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Huckleberry finns

  2. 2. 2 INDEX INDEX……………………………………………………………..………………………2 INTRODUCTION…………………………………….……..………………………..3 MARK TWAIN BIOGRAPHY………………………….………………………….4 ACTIVITIES PER CHAPTER: CHAPTER 1……………………………………………………………………………….7 CHAPTER 2……………………………………………………………………………….8 CHAPTER 3……………………………………………………………………………….9 CHAPTER 4……………………………………………………………………………….10 CHAPTER 5……………………………………………………………………………….12 CHAPTER 6……………………………………………………………………………….13 CHAPTER 7……………………………………………………………………………….14 CHAPTER 8……………………………………………………………………………….16 CHAPTER 9……………………………………………………………………………….17 CHAPTER 10……………………………………………………………………………..18 CHAPTER 11……………………………………………………………………………..19 CHAPTER 12……………………………………………………………………………..21 CHAPTER 13……………………………………………………………………………..22 CHAPTER 14……………………………………………………………………………..23 CHA PTER 15…………………………………………………………………………….24 CHAPTER 16……………………………………………………………………………..25 CHAPTER 17……………………………………………………………………………..26 CHAPTER 18……………………………………………………………………………..27 CHAPTER 19……………………………………………………………………………..28 CHAPTER 20……………………………………………………………………………..30 CHAPTER 21……………………………………………………………………………..31 CHAPTER 22……………………………………………………………………………..33 CHAPTER 23……………………………………………………………………………..34 CHAPTER 24……………………………………………………………………………..35 CHAPTER 25……………………………………………………………………………..36 CONCLUSIONS………………………………………………………..……………….37 BIBLIOGRAPHY…………………………………………………………………………38
  3. 3. 3 INTRODUCTION The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is an excellent story, divided in 41 extraordinary chapters, that shows the experiences and abilities that a boy may have depending on the context in which he develops his growing process. Instead of being a normal child who studied and lived with his parents, Huck learned to survive in a very wild world. All his adventures are filled with real situations that may transform a person into a completely new human being. The reading of this kind of books helps students in the basic level of English language to know a very wide vocabulary and to discover the amazing world of reading since we are transported to very different places in which we feel part of them. I hope that with this work I may fill all the expectations that the professor in charge of this subject may have and that this work may be used for students in this area for any future reference.
  4. 4. 4 BIOGRAPHY OF MARK TWAIN FAMOUS AS: Author and Humorist BORN ON: 30 November 1835 BORN IN: Florida, Missouri DIED ON: 21 April 1910 NATIONALITY: American / United States ZODIAC SIGN: Sagittarius WORKS & ACHIEVEMENTS: Adventures of Tom Sawyer Samuel Langhorne Clemens, better known by his pen name Mark Twain, was an American author, essayist, lecturer and humorist who wrote a series of famous books including Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Mark's first important work, The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County was first published in the New York Saturday Press and became a bestseller within a short span of time. He also wrote a series of travelogues including the bestselling The Innocents Abroad- that came in 1869- and notable short stories such as Advice for Little Girls and The Celebrated Jumping Frogs of Calaveras County which earned him the worldwide fame and appreciation as a writer. Most of all, the author is known for his notable and insightful satires that gained him reverence from both critics as well as his contemporaries who call him the 'father of the English literature'. Marriage and Family Mark Twain first met Olivia Livy Landon in 1868 and they married after two years in February 1870. The marriage proved to be contributing towards his career and he met many writers and socialists through his wife who came from a wealthy but liberal family. The couple settled in Buffalo in New York for sometime where he became an editor in the Buffalo Express. Here their first child, a son, was born who died of diphtheria at 19 months. In 1871, they moved to Hartford, Connecticut where Olivia gave birth to three daughters: Susy, Clara and Jean. Only Clara could survive her twenties and lived to the age of eighty eight. Twain as a writer initiated with humorous and light verse but embarked on more serious and harsh subjects in his later career. His one of the important works in this category was Huckleberry Finn, which combines humor and social criticism. Aside from this, he wrote several travelogues and lectures. A Tramp Abroad(1880), his first travelogue and a satirical account of his travels to Germany, Italy and the Alps, was a sequel to his early work Innocent abroad and was next followed by The Prince and the Pauper in 1882. Mark wrote his first important work, The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County in year 1865, which was first published in the New York Saturday Press and became a bestseller within a short span of time. Yet many of his work were suppressed, censored or banned in America for various reasons. In 1888, Mark Twain was awarded the Master of Art degree from Yale University.
  5. 5. 5 Death Mark Twain died of a heart attack on 21 April, 1910 in Redding in Connecticut and now rests at the Woodlawn Cemetery in Elmira, New York, where his wife and other children were buried. He was survived by his daughter Clara.
  6. 6. 6
  7. 7. 7 THE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN CHAPTER 1: “Educating Huck” Huckleberry was taken to live with the widow. He didn´t enjoy living in a nice house but he wanted to join Tom Sawyer´s club and be his friend so he continued living with the widow. Huck had to learn many behavior rules for living in his new home and even he had to quit smoking there. Miss Watson was the widow Douglas´ sister. She never got married and came to live with her. She thought she could change Huck and make him a better person. She tried to educate him in every possible way, even by explaining him the meaning of heaven and hell. Huck never understood what Miss Watson said; he just wanted to go out of there. Miss Watson said Tom Sawyer would never go to heaven and he wanted to be where he was. One night he felt so lonely that he could not sleep he wanted to have some company. He felt a small bug walking on his hand and when he shook it off, the bug fell against the candle and burned completely. He supposed this was a bad sign for bad luck. He tried to change his luck by doing some movements and tying a thread around his hair. He climbed out of the window onto the porch roof and from the roof he jumped to the ground. He walked slowly among the trees. There was Tom Sawyer waiting for him. Vocabulary 1 -Holds : sostiene Cheerful : alegre -bug : bicho, insecto Whispering : susurro -shook off : sacudió Asleep : dormido -allowed : permitió Thread : hilo -would : haría Roof : techo -supper : cena Porch : entrada -though : aunque Frightened : asustado -sinful : pecaminoso
  8. 8. 8 CHAPTER 2: Tom Sawyer´s Club Huck takes some candles from the kitchen carefully. Tom and Huck escape from the widow´s house trying to make any noise so that Jim, Miss Watson´s black slave, does not wake up. They took Jim´s hat off his head and hung it on a tree nearby, just for playing a trick on him. They went to the town and they found some boys hiding. They took a small boat and traveled down the river. They went to a large cave that was like an underground room. In that cave they started their club “Tom Sawyer´s Club” They had to promise that they would never tell any of the club´s secrets. If they did, the others would kill them and burn their dead bodies. After, they added to the promise the part of killing their families too. One of the boys, Ben Rogers said that Huck Finn should not be part of the club because he didn´t have a family. Huck said they could consider Miss Watson as part of his family and they could kill her if he told any club secrets. All the other boys agreed with Huck, so he became a member of the club. Each boy of the club cut his finger with a pin and wrote his name using that blood. They decided they would kill people and take their money, as they read in all the stories they have read. They decided to meet again the following week. Huck got home using the roof and the window. His new clothes were wet and dirty, he was very tired. Vocabulary 2 -Along : a lo largo -Hill : colina -Lay : tendido -Lit : iluminado -Slave : esclavo -Pin : alfiler - Still (adj.) : quieto -Nearby : cercano -Leaned : inclinado -Willing : dispuesto -Dare : atreverse -Steal : robar -Ashore : en tierra -Underground : bajo tierra -Rub : frotar
  9. 9. 9 CHAPTER 3: “Huck is Dissapointed” When Miss Watson found out about the dirty clothes she got very angry and the widow was not angry but sad and very quiet. I promised not do do bad things and to make the widow feel proud of me. Miss Watson asked me to pray for other people not just asking for myself. Huck told her that God has never answered his prayers and she said that He doesn´t answer with material things. So he understood that he had to pray even for Miss Watson. After thinking among the woods for some moments, he didn´t find any advantage for him in praying for others, so finally he decided to forget about it. Huck had many time without seing Pap, someone that when he was not drunk could catch Huck and beat him. Huck was fine about not knowing about Pap, he was trying to hide from him as much as he could. Some people said that Pap was found drowned in the Mississipi River because they found a man with some of his physical features and with similar body and long hair, but his face could not be seen well since he stayed too much time into the water. Huck knew that this person could not be Pap because a drunk drowned man should be floating on his face and that person was floating on his back. Later they discovered that the body was for a woman dressed in man´s clothing. Huck was again afraid about Pap´s return and decided to continue hiding well from him. The meetings with the boys in Tom Sawyer´s Club continued for some time. They didn´t really kill or still money from people. They were just imagining they were doing these things. Tom really enjoyed doing those things but Huck got boring about it. He said to Tom that he didn´t like that and Tom told him that he didn´t have imagination and that he should read books to know people that has imagination like his. Vocabulary 3: -Walked out : salió -Drunk : borracho -Woods : bosque -Beat : derrotar -Advantage : ventaja -Drowned : ahogado -Kind : amable -Torn : roto -Meant : significó -Buried : enterrado -Anymore : nunca más -Fancy talking : plática antojadiza
  10. 10. 10 CHAPTER 4: “Huck and the Judge” Three or four months passed, winter time arrived. Huck went to school every day and he was learning many things like reading, writing and spelling. He was having trouble in learning mathematics. Huck hated school at the beginning, but he became accustomed to go every day, and to live in a proper house, sleeping in a proper bed. The widow was happy with him and she told him to continue studying and learning more to be a good boy and change his character. Huck´s life was improving. One morning when Huck was having breakfast, he accidentally poured some salt on the table and he knew that bad luck was coming to him. He needed to get rid of that bad luck and decided to put some salt over his left shoulder, but Miss Watson stopped him shouting he must not touch the salt because he had already made the table dirty and he should not make it dirtier. Huck said that bad luck will be with him forever. He ran out of the house and was worried and frightened that something bad could happen and he did not know when or where. He walked through a garden in front and around a high fence he discovered some tracks of someone that was around the house but it seemed he did not get in. Huck looked at the tracks carefully and he found out a foot heel with a mark like a cross that was made with two nails and he knew of someone with this to get rid of bad luck. Huck ran immediately to the Judge Thatcher´s house, looking his shoulders as someone was following him, but no one was behind him. The judge asked him why he was running and if he was looking for his money. He also explained that the bank had sent 150 dollars and that he could keep the money together with the 6,000 dollars he had because that was a lot of money and he could expend it only in foolish things. Huck said to the judge that he would give the money to him, that he did not want to expend it. The judge said that it was not correct to take that money but Huck walked away. Jim had a large hair ball, taken from the stomach of an ox. He said that it was so special to tell the events for the future. Huck told Jim about the tracks on the snow and that he wanted to know what Pap was planning to do. Jim threw the hair ball three times and he said that Huck had to give some money so the hair ball could talk. Huck gave twenty-five cents so the ball could answer him. Jim said that Pap did not know what to do, that Huck would have some trouble but also much joy, sometimes he was going to be hurt and other times he was going to be sick but he would be healthy; nothing concrete. When Huck returned to the widow´s house, he took a candle to go to his room. Huck discovered Pap on the stairs.
  11. 11. 11 Vocabulary 4: -Beat : pegar, golpear -beatings : golpes -Improve : mejorar -poured : derramé -Get rid of : deshacerse de -tracks : pistas -Fence : cerca, valla -bent down : agachó -Heel : tacón -nails : clavos -Foolish : tonto,a -I´m puzzled!: me desconcierta! -Pap : papá
  12. 12. 12 CHAPTER 5: “Huck´s Father” Huck found his father on the stairs. His appearance was so bad, dirty and torn clothes and his hair long and his skin sickly white. The window in Huck´s room was opened so he supposed Pap entered using it. Huck´s father commented that he had realized he was going to school and he said that it was not good. Pap was so angry telling that no one in his family knew how to write or read and that he should not be better than anyone in his family. Also he added that the widow was not part of Huck´s family and that he had not given any authorization for her to let him go to school. Huck had to stop going even near to school if no, Pap would beat him. Pap told Huck that he heard he had a lot of money now, that he was very rich and that he wanted all the money Judge Thatcher had for him. Huck said he didn´t have any money and his father said he would ask the judge about and would ask all the money only for him. Pap went drunk to visit the judge but him decided not to give Pap a ny money, Pap decided to look for the money with the law. The widow and the judge used law to let Huck live with the widow and take out authority of Pap over Huck. Unfortunately, there was a new judge who did not know anything about Pap and he denied the widow´s request telling that a son must never be separated from his father. Huck continued living with the widow but under Pap´s authority. Vocabulary 5: -uncombed : despeinado -law : ley -sickly : enfermizo -lie : mentira -sneered : se burló -pocket : bolsillo -succeed : tuvo éxito -ground : suelo -refused : rehusó -fancy clothes: ropa fina
  13. 13. 13 CHAPTER 6: “Life with Pap” Huck was taken by his father to live with him in a small cabin made of logs. His father did not let him to go out and when he was outside the cabin, he always locked the door carefully. Huck started making a hole in the logs using an old and dirty saw that was in there and Pap didn´t realize about it. Sometimes Huck´s father needed to go out of the cabin to trade fish for whiskey and then returned very drunk and started beating Huck. He was so angry about the beatings but sometimes he thought about living with his father as free as he wanted. Eating when they wanted, not going to school, smoking, and do not changing his clothes, that was not bad at all. When drunk, Pap had always shouted alone about the government and laws, he said that these two things did not let him to take his son´s money from the judge and to use it in whatever way he wanted. Once, Pap was very drunk that he started having dreams with snakes. He stood up so fast and took his knife that he almost killed Huck, but he was smarter to take out his jacket so the knife did not hurt him. When Pap finally got asleep, Huck took his gun to shoot him in the case he tried to hurt him anyway, and stayed awake all night trying to protect from his own father. Vocabulary 6: -Attend : asistir -saw : sierra -Fights : peleas -knocked : golpeó -Cabin : camarote -load : carga -Logs : troncos -raise : criar -Hunt : cazar -wrongs : equívocos -Hidden : oculto -wild : descabellado -Lock : cerrar (con llave) -wrapped : envuelto -Traded : intercambió -chase : perseguir -Otherwise : de lo contrario -shoot : disparar
  14. 14. 14 CHAPTER 7: “Huck Escapes” In the morning Huck was asleep when his father waked up. He discovered Huck holding his gun and he asked him why. Huck told him that some strange people were bothering outside last night and that he tried to wake him up but it was impossible. Pap said he was humgry and sent Huck to fish for having breakfast. He went out of the cabin and noticed the river was deeper than before. He also saw some branches and logs floating over it. Huck discovered a canoe and he hid it covering with some branches thinking in using it to escape. He caught some fish and cooked breakfast. Huck saw his father sleeping and he decided to think in how to escape, but in a way that nobody could find him and he could live without any fear about Pap. In the afternoon Pap saw a raft floating in the river and he told Huck to get it so he could sell the logs in the store. Using a rope they could catch the raft and Pap went down the river to the store. Immediately, Huck started sawing the hole in the log and got out of the cabin. He put some bags of food in the canoe, blankets, pans, pots and everything he considered to be necessary even Pap´s gun and ax. He protected the hole with the log so his father would not know how he escaped. Huck hunted a wild pig and threw his blood all over inside the cabin, he made a hole in the door and put some rocks in a sack and dragged it inside the cabin and outside in the ground. After he threw the sack into the river to be sank deeply. Huck expects that the plan will tell his father that someone murdered him and then he was taken into the river so he would not look for him anymore. He was ready inside the canoe when he listened and observer someone was approaching by rowing. It was Pap but he was hidden among some branches in silence that he could not see him. Then Huck moved carefully down the river and when he got tired of rowing, he lied down and let the river to take him gently by floating. Finally Huck got to the Jackson´s Island, where he planned to live alone. He hid again the canoe and found a safe place down the trees where he decided to sleep.
  15. 15. 15 Vocabulary 7: -Could : podría -Reached : alcanzó -Awake : Despertar -Seized : agarró -Branches : ramas -Ax : hacha -Rowed : remó -Dragged : arrastró -Stream : riachuelo -Attempt : intentar -Search : buscar -Faint : ténue -Raft : balsa -Current : corriente
  16. 16. 16 CHAPTER 8: “Exploring the Island” Huck awaked in the island and he was ready to cook his breakfast, but he heard the sounds of some shots and then he saw a boat with some people he knew, including Judge Thatcher and his friend Tom Sawyer trying to find the dead body of him. They were exploring all around the island to see if the current has dragged him to the shore. Huck decided to wait for cooking since the smoke of a fire could attract the attention of the people in the boat. After awhile the sounds of the guns and the people disappeared and Huck observed how the people in the boat were returning to their homes. He made up a tent using the blankets and fished a fish that was cooked lately to be enjoyed. At night he sat around a campfire and started counting the stars in the sky and the logs and rafts over the river. He felt loneliness. After three days doing the same in the island he decided to investigate about that place. As he moved he found rests of another campfire so he got back to his tent and gathered all his things to go out of the island. He was not alone as he thought. He tried to investigate about the other man and moved in the canoe to the shore of a small town where he could listen to people trying to find someone using horses. He came back again to the island quietly. Decided to discover who the other person there was, Huck started searching and he found out that was Jim, Miss Watson´s slave. Huck told him all his story to escape and let others believe he was dead and Jim told him that Miss Watson wanted to sell him to be taken to New Orleans and that is so terrible. Then he ran away and escaped to the island. They cooked some food together and Jim ate something more than only fruit. Vocabulary 8: -Edge : Borde -Clever : listo, ingenioso -Loneliness : soledad -Abolitionist : abolicionista -Campfire : fogata -Uneasy : tenso -Scattered : disperse -Bushes : arbustos -Harm : hacer daño
  17. 17. 17 CHAPTER 9: “The Cave and the Floating House” Jim and Huck went to investigate in the middle of the island where they have seen a hill. There were many bushes but they passed through them and discovered a cave on the rocks. They decided to keep all the supplies and the canoe inside the cave so if someone was looking for them it was going to be difficult to find this cave and they would be protected even from the rain. They placed all their things inside and then it started to thunder and lighting and the rained poured. It was so windy that the trees were bent almost to the ground. When the rain stopped, they went out the cave and saw everything around was flooded. They took some logs and a nice raft from the river. Then they saw a floating house and they went to research using the canoe. Through the window they saw some things and something on the floor that seemed to be a man. Jim went to check and he realized it was a dead man with a shot in his head. He said that the man had about two or three days dead. They took some things they considered useful from the house and went back to the cave. Jim was using a blanket, so that people could not see that he was black and could not take him. Vocabulary 9: -lightning : relámpago -crash : estruendo -barely : apenas -roll : rodar -blow : soplar -flooded : inundado
  18. 18. 18 CHAPTER 10: “Bad Luck” Four days after they found the floating house; Huck commented on the dead man who was there. Immediately Jim made him to stop speaking about it, he said that talking about a murder brings bad luck. Huck did not believe on what he said. Then Huck reminded him about the snakeskin he had found and Jim had told that that was bad luck. Huck decided to make a joke to Jim. He arranged carefully the snakeskin down Jim´s blanket so when he was coming to sleep he would be surprised by the skin, Though, when Jim decided to enter the cave and got prepared to go to sleep, he screamed a lot. He said that he was bitten by a snake and that was alive. Jim told Huck to take out the skin and take the head out. Then he had to cook a piece of its body. When it was cooked, Jim ate it and then he said that by eating the snake´s meat he would be cured. Jim stayed very sick for about four days. His body was swollen all over. But then he was getting better. When Jim was not sick anymore, Huck decided to go to the town to investigate if the people still comments on him or if they really think he is dead. Jim advised him to go dressed as a girl so the people in the town would not recognize him. He did it so and he found a woman that he did not know, so he decided to ask her some questions about himself being careful. Vocabulary 10: -Curl : enroscar -Swell : hincharse -Trousers : pantalones -Quite : bastante
  19. 19. 19 CHAPTER 11: Huck as Sara Williams Huck entered the cabin, when the woman inside told him to do it. She was supposed to be a girl so maybe the woman got worried about her. The woman started making her some questions as her name and where she was coming from. Huck in the first time said her name was Sara Williams. Sara was coming from a nearby island trying to find her uncle since her mother was very sick. Sara (Huck) and the woman started talking about what have happened to a child named Huck Finn, who was murdered in his house. Sara asked if the people in town knew who did that murder and the woman said that some people think he could be murdered by Jim a black slave who ran away from the tow and others believe his father did it to get the money that Judge Thatcher has. She also said that there was an award for 300 dollars to the one who find Jim and 200 dollars for giving Pap. She told Sara that she suspected someone may be hiding in Jackson Island since she saw smoke coming from a campfire recently and her husband was in town trying to find a friend and borrowing another gun to go to the island and find Jim. She also added they would go that same night so Jim was going to be asleep. Huck got very nervous with this information. The woman asked Sara to help her to thread a needle, to be alert with any rat and she gave her one rock to throw it to the head of the rat when they stick out their noses. The woman also asked Sara her name again and in this opportunity Sara said it was Mary. The woman was testing her. She discovered Sara was not a girl but a man. She told him that a girl always leaves the needle still and moves the thread when threading one and he did the opposite process. Also when throwing the rocks to the rats he did it more or less precise and a girl does not do so. Adding more she said that when she threw the rock into his skirt he closed the legs and girls do the contrary process. They open the skirt out. The woman asked Huck to tell the truth. Then he invented that he had no father neither mother and he was living with a mean farmer who beat too much. Huck Also said that that night the farmer was not in the house so he had taken a dress from his daughter and escaped dressed as a girl so nobody could find him easily. In this opportunity he said his name was George Peters and that his uncle was living in that town of Goshen. When the woman heard this she told Huck that he was in St. Petersburg and that he had to walk to get to Goshen. Huck said he was not scared about the dark that he would continue his journey in that moment. The woman gave him some food and water to continue and told him
  20. 20. 20 her name was Mrs. Judith Loftus and he could count on her whenever he would need something. Huck immediately went to the island in his canoe where Jim was. He made a big campfire in the first place he was camping there in the island. Then he ran and awoke Jim telling him they have to go away the island since the people was over them and they were going to the island that night. They loaded all the supplies in the raft with Jim while Huck rowed the canoe. They went out of the island in a moment. They both were now in the open river without saying anything. Vocabulary 11: -Needle : Aguja -Thread : Hilo / enhebrar -Stick out : Sacar -Fooled : engañó -Mean : tacaño -Skillful : hábil -Miss(v) : fallar
  21. 21. 21 CHAPTER 12: “A Slow Journey” Jim and Huck tied the raft to the canoe and continued to travel through the river. They crossed many villages on the road. As they were traveling only during the nights they could observe the lights of the different towns. They decided to hide during the day and they used some trees that were in the border of the river to cover the canoe and the raft. Huck made a special tent over the raft to protect themselves during the rain and also to place their supplies and keep them safe too. During some nights they were so lucky because it did not rain. But one night a terrible storm took them by surprise and they started traveling without seeing or directing the canoe. Huck could, difficultly, see through the tent layer that something was in front of them, so he opened the tent and saw there was a boat in front that was almost sunk. He told Jim to go to investigate maybe some supplies can be useful there inside. Jim said that might be not so sure or that someone could be taking care of the things inside it. Also the boat might be sunk in just a moment and he could die trying to get inside. Huck said that no one might be there and they both got inside the boat precautious and silently. They heard voice sounds and Jim decided to go out. Huck stayed carefully and saw two men using a gun, menacing another man laying on the floor with killing him because they said he knew much about them and they did not want any witness or someone who could tell the police about them. The man on the floor was begging them for mercy and not to kill him. After both of the men decided to take out everything valuable from the boat and let it sink with the man inside so everybody would think he died sunk and they would not be responsible of his dead. Huck went out immediately and when he found Jim the raft had disappeared. The rope used to tie it to the canoe was untied. Vocabulary 12: -Fairly : bastante -dirt : suciedad -Sandbar : banco de arena -spread : esparcir -Boards : tablones -plain stealing : robo simple -Tent : tienda (campaña) -ripe : maduro -Layer : capa (tierra) -leaning : inclinando
  22. 22. 22 CHAPTER 13: “Escape from a Sinking Boat” Jim and Huck were so worried to know that their raft had disappeared and they do not know how to escape from the murders inside the boat. They found the boat that belonged to the murders and then the men got in but they had forgotten to take out the money on the pocket of the other man, so they returned to take it and left the little boat alone. Jim and Huck carefully and quickly took it and escaped from that place. They were rowing and searching their raft on the river. Finally they saw something floating on the water and they became happy to see that it was their raft. They felt relieved and decided to find someone who could take out the three men in the sinking boat so they would not die in there. They said it was better to be in prison that dying like that in the boat. So Jim continued rowing the raft and he went to a safe place where he would wait for Huck, burning a campfire as signal. Huck decided to find someone who could help discover the people in the boat telling they were his family. He did it so and one man on a border listened to him and helped the people. Huck joined Jim and finally they could rest and sleep. Vocabulary 13: -slanted : inclinado -deck : cubierta -share : compartir -downstream: corriente abajo
  23. 23. 23 CHAPTER 14: “A General Good Time” When Huck and Jim woke up in the boat they have taken from the three men they found many supplies they have there like blankets, tobacco and others. They also discovered some books. Jim was kind of surprised with the experience they have had and Huck agreed but he was also very excited because they live what he has felt in some of the books he has read time ago. Huck loves adventures! Jim, on the other hand, felt so frightened to live those events since he was scared with the idea that someone could rescue him and take him back to Miss Watson´s house again and he would sell him and send him to New Orleans, or he could have died drown. Huck started talking about the stories from the books and commented about t hahe Salomon king telling he has been considered the wisest of the kings. Jim did not agree at all because Salomon King had many wives and when they had a difficulty with a son and two possible mothers for him, he decided to part him into two pieces. Huck said that the king was just expecting on the reaction of the real mother that she won´t let her son die. Jim was not convinced at all, this was a hard work since his opinions were so extreme that he did not accept persuasion in any way. After this they commented about the King Louis XVI, from France. Whose head was cut off in France and his son Dolphin was kept in prison, or gone to America. Jim said that what a king could do in his country. When Huck answered he might teach others how to speak French, Jim got very angry and said that nobody would understand him even a word. He also made comparisons with a cat and a cow that people do not understand them and said that would be the same with that French man. Huck decided not to continue with the subject since Jim was hard to persuade, so he quit. Vocabulary 14: -Rather : bastante -Claimed : reclamó -Plain : simple -Quit : dejar de
  24. 24. 24 CHAPTER 15: “Tricking Jim” Huck and Jim were traveling to the city of Cairo in Illinois. They planned to get there because they were free states and Jim could live without being considered a slave anymore. They supposed there would be approximately three days to get there. In the second night a terrible fog was covering everything that nothing might be seen. The canoe and the raft were separated and the current of the river make Huck and Jim separated. Huck was calling on Jim and Jim answering sometimes. Huck tried to follow Jim´s voice and he got confused many times. They could not find each other and then no sound was heard. Huck was worried about Jim and finally, as he was tired, he got asleep. When he woke up he saw that the fog had disappeared and the stars were shining in the sky. He continued moving the canoe and finally he found the raft, in that occasion it was true. Huck saw Jim sleeping and he tried to cheat on him. He said that anything had happened as he was saying and that maybe he was drunk. Jim got angry and disappointed with Huck and he entered the tent without saying any other word. He knew that everything had really occurred and that he was really worried about Huck. Huck followed him to the tent and said how sorry he was for that joke. He also said he did not want to lose his friendship and promised not to make a joke like that anymore. Vocabulary 15: -Tip -shameful -Fog -unkind -Struck -stretched -Worthless
  25. 25. 25 CHAPTER 16: “The Snakeskin´s Bad Luck They slept almost all the day because they decided to travel at night. To protect from others they stayed hidden during the day. They were talking about how Cairo should be, and if they would recognize it. They said that Cairo was like a small town with only a dozen houses. The important thing was that from that little town it could be easy to go to the free states to live as a man without belonging to anyone. Huck started to think in how unfair seemed to leave Miss Watson without her servant if she did not harm him. He listened to Jim Saying almost shouting that he would be a free man. He also said that as a free man he could work and save money to pay for her wife`s freedom. And when the two are free they would work together to save money and rescue their children. They would pay someone to steal their children. Finally they got to a town similar to Cairo. Huck decided to go and investigate, when he was going in the canoe, he was thinking in telling someone else who the man in the raft was. But finally he did not say because he listened when Jim was telling him that he was his best friend and the only white man he really trusted. Huck found a group of men that were used to catch black slaves to take the reward. Huck was asked if the raft of the other man belonged to him and if the man was black or white. He almost said black, but he stopped a moment and remembered what Jim had just mentioned about him; then he did not say anything. He invented the man in the raft was his father and he was suffering a very contagious disease. He started crying asking for some help for his family and the men gave him a coin of 20 dollar each man to help his sick family. A man told Huck there was not the Cairo. Now they were puzzled because they didn´t know where they were. Jim said that everything was because of snakeskin he had touched before and that bad luck he received in that occasion continued until now. They were over the raft when suddenly one big boat appeared just in front of them. They just had time to jump into the water and swim until the shore. There in land Huck saw a little house and he approached to see when a group of dogs started barking and showing their teeth. Huck decided to stand quiet. Vocabulary 16: -Slavery : esclavitud -dared : atrevido -guilt : culpa -bottom : fondo -lowering : bajando -shouting : gritando -weakening : debilitando -disease : enfermedad -earn : ganar(salary) -owe : deber (v)
  26. 26. 26 CHAPTER 17: “The Grangerfords” When the dogs started barking the people inside the house awoke. Someone inside the house shouted, who was there and they mention something like asking if Huck was from the Shepherdsons. Huck changed his name to George Jackson. When the members of that family let him get in all of them had guns and were ready to defend if necessary. Huck invented a very good story for his family, telling that now he was alone and that he needed pass for his house trying to get to Cairo. The mother asked one of her sons to take Huck to his room and let him some clean and dry clothes because he was all wet. He explained that the boat threw him away into the river and that was why his clothes were like that. Buck was happy to share his clothes and even his room. He asked Huck to stay living with them in the house. The house was so comfortable and luxury. It had a piano in the living room and other interesting things. For Huck even the food was so delicious. Vocabulary 17: -remained : quedó -furnishing : amueblando -became : llegó a ser
  27. 27. 27 CHAPTER 18: “The Deadly Quarrel” Huck was with the Grangerfords for a while. Buck one of the sons converted in one of his best friends in those moments. He was showing Huck how everything was working there. They got into a tree where a nest of snakes was found. Buck also explained about the feud they have with the Shephersons for any reason in the past, that he did not know now. One day the two families started fighting again and Huck was killed by a shot. After this, Huck decided not to stay in that house anymore and he came back with his friend Jim. He was telling everything about the story and decided not to continue staying there so they took the raft again and continued traveling in the river. Vocabulary 18: -quarrel : pelea -court : corte -deadly : mortal/fatal -eager : ansioso -feud : enemistad -wounded : herido Picture
  28. 28. 28 CHAPTER 19: “The Duke and the Dauphin” They were having two or three days in continuous coming and going quietly and soft on the river. Traveling during nights and hiding during the day. Covering with branches the raft and sometimes swimming a little bit just to cool the bodies. Only watching at the horizon, just to see the trees aligned on the shore. They continued observing more boats and rafts and more spots of the people in boats. They were feeling the air sweet of the trees and birds. They were sitting, having breakfast, fishing and waiting until night was coming again. During the night they were moving feeling their raft much lovely. They were finding no one else in the river and sometimes they were lying in their backs counting the stars in the sky and saying how each star would be made. Jim was saying that flying stars were launched out of the nest. One morning Huck was trying to find fruit and he found a canoe floating in the river. Suddenly two men appeared shouting saying that other men with dogs were pursuing them. Huck ran away trying to come back to his raft where Jim was waiting too. Suddenly the two men joined Jim and Huck. Huck asked why they were escaping. They said the people of that town did not want them there anymore. They were selling things that work in one way but destroy teeth in another way. The other man said he was giving speeches in public, especially about how to stop drinking, but the women realized he liked to drink whiskey sometimes so they got angry and gathered to take them out of town. After a moment the two men resulted saying that both were noble people. One man assured to be “Bridgewater”, a Duke, and Jim and Huck started serving him and naming him with special words like “Your grace or My Lord”. The other man got jealous and he said that he was really a king. Dauphin, was his name. he was coming from France but time has almost destroy him and that was why he looked like that so weak and showing disgrace. Jim and Huck decided to treat the “King” in the way he deserved. Bowing in front of him and saying “Your Majesty” all the time. The two men decided to have a good relation between each other to be peaceful in the raft. Huck did not believe what they said about being King and Duke, but he decided to follow the process because he did not want any trouble in his raft. He remembered his Pap telling him that they should let people be their own way.
  29. 29. 29 Vocabulary 19: -dull line : línea gris -heal : curar -spots : manchas -sigh : suspire de alivio -streaks : mechones -pitied : compadecido de -built : construyó -stream : riachuelo -bow : inclinarse -noble birth : de sangre azul
  30. 30. 30 CHAPTER 20: “Royalty Attends a Church Meeting” The four people were traveling now in the raft, Huck, Jim, the King, and the Duke. The Duke and the King started noticing that they only traveled during the night and they asked why. Huck created a story to explain this, telling his all family was traveling and they were collided by a big boat and that only he and Jim, who was the slave of his parents survived. Then some men approached and they were trying to get Jim thinking he was a runaway slave. He said to them this was the reason why they decided to travel only at night to be surer. The Duke and the King decided to stop in the next town to do some business and get some money. The king went to the camp were all the people were gathered using this place as a church and he started speaking in a way that people accepted to give him money. His words referred to pirates in la India and how he defeated them. They were so convincingly that he gathered more than 78 dollars just because that entire crowd let him collect money. The Duke in the other hand went to the printing shop and as the owner was in the church he started selling its services in printing. He acted as though he were the owner of the establishment and he also gathered more than nine dollar. He also printed a big announcement that “200 DOLLAR REWARD” in which he referred exactly to Jim. He said that using that ad they could travel during the day without hiding because they were going to say that they were taking Jim to New Orleans to receive the reward they pay for slaves like him. It seemed to be a good solution for the problem of traveling during the day but they hoped everything was going to be okey. Vocabulary 20: -wooden : de Madera -owner : dueño, propietario -rope : cuerda, soga -gathered : reunido-a
  31. 31. 31 CHAPTER 21: “A Quiet Southern Town” It was the first time Huck and Jim, now with the Duke and the King, had traveled during the day. They were enjoying the view and the Duke and the King were practicing some role plays in which they represent Shakespeare in stories like Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet. They decided that next town they pass in Arkansas they would look for the opportunity to present the show and so gather some money. Huck went with them because he said some supplies were necessary and he would try to get them in the town. In that town they have the visit of another group of theater. The Duke thought after their presentation it could be possible to do their show too. They made some ads that were pasted on trees and all around the town. The town was small and very dirty. Animals like pigs were not in pens and they were rolling inside the mud in the streets. The people were in the streets and it seemed like no one worked there. There was a man named old Boggs who was almost always very drunk, and he all the time was promising to shoot someone even when at the end he never did anything. This time Boggs started shouting on the colonel of the town. He said to him many disrespectful words and phrases and then the colonel Sherburn left from the house where he was and told Boggs he would listen everything he had to say until one o´clock, after that he would shoot him to make him silent. Boggs continued insulting him and after one o´clock the colonel left again and accomplished his promise. He shot on Boggs and he slowly died. Boggs had a daughter and even though some men were to look for her to stop him, nothing she could do. She was crying over him and the people gathered around them just looking at what had happened. Some men shouted that the colonel ought to be hanged and others did the same and started getting every piece of rope to hang him with.
  32. 32. 32 Vocabulary 21: -motions : movimientos -pens : corrales -swords : espadas -wandered : vagaban -tripped : tropezó -mud : barro -waving : agitando -aiming : apuntando -swelling : hinchando -tight : apretado -nailed : clavado -fur : piel, cuero -elder : mayor -stiff : rígido -lifted : levantó, disipó
  33. 33. 33 CHAPTER 22: “The Hanging Party” The people in the town wanted to hang the colonel for what he had made. There was one man taken as the leader for directing all of them. They started screaming to hang him but them the colonel started talking to everybody there in a way that he convinced and made everyone to be frightened that nobody remained in the streets. All of them were running to their houses and the Duke and the King made their presentation that day but with only twelve people and they did not wait until the show finished except for a child that was asleep. They made a new paper piece to announce the next presentation in which they said no children neither women were allowed. Vocabulary 22: -laughed : rió a carcajadas -pitiful : lamentable -at least : por lo menos
  34. 34. 34 CHAPTER 23: “The King´s Cameleopard” The show for the Duke and the King was ready. They had some people present. In their presentation one did the general speech and then the king appeared naked and painted in different colors. He started moving so funny that the audience did not stop laughing and laughing. The problem was the time. It lasted only a few minutes and they paid 50 cents each person. Some of them were angry and were asking their money back. Then someone said to be quiet about this bad event so the next day the other people could be tricked too. They are not going to be tricked alone. Next day the show started and the same happen: laughing and laughing and then complaints. On the third day, Duke noticed that the people there were carrying things like vegetables and other object to throw to them and after he announced the king to appear in front of them, he escaped running until the raft where the king was, because he had not gone to the show. They escaped quickly from the town and when they felt safe, they started counting the money earned and laughing about how they have tricked on the people in that town. Jim and Huck were outside the tent on the raft. They were commenting about the other two men and their abilities to make money. Jim started feeling very sad because he was remembering his family; his wife and children. He remembered when his daughter got the problem in his ear and how terrible this was for him, since he did not know about it before. Vocabulary 23: -footlights : candilejas -praised : elogió -eager : ansioso -naked : desnudo -bang : estruendo, golpe
  35. 35. 35 CHAPTER 24: “A New Character for the King” Another day passed for the passengers of the raft. The Duke and the King were planning how to trick the people for the new town. The King and Huck decided to go to see how the people in the town were and if they have heard something from the trick they made in the last town they visited. The Duke decided to stay in the raft thinking about the new character he would use to act in the show they were organizing. The king and Huck went in the canoe up in the river and they found the passengers boat that travels to New Orleans. They saw a young man running on the shore of the river and they offered him some help to approach him to his boat. He accepted and during the journey to reach the boat they were talking about the people in the town and the passenger they were helping told them about a sad story of a rich man that has two brothers and that one had just died yesterday. He mentioned names and wives, he was so specific. When the King went back to the raft he told the Duque all the story and they decided to go next day to visit the family of the rich man pretending he was his lost brother. The people in Mr. Wilks´ house accepted them courteously and tried to help them. Vocabulary 24: -burst into tears : echarse a llorar -tanner : curtidor
  36. 36. 36 CHAPTER 25: “Is it Them?” The King and the Duke decided to present into the town where Mr. Wilks had lived. Using the information received by the passenger of the boat they pretended to be Mr. Wilks´ brothers and all the people were sad and amazed of knowing him in such a sad moment. He was using carefully all the names he had learned in memory and telling carefully the events he knew about his life and family. They received the letter that Mr.Wilks had written for him. He read it in out loud voice so everybody could be a witness of how honest they were. They found the 6,000 dollars he had left to his three nieces. He gave it back to the girls publicly. Dr. Robinson appeared and started laughing, saying that the man was a liar and t no one should believe what these man said. The three girls wanted all the people lived together in this house and share with the uncles they did not know before. They put all the money in the king´s hands and told him they trusted him. The king felt so proud about it. Vocabulary 25: -glow : resplandecer -tannery : curtiduría
  37. 37. 37 CONCLUSIONS 1. Stories like The adventures of Huckleberry Finn should be used more with students to wake up the interest for the reading ability that it is not well developed in students. 2. The story relates all the adventures of an unusual boy who has to take what it is around him to survive. Living with a father that instead of helping is just destroying his life and hopes for a better future. 3. We learn through the reading of this story a variety of attitudes a person may adapt according to the context in which he/she develops or lives, even though some of them were not correct for an educated person. 4. Huck may be in the face of whoever of the boys we run into in the streets of the city every day, but only by getting closer to them we would realize about this fact. 5. I understood better, with this story, the importance that an integrated family has in making better boys and girls. Only with love and attention to our children they can be the successful people we want them to be.
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