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The First and only Curation Magazine about everything MADE IN LE MARCHE FASHION. Follow us on:
Le Marche offers an esteemed fashion industry that over time has developed an expertise that permit to understand the needs and desires of the market, especially from the end consumer side. Le Marche is a land of ancient traditions and crafts manufacturing, here, are located some of the major brands famous all over the world. A trip to the Marche, may also be an opportunity to switch from the classic historical and cultural tour to another exquisitely fashionable, in search of numerous outlets and factory stores. The shoe making district of Fermo and Macerata situated on the border of the provinces of the same name (in the Marche Region on the Adriatic coast), represents the largest concentration of footwear producing companies in Italy

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Marche and fashion Magazine n.2

  1. 1. April 2nd, 2012 Published by: MarchebreaksLe Marche & Fashion n. 2 The First Online Curation Magazine in English about Selena Gomez wins 2012 Kids Choice Le Marche Fashion Brands Award wearing Cesare Paciotti Follow us on April 2nd, 2012IShu+ Surf: womens shoe revolution inLe MarcheApril 2nd, 2012The concept of the "crocs" in better shape, a verycomfortable shoe, breathable, waterproof, hypoallergenic,fragrant, colorful and good looking.The idea of reproducing a new moccasin made in a specialmaterial which has completely new structures and features,comes out from a creative dimension addressed to women.IShu+ Surf is a modern shoe which uses a material withhigh technical qualities just as lightness, softness, flexibilityand wear resistance. These shoes are finished completely byhand dabbing the color with a sponge: for this reason eachshoe is absolutely unique. Theyre really great for boating,essential when it rains and they allow you to live your dailylife with irreverence and freedom.See it on, via Le Marche & Fashion All the young Hollywood starlets looked AMAZING at the KCA’s, but we think Selena shined the brightest! Selena Gomez looked fresh-faced and gorgeous on the orange carpet on March 31 at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards — even though she JUST wrapped shooting on ‘Spring Breakers’ the day before. We’re sure her romantic look was meant to catch Justin Bieber‘s attention since they’re finally reunited! She looked so perfect in a Dolce&Gabbana dress and Cesare Paciotti pumps at Nickelodeon’s 25th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards. Her shoes were the biggest suprise of all. They werent the usual Louboutin or Jimmy Choo designs. She selected hot pink pointy pumps by Cesare Paciotti. This lesser known designer creates luxury footwear which can be identified by a dagger logo. His line of Cesare Paciotti 4US is geared to the younger set which includes Selena. 1
  2. 2. April 2nd, 2012 Published by: MarchebreaksWe love her pale pink crop top that showed just the rightamount of midriff. The bright pink pumps kept her look Wedding in Le Marche: the exclusivefrom being too “bubblegum,” and her smoky eye with tousled tailored wedding dress Giorgia F, Fabrianowaves added just the right amount of edge!See it on, via Le Marche & Fashion April 2nd, 2012Loriblus Pumps: Elegant andsophisticated, must-have of the Spring/Summer collectionApril 2nd, 2012Open toe pumps in brown nappa leather with platform.Absolutely terrific the combination between the "parquet"effect of heel and platform and the shade of the upper .See it on, via Le Marche & Fashion The workshop "Giorgia F" in Fabriano is a stylish laboratory that creates and produces tailored bridal gowns, tailored wedding and evening dresses. The clothes are all made with high quality fabrics and produced exclusively in Italy according to the techniques of haute couture. Giorgia, the designer, has recently received the International Prize Sciacca for the fashion industry and has had the privilege of dressing celebrities like Janet de Nardis, Wild Lucarelli, Janine Fox, and others. It is, however, already presented at prestigious international trade fairs in Milan, Paris and Moscow, she has catwalked at the Fashion Week in Almaty, Kazakhstan and has already been published in major magazines such as the Italians White, Sposabella, Bride and Elle Voguesposa. See it on, via Le Marche & Fashion 2
  3. 3. April 2nd, 2012 Published by: MarchebreaksGianmarco Lorenzi Spring / Summer Church Footwear: sophisticated Englishcollection 2012 elegance made in le Marche, ItalyApril 2nd, 2012 April 2nd, 2012The Gianmarco Lorenzi Spring/Summer 2012 collection is The Church’s brand was founded in 1873 in Northampton,finally here, and it doesn’t disappoint. The collection was England by Thomas Church and his three sons, based onpromised as far back as November 2011, but it seems to be family experience in the production of handmade men’sproving that good things may take time. shoes since 1675. In 1965 Church’s received the prestigious Queen’s Award for Exports from Queen Elizabeth II.The collection is split between bright, single-color heels and Church’s remains a recognized leader in the men’sothers that are have half the colors of the rainbow or more. handmade luxury footwear industry and the majorityBoth make bold statements in their own special way of shareholding of the company belongs to the Prada groupcourse. that has moved the production in the world capital of MensSee it on, via Le Marche & Fashion Shoes: Montegranaro in Le Marche Region of Italy. Prada, did not substantially changed the characteristics ofWhite Premiata, Montegranaro: Shoes of Church characterized by its classical style and sophisticated English elegance based on the combination of fine leatherfreedom and high-quality craftsmanship, appealing clientele whoApril 2nd, 2012 appreciate high-quality shoes with modern style and elegance. See it on, via Le Marche & Fashion Carlo Ventura, Montegranaro: trendy shoes with competitive prices April 2nd, 2012Shape the matter, starting from white. Embrace the worldmusic and let it inebriate you. Create design pieces that showan avant-garde flair and allow to express yourself. This isWHITE PREMIATA, a new concept where the PREMIATAexcellence meets the white colour, as the symbol of themost extreme creativeness. With minimalism as their mainfeature, White Premiata items are created with only onepurpose in mind: being the ideal travel companion of thosewho hate clichés and believe in freedom.See it on, via Le Marche & Fashion Carlo Ventura is a brand that belongs to the Mac Dugan shoe factory founded in 1975 in Montegranaro, le Marche Region of Italy. This shoe factory is specialised in casual and fashionable footwear for men and women with a daily production capacity of 1500 pairs of shoes in good quality and competitive prices. 3
  4. 4. April 2nd, 2012 Published by: accessories like buttons / jewels and Swarovski crystals for a touch of essential of charm and elegance.See it on, via Le Marche & Fashion Visite the web site www.creazioniantonella.comFresh comfortable Spring Summer 2012: See it on, via Le Marche & FashionAldo Bruè Shoes, Monte San PietrangeliApril 2nd, 2012 Ethical Fashion Dreamer Event at Dondup Casa Milano April 2nd, 2012Aldo Brué for this spring/summer 2012 offers an irresistiblewide range of mens shoes. Enjoy the freshness, light-heartedness, comfortable fit and the elegance of the classic A special event took place at Dondup Casa Milano formodels. Timeless quality shoes from the most important the presentation of the Valemour social brand, supported,footwear district of Italy, the maximun you can find on the among others also by Dondup, on the Down Syndromemarket today. World Day. The brand, conceived by the "Più di un Sogno" Onlus Foundation executes projects meant to give workingSee it on, via Le Marche & Fashion opportunities to people with learning disabilities. The Ethical Fashion Dreeamer is a concept tieing theAntonella Creations Spring Summer Fashion World to Ethical Instances to help people and their2012 ideas with the scope to make their dreams become a reality.April 2nd, 2012 See it on, via Le Marche & Fashion - timeless comfort shoe April 2nd, 2012Antonella Creations is famous worldwide thanks to itscreative design and high quality standards. The companywas founded in 1962, turns 50 years becoming a symbol ofexcellence in craftsmanship, class and elegance.Founded as a family business and presented in the bestItalian boutiques under the name London Bridge, AntonellaCreations in 1988 states in the world offering the excellenceof Made in Italy and his own style, which enhances thefemininity with magic and charm, throughout Europe,Russia, Japan and the United States.Antonella creations with class reworks the great lessonof high fashion, creating a blend between tradition and was born as Tombolini Company in 1979 with theinnovation, and reveal a special craftsmanship expressed in initiative of tree brothers: Vincenzo, Silvano and Umbertoevery detail, careful selection of the finest yarns and precious Tombolini. 4
  5. 5. April 2nd, 2012 Published by: MarchebreaksIn 2002 the company started to produce under the QualityStandard ISO 9001 A Shoe of Fashion and Comfort: Playhat,Today, the company has a vast clientele worldwide. Corridonia April 2nd, 2012See it on, via Le Marche & FashionGiancarlo Paoli - Spring Summer 2012 -SGN CollectionApril 2nd, 2012 Matteo Marziali released his collection of vintage inspiredThe art director Enrico Maria Lattanzi and Alessandro sneakers. Playhats are a versatile sneaker for those who haveBracalente filmmakers realize the new movie by Giancarlo a style that speaks for itself. Created in Marche, the ItalianPaoli for the Spring/Summer 2012 quality and flair is evident. Appropriate for both males and females Playhat shoes come in different washes and stitchSee it on, via Le Marche & Fashion designs. Rain, the water proof style, Wash and Color are the threeKaty Perry takes on Paris with the lines of shoes currently being sold. Traveling Europe,Alberto Guardiani Lipstick Heel Marziali was inspired by the colors he saw along his trip. The blues from of the sky that stretches from England to Spain toApril 2nd, 2012 Italy, the greens from the leaves and browns from the trunks of trees can be found in this collection. Elements of nature also went into the construction of the shoe, as some models are made with canvas, linen and straw... See it on, via Le Marche & FashionKaty Perry, young American singer at the top of the chartsaround the world, has chosen the Lipstick Heel, iconic shoefrom Alberto Guardiani, yet again.After having worn the incomparable black pump with itsred lipstick heel during the promotions tour of award-winning album “Teenage Dream”, Katy flew to Paris to lightup Fashion Week with the new variation, the ankle strapd’Orsay sandal. While shopping at Colette, the celebratedParis concept store, Katy wore the Lipstick Heel in pale rosepatent leather with the lipstick heel in tone, a combinationAlberto Guardiani created specifically for her, inspired bythe world of pop and fairy tales that have made her famous...See it on, via Le Marche & Fashion 5
  6. 6. April 2nd, 2012 Published by: MarchebreaksMalagrida, Tolentino:knitwear and more with special IWC "Santoni" leather and matching carrying strap.- Spring/Summer 2012 Production of this camera was limited to 50 piecesApril 2nd, 2012 worldwide. See it on, via Le Marche & Fashion In the name of the son: Taoma F. - backstage SS 2012 April 2nd, 2012 Calzaturificio Arianna was founded in Porto SantElpidio, one of the most renowned center on the art of womans shoes in Italy. The founder Francesco Ferroni with his wife Rita established in January 1980 the shoe factory with theMalagrida is a young company with a particular attention to same name of his newborn baby Arianna. Since that timenew fashion trend and innovative products. The company is the factory grew with a lot of work and PASSION and itlocated in Tolentino, Le Marche and exports in every part of became a very important actor in the art of the world shoethe world. makers. Since some years Matteo Ferroni, the son, is the new manager that carries on the business and the same passionVisit the site for the new Spring Summer Collection 2012 and with his parents, his sister Arianna and his wife Elisa. Inyou will be surprised about their knitted items for the good 2009 Tommaso Ferroni was born and he named the newseasons. project of the factory... TAOMA F.See it on, via Le Marche & Fashion See it on, via Le Marche & FashionLimited edition Leica camera bySantoni/IWC Collection Nando Muzi Spring/SummerApril 2nd, 2012 2012 April 2nd, 2012 Catalogue Reference: 7700 Rossini Hollywood... Shoes are handmade using the finest quality materials:In 2011 IWC organized an event for thier Portofino patent leather, metalized leather, calf, crocodile, python, etc.Collection. All leather straps for this collection are made by Located in the italian city SantElpidio a Mare, in the shadeSantoni. The latest partnership of Santoni after AMG. of olive, palm and laurel trees, Nando Muzi family factoryAt this event, Leica launched a special edition camera. A designs all their shoes by hand, working on each shoe modellimited edition of the X1 camera for the IWC watch company as if it was a piece of art. 6
  7. 7. April 2nd, 2012 Published by: MarchebreaksSee it on, via Le Marche & Fashion Quality shoes with noNatural Leather Womens Shoe: King, compromises:Attilio Giusti Leombruni,Civitanova Marche Montegranaro April 2nd, 2012April 2nd, 2012 Passion is a hereditary gene that has guided the company over 50 years of creating footwear, the same for three generations till now. The story starts in 1958 in Montegranaro, a small town in the Marche Region of Italy, where Piero Giusti put downKing is an historic brand, a must have that now features a roots and plants the first seed of the factory. The tradition“rough”, contemporary look and a sassy chromatic language. of being a family business continues today with the threeFine, authentic, all-natural leather is paired with a free- young daughters of Attilio Giusti, the son of Piero, joiningspirited style and slightly vintage shapes. King is designed the company: Sara, Vera and Marianna.for women with their own discreet, elegant kind of charm,who value a name in footwear that has always won acclaim Softness and the attention for a comfortable fit are thefor its extreme innovation and high standards of quality. priorities for every Attilio Giusti Leombruni creation. Elegant collections made with the most precious materialsSee it on, via Le Marche & Fashion and leathers. See it on, via Le Marche & Fashion 2012 Spring Summer Collection Alberto Fermani Shoes April 2nd, 2012 7
  8. 8. April 2nd, 2012 Published by: MarchebreaksThe firm was founded in the 1960 by Alberto Fermani,inspired by his passion for making shoes by hand. In 2010 we The new Fornarina spring summer 2012celebrated our 50th anniversary at Alberto Fermani. Alberto collection with Kahori MakiFermanis creativity and determination as transformed April 2nd, 2012the company from a small craft workshop into a largefootwear brand, sold in stores worldwide. Over the yearsAlberto Fermani has developed a unique blend of style andcomfort, mixing Italian footwear traditions with technicalinnovations. This firm produces boots and shoes which aresold in more than 20 countries.Click the photo for the CollectionSee it on, via Le Marche & FashionLe Marche go-to outerwear Brand: FaySS 2012April 2nd, 2012Americans are finally discovering Fay, the go-to outerwearLe Marche-Italian brand . The line, owned by Tods Group, The new Fornarina spring summer 2012 collection remindsuntil now has been available only in Europe. a dreamy Japanese atmosphere, shows bon ton laces and aSee it on, via Le Marche & Fashion rock touch. Fornarina is an Italian fashion brand, part of Fornari group, like Tokidoki. It has been interpreting kawaii fashion for years, collaborating with extraordinary artists, using original prints and bright shapes that reminds the looks that we can find in Fruits, the fashion magazine. Italy can feel the atmosphere of Shibuya too, thanks to Fornarina, adding a bit of romance and elegance. After our beloved Mijn Schatje and Junko Mizuno, it’s the turn of the Japanese artist Kahori Maki, who worked with Fornarina to create a special spring collection. The prints are romantic and show hummingbirds, butterflies and black soft flowers on delicate pastel colored backgrounds. White, yellow, pink and light blue are blended together gently, is that the sky of a magical world? See it on, via Le Marche & Fashion 8
  9. 9. April 2nd, 2012 Published by: MarchebreaksPiero Guidi Intreccio Art Collection Cromia, the famous leather goods brand from Tolentino - Le Marche, filmed its last advert video in the magical locationApril 2nd, 2012 of Palazzo della Gran Guardia in Verona. See it on, via Le Marche & Fashion A bit of 70s Retro Futuristic Style: Fabi Spring/Summer 2012 April 2nd, 2012 The FABI collection for the S/S 2012 season marks theToday Ill tell you about the collection of bags proposed big comeback of materials and colors from the 70s,by Piero Guidi INTRECCIO ART for the SS 2012. Art reinterpreted with a contemporary twist to suit the tastes oftakes us back in that atmosphere Hippy Chic-of the 70s, the brands highly sophisticated fans, who have shown keena period in which it was born intreccio in leather (weave interest in these forays among its enduring classics.bags). The new version reproduces in a graphic way the See it on, via Le Marche & Fashionirregular strips in leather of the inspirational line, creatingan elegant combination of modernity and tradition. Thecalls of the Seventies from the origins are clearly evident Spring full of colors: Montecore Spring/ Summer 2012in some elements such as the pendant-carabiner withdetachable keychain, from which two braids with tasselsappear decorated with a petal with a marble from the April 2nd, 2012enamel Angels. Another quote from those years are themirror logo “PG” of the House of Piero Guidi, which isprinted in some of the metal strips and the nuts appliedon the leather as decoration. The newest master’s touchthat enhances the whole ensemble is the application of agrain with an embossed effect of cordura to give the newthree-dimensional fantasy.See it on, via Le Marche & FashionCromia Bags Video Spot SS 2012April 2nd, 2012 Montecore is a Le Marche brand specialized in outerwear and sportswear characterized by the testing of many different materials, combined in contrast. The strength of Montecore is the use of inserts and color mix, offering a wide choice for those who want a tailoring product, made in an innovative and customized detail. 9
  10. 10. April 2nd, 2012 Published by: MarchebreaksSee it on, via Le Marche & Fashion This is the fourth in a row, collaboration between Karl Lagerfeld and Hogan. Accessories and clothes have elementsNando Muzi SS 2012 of both French and the Italian brand. Couture sketches, balanced proportions of Karl Lagerfeld, the urban-chicApril 2nd, 2012 philosophy and modern luxury of Hogan. This new collection focuses on Interactive, the iconic design of Hogan. For day, Karl Lagerfeld suggests black or white patent leather with pyramid shaped studs, noumpouk (type suede) in the color of polished gold or mercury, gray leather embroidered with motifs from Kashmir in style and wallpaper for the evening , jeans with beaded detail in silver leather, gray leather with mesh knit and leather embroidered with mini pearls in two tones and floral designs on top... See it on, via Le Marche & FashionLocated in the italian city SantElpidio a Mare, in the shadeof olive, palm and laurel trees, Nando Muzi family factorydesigns all their shoes by hand, working on each shoe modelas if it was a piece of art.Sensuous lines, femininity, bright colors, 14-inch heels,embellished with Swarovski crystals... Collections designedby Michele Muzi will charm every woman!See it on, via Le Marche & FashionHogan and Karl Lagerfeld SS 2012April 2nd, 2012 10