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Marche & The Food - Magazine n.1


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The First and only Curation Magazine about all Made in Le Marche Region of Italy in Food. Follow us on:
Discover and Explore Le Marche it's rich Italian cuisine found throughout the region, the great traditional and tasty food

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Marche & The Food - Magazine n.1

  1. 1. December 21st, 2011 Published by: Marchebreaks 1 Le Marche and Food Le Marche Tradition: Italian lucky foods for the New Year December 21st, 2011 Italian custom has it that if you start the New Year by eating lentils, it will bring you wealth and good fortune throughout the year (the coin-shaped lentils are symbolic of fortune). See it on, via Le Marche and Food Italian Christmas Food December 21st, 2011 Traditionally the day of the Vigilia (Christmas Eve) was a day of partial fast, during which no meat is eaten. Therefore, the Italian Christmas Eve menu is typically composed of a variety of fish dishes. See it on, via Le Marche and Food Christmas in Le Marche: Christmas Dinner December 21st, 2011 In Le Marche, La Vigilia on 24th December has an equal importance to Christmas, and is celebrated with a huge feast of at least 7 courses that usually includes fish. A typical Vigila dinner begins with antipasti of different fish dishes such as smoked salmon, lumache (snails in a tomato sauce), seafood and marinated anchovies. The first course (primo piatto) consists of pasta or risotto with a fish sauce for example. Fish is also the order of the day for the main course or Il secondo, baked trout, langoustines, or baccalá (dried salt-cured cod). Plus either eels, red mullet, or, fried whitebait. Then comes... See it on, via Le Marche and Food Panettone filled with ice- cream, brandy soaked fruit and Vino Cotto December 21st, 2011 Panettone is the Italian traditional Christmas cake which has a soft and buttery texture and full of candied fruit and raisins. It’s wonderful just as it is, but in a our family we stuff the Panettone with ice-cream and brandy soaked fruits. Use Vino
  2. 2. December 21st, 2011 Published by: Marchebreaks 2 Cotto to soak the cavity of the Panettone. It’s always a winning dessert. Buy a good quality Panettone or Pandoro (this variety does not have the candid fruit or raisins) for this recipe. This recipe is best made a day in advance to allow flavours to develop and the ice-cream to set. See it on, via Le Marche and Food The Story of a Restaurant in Le Marche December 21st, 2011 Efresina was one of seven children born high in the Apennine Mountains in Eastern Italy. She lived in a snowy little village with mountain light and winter gales... Today Efresina’s son Massimo Biagiali runs the Hotel Ristorante Giardino with his wife Patrizia. He is also a builder, and has developed a highly enviable wine cellar. See it on, via Le Marche and Food Bettacchi, Pollenza: Christmas in Le Marche with Panettone, Pandoro and Nougat December 21st, 2011 Betacchi represents the highest quality in the Italian Christmas Cakes and tradition for best artisan confectionery products. Using top quality ingredients and a lot of passion to satisfy your taste, Dolciaria Bettacchi produces Pandoro, Panettone, Nougats and much more... See it on, via Le Marche and Food The ‘pinnacle of porky products’ from Le Marche December 21st, 2011 The Marche region of central Italy is a surprisingly beautiful but unknown part of Italy and for a while we have been looking for a supplier of traditional Le Marche charcuterie. Last month we visited three producers on a trip to the region and we were won over by the Passamonti family at their salumeria in Monte Vidon Combatte, a small hilltop village 10km from the Adriatic coast at Pedaso. See it on, via Le Marche and Food Verdicchio di Matelica at its Best: Azienda Agricola Bisci December 21st, 2011 Verdicchio is one of the excellence of world oenology and few producers do it better than Bisci. Between Ancona and Macerata, Bisci is certainly one of the estates where the qualities of Verdicchio di Matelica are most valued. The vineyards were totally replanted starting from the seventies and are located at an altitude of 300-350 mts on sea level with southern exposure. The alternation of sunny days and of fresh and dry nights gives the grapes character and an extremely fine fragrance. Bisci practices organic agriculture,
  3. 3. December 21st, 2011 Published by: Marchebreaks 3 but is not certified organic. Integrated insect and disease control is followed. The Marche Region monitors climatic data and informs the growers in regard to the need for disease control... (foto See it on, via Le Marche and Food Le Marche Pasta: Firdimonte, Tolentino December 21st, 2011 Initially the ingredients are mixed by machines set at very low speed so as to ensure a perfectly homogeneous mixture. In the next step the mixture is peeled, then differently cut obtaining various shapes of pasta and placed in special rooms for drying. Among Fiordimonte products there are tagliatelle, pappardelle, the guitar pasta, the fettuccine, flavored pastas with mushrooms and truffle, specialties pastas with squid ink, tomato, pepper, spinachs. See it on, via Le Marche and Food Pupillo Antonelli - the original coffee cream from Le Marche December 21st, 2011 Is the pride of the company, a coffee mousse fresh and delicate with a unique taste. A novelty between an ice-cream and a drink. Exceptional tasted alone, enhances thousands of appetizing recipes and can be served both in the most elegant and prestigious nightclubs and in the lidos, Its shot glass combined with the orange straw is now a fashion among teenagers, and not only! The success verified was so great that was identified with his name a new category of product. A true revolution in the industry.Copied by everyone however remains inimitable. See it on, via Le Marche and Food
  4. 4. December 21st, 2011 Published by: Marchebreaks 4 Taste and Genuine Quality in Le Marche: Salumificio Mezzaluna, Fermo December 21st, 2011 Salumificio Mezzaluna di Mezzaluna Nerino was founded in Fermo, Le Marche, back in 1960, and from a small provincial artisan enterprise it has gradually developed into an important company in the charcuterie market. To comply with stricter hygiene-health standards, the company has installed new machinery and modern and sophisticated systems for the continuous monitoring of all production phases. The company produces: Ciauscolo, Salsiccia stagionata, Lonza stagionata, Coppa di testa, Salami, Guanciale stagionato, Fegatino stagionato, Culatta di prosciutto stagionato con cotenna, Doppio gusto: lonzino con lardo, Fiocco dolce di prosciutto stagionato, Prosciutto stagionato nostrano c/osso, Lardo teso stagionato See it on, via Le Marche and Food Caffè Pascucci: Espresso made in Le Marche December 21st, 2011 "Le Marche-born" Caffe Pascucci is coffee products now also bio and fashionable cafeterias in franchising With over 300 locations around the world. A Caffè-Pascucci offers at the same quality standard in every part of the world an extensive selection of specialty coffee beverages and freshly prepared sandwiches and salads, in a sleek, stylish setting. See it on, via Le Marche and Food Anchovies of San Benedetto del Tronto December 21st, 2011 Euromar offers a good range of products with different species of anchovy, always elaborated under strict quality control: -Anchovy fillets stuffed with Almonds -National Anchovies Fillets -Anchovy Flavoured With Parsley -Fillets of Anchovies stuffed with cherry tomatoes Euromar can guarantee, with its Industrial Frozen product, that there is no “anisakis”, please ask for the certificate See it on, via Le Marche and Food
  5. 5. December 21st, 2011 Published by: Marchebreaks 5 Best Restaurants of Le Marche: Il Casolare dei Segreti, Treia December 21st, 2011 This Restaurant in Treia offers you an excellent cuisine, you can eat with pleasure finding any confort and details are thoroughly considered. The Casolare dei Segreti, renovates from season to season its flavours selecting fresh and genuine products, producing home-made pasta, bread and sweets. Good selection of the best regional, Italian and foreign wines. See it on, via Le Marche and Food Christmas Fruit Mince Tarts from Southern Italy December 21st, 2011 These truly sensational fruit mince tarts are sure to impress – with their decadent deep filling of vine fruit, dried fruit, roasted nuts, Vino Cotto, coffee, liqueur and spices and silky sweet pastry. Passionately created by the women in the villagers of Southern Italy for many years, these little gems are well worth the time and effort. I’m sure you will love them and they make terrific Christmas gifts to those who appreciate quality and flavour. See it on, via Le Marche and Food Vincisgrassi : Rare Recipes : Welsh Rarebits December 21st, 2011 Vincisgrassi has been described by our customers as the best pasta dish they have ever eaten, which is a great compliment to me as I am not Italian but Welsh. See it on, via Le Marche and Food Best Restaurants of Le Marche: Villa Amalia, Falconara Marittima December 21st, 2011 Villa Amalia is a friendly, family-run inn but also an excellent restaurant situated just 80 metres from the beach in Falconara Marittima. Try the fish and, as dessert, the famous "Torta Amalia" See it on, via Le Marche and Food Best Lentils of the World and the splendor of Piano Grande in The Sibillini Mountains in Le Marche December 21st, 2011 Piano Grande, a huge 16 square kilometer plain surrounded by the barren Sibillini mountain range that once was a glacier
  6. 6. December 21st, 2011 Published by: Marchebreaks 6 lake. This entire area falls in the Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini, one of the most recently established Italian national parks, which is divided between Le Marche and Umbria. The Piano Grande attracts tourists from across the globe every spring and summer when the plains are covered in a breathtaking abundance of wildflowers called the fioritura. This area is also responsible for growing famous lentils, Lenticchie di Castellucio, which are named for the small village that overlooks the plains. See it on, via Le Marche and Food Spinach, Sausage & Goat Cheese Egg Casserole December 21st, 2011 Italians generally do not eat heavy breakfasts, so this is probably not a recipe you would find in Italy. In Le Marche however, is surprising to see many savory egg pastries, and baked egg dishes on the breakfast buffet each morning. See it on, via Le Marche and Food Appetising Predictions for 2012: Le Marche on top for the Four Seasons' best Chef December 21st, 2011 Top Four Seasons chefs from around the world dish their insights into the culinary future. (drinks media wire) - The culinary world is ever-evolving. With 2012 just around the corner, Four Seasons has peered into the future of all things delicious by tapping into the wealth of epicurean expertise at its fingers tips. Here are the predictions of what will be hot in the gourmet world in the year to come from the company’s star chefs across the globe. Emerging Cuisines from Emerging Markets - As the world grows smaller, the selection of cuisines grows larger and guests’ palettes are begging to try new flavours. Chef Victor Casanova of Culina, Modern Italian at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills says to keep an eye out for interesting flavours coming out of Le Marche region of Italy. See it on, via Le Marche and Food Cuochi di Marca: the association of the best chefs of Le Marche (only in Italian) December 21st, 2011 The Official Site of the Association "Cuochi di Marca". The association Cuochi di Marca embraces eighteen of the Marche's finest restaurants. See it on, via Le Marche and Food A Taste of Le Marche - the book December 21st, 2011 When the New York Times named the Marche as the prime Italian destination for the food-loving traveller in May of 2005, those already familiar with the region could only wonder, "What took them so long"? Not only can the Marche boast excellent ingredients from both land and sea, but also fine wines, game and truffles. The region that spawned both the inventor of sparkling wine Francesco Scacchi and the notable gourmet Gioacchino Rossini is undoubtedly the repository of an illustrious gastronomic tradition, but it is also very much on the cutting-edge of contemporary Italian cuisine. See it on, via Le Marche and Food
  7. 7. December 21st, 2011 Published by: Marchebreaks 7 Terra Bio: the organic farmers association in Le Marche December 21st, 2011 TERRABIO - The organic co-operative society of the Italian Marches - is an association of over 60 agricultural and processing operations in the Marches (Le Marche). Many different certified organic products for an healty style of life See it on, via Le Marche and Food Salucci, Fresh Handmade Pasta from Montefeltro December 21st, 2011 Pastificio is a shop in Italy where dozens of kinds of pasta are made by hand. Each glass case is stuffed with an amazing array of pastas, including troffie, tagliatelle spezzate, tortellini, agnelotti, gnocchi, paglia e fieno, pasta reale and lasagna bianche e verdi... In general is common to watch as the pasta maker creates the stuffed pasta as cappelletti or ravioli. When the shop is proud to cut tagliatelle or maccheroncini by hands you can admire a wonderful technique of knife cut. See it on, via Le Marche and Food Fabio Trabocchi - Le Marche Chef between New York and Washington DC December 21st, 2011 ...We were tempted by several of Trabocchi’s pasta offerings, but knew we couldn’t miss vincisgrassi, the lasagna of Le Marche, the region of Trabocchi’s birth. Forget heavy, stick to the ribs lasagna. Trabocchi’s version, surrounded by foam, was light, the eggy pasta resembling a crepe... See it on, via Le Marche and Food Spaghetti Con Vongole: Le Marche Italy in a Clam December 21st, 2011 The meal was succulent and delicious with the sea air blowing in the sliding glass door. Wine was poured, stories told. How generous. How amazing and how unbelievably simple. And there, with my body heavy from travel, I felt Le Marche in my soul and I was lighter because of it. Thanks Peppe... and tell the clams thank you as well. See it on, via Le Marche and Food
  8. 8. December 21st, 2011 Published by: Marchebreaks 8 Domenico Bianchini, Le Marche, and the Best EVOO of the World December 21st, 2011 We love Olive Oil. And really, we should. We know the land where it comes from. We have felt the breeze through the hills. We have sat in the shade of its trees. We have smelled the scent of the... See it on, via Le Marche and Food How to taste olive oil like a pro - in Le Marche is great!!! December 21st, 2011 Firstly look at the oil. In all honesty the look won’t tell you much (you can get that prized greenish glow by chucking a few green and verdant olive leaves into the press) so show your stature by knowing this. The only thing the inspection will tell you is whether the oil is filtered or not (pretty easy: cloudy with bits in = unfiltered) but importantly the golden amber glint will get you in the mood for phase two, the smell test... See it on, via Le Marche and Food A touch of Le Marche... Pasta with sausage, peas and cream December 21st, 2011 The cuisine of the Marche region is very rich in meats: sausages, braised roasts, prosciutto, lonzino, dried sausages and more! When I had my restaurant in Cagli, one of the favorites on the menu was Tortellini alla Montanara - Tortellini with sausage, mushrooms, peas and panna. Another was "Penne alla Norcina"... See it on, via Le Marche and Food The Olive Oil in Le Marche: not only business December 21st, 2011 Nudo family goes far beyond their "adopt-an-olive-tree" program, fields and presses. It's a close community as well, with owners traveling to visit their trees and help with the harvest. The farm-to-table connection results in an olive oil that bears the innovative personality of those involved. Here a delicious day in the life and land of Nudo's collaborative community... See it on, via Le Marche and Food Le Marche and Food | December 21st, 2011 “Discover and Explore Le Marche it's rich Italian cuisine found throughout the region, the great traditional and tasty food”