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Final group 2 Eng 11 A17


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Final group 2 Eng 11 A17

  2. 2. TOPIC Perceived effects ofquarter system in Mapua involving the psychological and financial aspect ofstudents of ECE B3 batch 2011.
  3. 3. QUESTIONS• What are the adjustments made by the students in order to cope up with the quarter system?• What are the techniques that they have made to be able to survive a one complete quarterm in Mapua?
  4. 4. • How can the parents deal with the financial stress of the tuition fee in Mapua?• How can the students maintain their health condition through the years of their stay in Mapua?• What are the advantages and disadvantages in studying at Mapua with regards of the psychological and financial status of the student?
  5. 5. THESIS STATEMENT The quarter system is a newly formed educational system in Mapua. It proposes some demands and effects to the students that will appoint themto adjust in the conformity of the surrounding.
  6. 6. OUTLINEIntroduction 1.1 Quarterm is your quickest link, the shortestpath to employment, gives the option to furtherenhance competitiveness, the key to higherproductivity that Mapua adopts.1.2 The quarter system is the newly formededucational system that MIT follows, that enableMapua to advance exceedingly to other schools,but what are the perceived effects of this system?II. Body 2.1 The psychological aspect of the quartersystem is an inevitable factor that concerns thestudent mentality towards the academic system.2.1.1 The adjustments made by the students tocope up with the quarter system.
  7. 7. 2.1.2 The techniques that they havemade to be able to survive a completequarterm. 2.1.3 Number of hours that the studentscan normally take. 2.2 The financial aspect of the quartermsystem depends on the expenditure of thestudents involving every aspect that includesmoney. 2.2.1 The adjustment of the parent indealing with the financial stress. 2.2.2 The miscellaneous expends of thestudentsIII. Conclusion