The Walking Wall Memorial


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The Walking Wall Memorial

  1. 1. A moment of silence for peace
  2. 2. The Walking Wall
  3. 3. A smile is the beginning of peace. - Mother Teresa
  4. 4. The Wall’s purpose • This wall is meant to remember and to acknowledge the work of determined individuals who have devoted their lives to make our world a better place for all people.
  5. 5. Hopefully this wall will be a smile to the world. It should make us envision peac and inspire our e nations to come together to make a difference for their fellow man.
  6. 6. Getting the people involved
  7. 7. People from each continent will The able to write come together Thegovernment letters for their be people will and it’s people wall will be paid to by The continent will get up to Each willgovernment’s officialsto pick COME TOGETHER for one final time to the people, from vote for who donationsfor each section on ten spaces who they believe they people on and wealthy the think has who they feel suggestions made a change governments, influenced theiron the wall wall. wall. and their countrythe the and deserves to be on companies. should be world the most in a positive way.
  8. 8. Walking of the wall • For a year’s time after the walls completion, major country of influence will have a chance to have the wall. • It will travel by Ships, Ferries, Trains, and Planes from country to country. • There will be a ceremony called “The day of peace”. The Wall will be walked to the place of holding followed by people from the towns.
  9. 9. The wall could include……. Different reps from different Continents. Still to be decided by Officials and the people of these continents.
  10. 10. North America • MarTin luTher king, Jr. – Major Civil Rights Leader 1964 Recipient of Nobel Peace Prize • susan B. anThony – Social activist who lobbied against slavery and for women's rights. She is most notably known for her involvement in suffragist movement (women's right to vote). • MalcolM X – Major Activist for African American pride and empowerment. • harvey Milk – First openly gay man elected to public office in U.S. (San Francisco City Council, 1977); assassinated in 1978 by a man who did not agree with his views or position.
  11. 11. South America • rigoBerTa Menchú TuM – Human Rights Activist for Rights of Indigenous Peoples 1992 Recipient of Nobel Peace Prize. • reies lópez TiJerina – Leader in the 1960s struggle for the rights of Hispanics and Mexican Americans and a major figure of the early Chicano Movement
  12. 12. Africa • ernesT ManiruMva • Burundian anti-corruption activist. Was killed for involvement against corrupt government. People believe the reason his murder was never solved was because of his activism. • nelson Mandela • Resisted South African apartheid (imprisoned, 1962-1982); President of South Africa from1994 to 1999. 1993 Recipient of Nobel Peace Prize .
  13. 13. Europe •elie Wiesel • Jewish Holocaust survivor and advocate for peace. 1986 Recipient of Nobel Peace Prize. •MoTher Teresa • Devoted life to working among the poorest of the poor. 1979 Recipient of Nobel Peace Prize.
  14. 14. Asia • The dalai laMa • Spiritual Leader of the Tibetan people. 1989 Recipient of Nobel Peace Prize. • MahaTMa gandhi • Spiritual and political leader for India's independence from Britain through nonviolent protest. • aung san suu kyi • Nonviolent activist for democracy and human rights in Myanmar (Burma). Under house arrest since 1990. 1991 Recipient of Nobel Peace Prize. • helen zia • Activist against racial hate crimes. Fought for harsher punishment against the murders Vincent Chin (A man murder by to white males in Detroit, Michigan for being Asian).
  15. 15. Australia • eddie koiki MaBo • campaigned for indigenous land rights and held a major role in one landmark decision of Australia's High Court. Which lead to the overturning of the legal Fiction of Terra Nullius. • eve van grafhorsT • the first Australian girl to be infected with HIV via a blood transfusion. Along with her family, fought against and for awareness of AIDS & HIV. • Michael Mansell • Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre lawyer and activist. Fought for equal rights of the Tasmanian Aboriginal people.
  16. 16. We look forward to the time when the Power of Love will replace the Love of Power. Then will our world know the blessings of peace. William Ewart Gladstone