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Pool Safety Conference


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Presentation about pool safety and tips for parents and homeowners with pools to prevent body entrapment and kids drownings.

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Pool Safety Conference

  1. 1. Saving Children Lives through education and reliable pool safety equipment
  2. 2. Facts from the CPSC Nearly 650 hundred children under 5 years old drown in swimming pools every year. Hospital emergency room treatment is required for more than 3,100 children under 5 years old who were submerged in residential pools. US –Consumer Product Safety Commission
  3. 3. Facts from the CPSC • Drowning is the number one cause of accidental death for children under the age of 6 in Florida, California, Arizona and Oregon
  4. 4. Facts from the CPSC • Individuals in the 5-9 year-old category had the highest frequency of entrapment reports
  5. 5. However… • Many adults have died after getting trapped at uncovered pool drains • Several entrapments are not being reported to the CSPC
  6. 6. Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act • Law enacted by Congress and signed by President Bush on December 19, 2007, to prevent the hidden hazard of drain entrapments and eviscerations in pools and spas. • The law became effective on December 19, 2008.
  7. 7. Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act • Law applies only to Public Pools. • Why not to residential pools? 80% of the children drownings occur at residential pools!!
  8. 8. Pool Hazards •Drain Entrapment •Unsupervised kids drownings •Slippery surfaces
  9. 9. Drain Entrapment • Single main drain systems and flat drain grates pose the greater risk at pools • Chemical degradation of covers and other parts.
  10. 10. Types of Entrapment • Hair Entrapment
  11. 11. • Limb Entrapment
  12. 12. • Body Entrapment
  13. 13. • Disembowelment Evisceration
  14. 14. Pump suction force demonstration
  15. 15. Our neighbor, 5 year old Miguel Marin, survived after being trapped at an in-ground spa for about 5 minutes under water
  16. 16. Unfortunately many others have not been that lucky 14 year old – British Boy died at 7 year old Virginia Graeme Thailand Baker Secretary of State Water Park Bakers' granddaughter
  17. 17. Are Kids Out of Sight? They Shouldn’t Be! • Children must be supervised and within your sight AT ALL TIMES while in the pool. • A telephone must be available in the pool area to call 911, in case of any emergency
  18. 18. Entrapments can be prevented • US Consumer Product Safety Commission recommend pool owners to have many layers of protection to prevent drownings
  19. 19. Layers of Protection 1. Swimming Classes
  20. 20. Layers of Protection 1. 0 2. Education and awareness about entrapment danger at any public or residential pool
  21. 21. Layers of Protection 3. Goggles and Floating Devices
  22. 22. Layers of Protection 4. Barriers, fences
  23. 23. Layers of Protection 5. Pool Alarms, Window Alarms
  24. 24. Layers of Protection 6. Certified Drain Covers
  25. 25. Layers of Protection 7. Safety Vacuum Release Systems SVRS
  26. 26. A pool evaluation by an expert Can give you peace of mind
  27. 27. Layers of Protection • Swimming Lessons • Education and danger awareness • Goggles and Floating devices • Pool barriers, fences. • Pool alarms and Window Alarms • Certified Drain Covers • Safety Vacuum Release System
  28. 28. Pool Safety One will provide you with a NO- COST Evaluation of your pool Schedule it Today!
  29. 29. • Read Miguel’s complete story and local news about what happened at