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Othello facebook student work


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An attempt to recreate major events in Shakespeare's Othello via a mock-Facebook interface set up through Microsoft Powerpoint and simultaneous classroom logins for GoogleDocs. Please steal and recycle as this idea is merely embryonic and could easily be improved upon!

Published in: Education
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Othello facebook student work

  1. 1. Back from War, o'er bearing with exitment for 'tis night. --Desdomona likes--   Who is making thy ruckus??? --Iago Likes--   Mine expectations hath fallen, Cassio Iago is Most Honest! --Desdemona and 3 others like this   Othello O hardness to dissemble! (p.198)   Othello I'll shred her to bits! (p.190)   Othello Where is that handkerchief (p.200)          
  2. 2. Othello There is something fishy @Desdamona   Othello *sigh....who can I trust now?
  3. 3. Write on Othello’s Wall … I very much dislike you. You took Desdamona. baby, don't listen to what anyone says. I know work recently has been hard for you but I had lots a fun wit you last night and remember I love you lots. Congrats on your victory General! Don't keep my Iago out too late. ^-^ I Apoligize To Thee For Thy Drunkardness... Will Do Anything To Gain Thy Reps... 1)what is wrong with you? 2)Do you know why my husband seems so upset?
  4. 4. Write on Othello’s Wall … Sorry for getting in a brawl last night and disappointing you. Please find it in your heart to forgive me. - Desdemona & Iago  likes- We need to talk... Posted 30 minutes ago     Why are you ignoring me??! Posted 5 minutes ago Im Just Saying. . . It Might Be A Possibility. . . MIGHT! Ooops, Im sorry! Shouldve kept a better eye    eye on Cassio. *wink wink* ;)
  5. 5. Iago is so happy that Desdemona & Othello saw each other today     Seeing people drunk is too funny! LMAO     Iago says I must tell thee this, Desdemona is directly in love with him pg.100 lines 232-233     Iago says I must tell thee this, Desdemona is directly in love with him pg.100 lines 232-233     Iago says dull not device by coldness and delay. pg.138 line 380     Stuck In Dha Middle Of Ah Two Friend Tear. . . SMH..! Jus Let It Go..                
  6. 6. Write on Iago’s Wall … Ay.. I Owe Yhu One Bruh Bruh.. Appreciate It For Having My Back.. I praise thee for being true of heart, dear companion. Where are you? I miss you! <3 Hows the party? Hope you're having fun. :/ I hope this plan works. I'm running out of moolah here. It seems I can only trust you now.
  7. 7. Write on Iago’s Wall … I have a mighty hangover. Thanks for pushing those drinks on me.   Iago comments: Forgive me, I guess you do know how to party.          - Roderigo likes- Iago, what was the whole purpose of that fight? What were you and Othello talking about?? Bro, I hope you're right about that. I'm going to work hard to try and regain my respect.
  8. 8. Write on Iago’s Wall … Iago have can you be a fiend or a villan if you are so kind to me and offer such good advice. Give me a living reason...(Pg.188)     If it be not for some purpose of import, Give't me again. Poor lady, she'll run mad when she shall lack it.(pg180)
  9. 9. Desdemona - &quot;She is indeed perfection&quot; -cassio your the greatest! (page 112)   Desdemona- Im wit my babe Orthello right now.   Desdemona- &quot;An inviting eye's yet methinks right modest&quot; -Cassio(page 112)     Desdemona- &quot;Our general dismissed us early because of his love for desdemona&quot; -Iago (page 111) ;)   Desdemona - Trying to get some sleep but someones makin a whole lot of noise outside. Orthellos goin to check on it.
  10. 10. Whats Othellos Problem??? Im Trying to help you out, Cassio, but Othello is trippin. OMG! Where is my handkerchief? Be as your fancies teach you; Whate'er you be, I am obedient. Im going to be in so much trouble.
  11. 11. Write on Desdemona’s Wall …   Ayy... Do Meh Ah Favor Shawdiee... Talk To Yhur Man For Meh.. He Trippin' For'Real..! Thank Yhu My love for you is brighter than the sun! Why are thou with Othello? 10-o' th' clock, tis a gathering in thine trousers. (LOL @RODRIGO) Ho, have you seen my fair Iago? I miss him so... I'm with Othello now. 'Did I my soul and fortunes consecrate.' (pg.64) For my love for Othello is brighter than the sun.
  12. 12. Write on Desdemona’s Wall … Desdemona, thanks for trying to help me out, you're a good friend! :) Something's wrong and you're not telling me.
  13. 13. Write on Desdemona’s Wall … I Would Think Twice Before Considering Cassio Back....          I Got Yhur Hankerchief..! -Desdemona I Shall Have So Much Experience For My Pains! O! Please return it to me! Twas a precious gift from my belov'd Othello Hath Othello received Cassio? Have thy comforts in me.
  14. 14. Write on Desdemona’s Wall … I thank thee! I hope the outcomes is well! I'm sure you have done your share of talking... Among other things...
  15. 15.   Cassio's general has forgotten Cassio's love and service.  - Desdemona likes- 
  16. 16. Cassio needs some advantage of some brief discourse with Desdemona alone.        Desdemona comments: On thine schedule.   Cassio came across a wondrous handkerchief in his quarters this morn'.   Cassio is an open relationship with Bianca   Cassio has finally talked to her today. - Desdemona likes-
  17. 17.     Desdemona comments: Thou shall not doubt one's self. - Cassio likes-
  18. 18. Write on Cassio’s Wall … Thou hath consumed one too many, I thinketh. Dude, sorry for starting that fight with you.... Cassio, What's up with you last night? What happened?   SOMEONE *cough cough* Got real wasted last night!! LOL ;) Dnt Look So Glum Chum... Yhu Can Always Gain Respect Of Thy Commander..! - Cassio likes this-   
  19. 19. Write on Cassio’s Wall …   You're getting on my badside. I hope you know that. All will end Do not doubt, Cassio. But I will have my lord and you again as friendly as you were. (pg. 154)
  20. 20. Write on Cassio’s Wall …   Oh you have yet to be sorry...
  21. 21. Write on Cassio’s Wall …             I over heard that you took Desdemona's handkerchif!        How dare YOU!!
  22. 22. 1. I'm about to fight, let's see how this goes (p.122)   2. Cassio has thrst a knife into Montano's side! The pain! The blood! (p.122)   3. Better plan please?! FML (p.135)   4. Othello is here! I hate the sight of him. (p.123)   5. Desdamona! My heart sinks with pain! (p.128)
  23. 23. Write on Rodrigo’s Wall … I spit upon thy obvious advice, thy slow creature. I hath heard of thy misfortune, i suggest thou deposit monies in thy purse. Persist on with the toils and life :)
  24. 24. Write on Rodrigo’s Wall … I Apologize Bruh... Lets Put Dis Aside Us.... Lets us not, I am til mistrusting of you for other reasons Yhu Have Acted Like Ah Ass...! Curseth Yhu....
  25. 25. Write on Rodrigo’s Wall … Persist on with the toils and life :) I have a remembrance of thou from night past...   Eey, you still trippin'? Breh you aint be makin no sense.
  26. 26. Iago has little cause to say such slander about me. (92)   Iago, you shall NOT write my praises. :/ (92)   *sigh*... I really miss Iago. :( <3   ... Wow... Wish I was invited to the celebration. (-_-)   It's growing late... Where is he?! >:(
  27. 27. &quot;I hope my lord is pleased with me.&quot; ;)p178   &quot;These ongoings... I dislike them so.&quot;p182   &quot;I hate those who resort to thievery.&quot;p180   &quot;Oh my dear friend, have I done you wrong??&quot;p180   &quot;Iago be trippin like HELL. What be goin on in this town?&quot;
  28. 28. Write on Emilia’s Wall …   Hey Girl I gotta crazy story to tell you! You gotta come over and hear about this! -comment(Emilia):was it what you told me about cassio?   Is there something you know that I don't know?  -comment(Emilia):IDK what you are talking about
  29. 29. Write on Emilia’s Wall … Hey, have yo seen my hankerchief??       hey do you any idea what Iago plains are?
  30. 31. Write on Bianca’s Wall … What's the move for Friday night?
  31. 32. Write on Montano's Wall Hope you get better! Sorry that you got stabbed! Thou hast attained my  sympathies : ) Hope your wound is healing. I really am sorry for what happened to you that night.