’t know the EFFECTS of drinking or maybe you know but you don’t want to remember them?... You always say ‘ I CONTROL IT’ but the results are difficult to control. Only 1,2 or 3… After drinks you're more talkative your heart rate speeds up a little, giving you an 'up' feeling, you feel light headed, your coordination and reaction times are impaired. The reaction time is much slower, the vision becomes blurry, the speech is slurred. Also the amount of alcohol can affect cells all over the body and when you drink a lot there is a short step to heart failure and breathing slowing to a stop. All these effects of drinking are bad but at your age they are worse because if you drink you are doing something ILLEGAL.