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J.Crew Presentation


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J.Crew Presentation

  1. 1. Christine MarchettiBryelleDafeldecker
  2. 2. History• Founded 1947 by Mitchell Cinader& Saul Charles• Upper-Middle class women• Niche between Ralph Lauren and The Limited
  3. 3. The Problem• 2003 sales start to plummet• Quick expansion• High costs
  4. 4. New Management• Millard Drexter • new CEO 2003• “re-energize J. Crew”• 2005 earned 3.8 million • first profit in 5 years
  5. 5. Rebranding• Shift from preppy to basic• Change target market • “artsy” feel• Improved quality
  6. 6. Bridal and Children Collection• Crew Cuts• Start to finish wedding service• J. Crew Collection
  7. 7. Michelle Obama•Tonight Show appearance•Inauguration•J.Crew advertisements
  8. 8. Results• Raised revenues 107%• Stock rose 8.2%• Expanded target market
  9. 9. Affective Component Strategies• Diverse catalog• Fragrance
  10. 10. Behavioral Component Strategies• New types of social networking • Pinterest • Tumblr
  11. 11. Brand ControversyTake a stance on sexual orientation issues
  12. 12. Cognitive Component Strategies Current Beliefs Ideal Beliefs Preppy Basic business professional Overpriced Great qualityRecent brand controversy Diverse and accepting brand