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Citrix XenDesktop 4

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  • AppVirt Sequencing / Citrix Profiling – Best PracticesWorkshop 2 daysV1.01May 2008 – December 2009Marcel Venema, Qwise100 level: Is an introduction to the topic or overview. The 100-level presentation assumes little or no expertise with the topic being covered. 200 level: Assumes 100-level knowledge and a fairly complete understanding of the features. The 200-level presentation may discuss case studies that cover a breadth of common scenarios or explain how to use more advanced features. 300 level: Assumes 200-level knowledge and an in-depth understanding of product features in a real-world environment. The 300-level presentation may go into unusual case studies that illustrate specific aspects of the product that are key to improving performance or interoperability. 400 level: Assumes the deepest level of technical knowledge we expect a customer to have. The 400-level presentation are essentially expert-to-expert sessions. The content provides the means for customers to push products to maximum performance, achieve the broadest possible interoperability, and create applications using even the most advanced features.
  • Workshop XenDesktop4 day 1

    1. 1. Citrix XenDesktop 4<br />Workshop<br />April 2010<br />Marcel Venema, Qwise<br />Level 200<br />V1.01<br />
    2. 2. Introduction trainer<br />Marcel Venema<br />Citrix Certified Instructor, Microsoft Certified Trainer<br />Infrastructure & Virtualization<br />XenServer, Hyper-V, XenApp, Terminal Services, XenDesktop, App-V<br />RES PowerFuse, RES Wisdom<br />Sr. Technical Consultant/Trainer at Qwise<br />Owner community website W-TECH.NET<br /><br />
    3. 3. Agenda<br />Evening 1<br />Tue 27-04-2010<br />Overview<br />Editions and Licensing<br />Building Blocks<br />Architecture<br />Questions<br />Evening 2<br />Tue 11-05-2010<br />Architecture<br />HDX Mediastream for Flash<br />Communications<br />Installation<br />Management<br />Troubleshooting<br />Evening 3<br />Wed 19-05-2010<br />Review<br />Exam Training<br />
    4. 4. Overview<br />Prof. graphics<br /> user<br />Mobile<br /> user<br />Knowledge<br /> user<br />Productivity<br /> user<br />Power<br /> user<br />Local VM-based Desktops<br />Hosted Blade PC Desktops<br />Hosted VM-based VDI Desktops<br />Hosted Shared Desktops<br />Local Streamed Desktops<br />Physical Desktops with On-demand Apps<br />Local VM-based Desktops<br />
    5. 5. FlexCast delivery model<br />400-500 users per server<br />Hosted<br />shared desktop<br />50-60 VMs per server<br />USER PROFILE<br />APPS<br />OS<br />VM<br />VM<br />VM<br />VM<br />1 user per Blade PC<br />Blade PC<br />
    6. 6. Hosted shared desktop<br />Pro’s<br />Low resource usage<br />Perfect for task workers<br />Cons<br />Not all applications run on XenApp<br />Server look and feel<br />XenApp<br />
    7. 7. Pooled VDI desktop<br />Pro’s<br />Single image provides hundreds of desktops<br />Perfect for knowlegde workers<br />Flexible<br />High compatibility<br />Less conflicts<br />Con’s<br /><ul><li>Higher resource demands than hosted shared desktops
    8. 8. Not stateful</li></ul>VM<br />VM<br />VM<br />VM<br />
    9. 9. Assigned VDI Desktop<br />Pro’s<br />Personal<br />Stateful<br />Perfect for power users or developers<br />Con’s<br />High resources usage including diskspace<br />Requires more pc-like management<br />Differencing disks not recommended for prolonged periods<br />VM<br />VM<br />VM<br />VM<br />
    10. 10. Editions<br />
    11. 11. Editions<br />
    12. 12. Editions (cont.)<br />
    13. 13. Licensing Citrix<br />Express<br /> Free, 10 user trail.<br />VDI<br />$95 per user/desktop. CCU license available ($195).<br />Kickstart promo : $28 per desktop, max. 250 users.<br />Rescue for VMWare VDI licenses : trade max 500 licenses.<br />Enterprise<br />$225 per user/desktop<br />Platinum<br />$350 per user/desktop<br />
    14. 14. Licensing Microsoft<br />Remote Desktop Services CAL<br />Formerly Terminal Services<br />Only required when using XenApp<br />Windows Licensing for VDI<br />PC only, SA required<br />VECD license<br />$110 per device/year<br />
    15. 15. Architecture<br />
    16. 16. QwIQ Building blocks<br />Core :<br />Licensing<br />DataStore<br />WebInterface<br />XenDesktop :<br />Desktop Delivery Controller<br />Virtual Desktop Agent<br />Provisioning :<br /><ul><li>Provisioning Services
    17. 17. XA template
    18. 18. XD template</li></ul>Hypervisor :<br /><ul><li>VMWarevSphere
    19. 19. Hyper-V
    20. 20. XenServer
    21. 21. VM Templates</li></ul>XenApp :<br /><ul><li>XenApp 5 W2K3
    22. 22. XenApp 5 W2K8
    23. 23. XenApp 6</li></ul>Access :<br /><ul><li>Access Gateway</li></ul>Common :<br /><ul><li>User Profiles
    24. 24. User Desktop</li></li></ul><li>QwIQ Building blocks<br />Core :<br />Licensing<br />DataStore<br />WebInterface<br />XenDesktop :<br />Desktop Delivery Controller<br />Virtual Desktop Agent<br />Provisioning :<br /><ul><li>Provisioning Services
    25. 25. XA template
    26. 26. XD template</li></ul>Hypervisor :<br /><ul><li>VMWarevSphere
    27. 27. Hyper-V
    28. 28. XenServer
    29. 29. VM Templates</li></ul>XenApp :<br /><ul><li>XenApp 5 W2K3
    30. 30. XenApp 5 W2K8
    31. 31. XenApp 6</li></ul>Access :<br /><ul><li>Access Gateway</li></ul>Common :<br /><ul><li>User Profiles
    32. 32. User Desktop</li></li></ul><li>Architecture Hypervisor<br />vSphere, XenServer, Hyper-v <br />vSphere better management; XenServer better performance; Hyper-V eehhh <br />Use paravirtualization<br />CPU, Memory<br />Use lots of CPU and memory but design for the right role<br />Storage<br />Very important for performance<br />Selecting the correct storage is an art<br />
    33. 33. CPU & Memory<br />CPU overcommitment<br />XenDesktop : 1 vCPU, ratio 1:6, XenApp: 2 vCPU, ratio 1:2 <br />Always perform PoC, Benchmark test<br />VM CPU priority<br />Depending on the VM role<br />Memory<br />No memory overcommitment in XenServer 5.5<br />Applications can use lots of memory<br />
    34. 34. Storage<br />Local storage<br /><ul><li>simplicity, inexpensive</li></ul>no HA, Live Migration <br />iSCSI SAN<br /><ul><li>HA, Live Migration, easy to configure, multi-pathing</li></ul>High performance network recommended<br />FC SAN<br /><ul><li>HA, Live Migration, high performance, multi-pathing</li></ul>Expensive, complex <br />NFS SAN<br /><ul><li>HA, Live Migration,</li></ul>High performance network recommended<br />
    35. 35. Desktop Delivery<br />Idle pool :<br />Business hours, Out of hours, Peak time<br />Cap number of simultaneous boots<br />Workload profiles :<br />Bootup, Logon, Working, Idle, Logoff<br />CPU-, memory-, storage-, network impact<br />Profile management :<br />Roaming, mandatory and hybrid profiles, folder redirection<br />Logoff & Restart :<br />Powered on, suspend, shutdown, restart<br />
    36. 36. Provisioning<br />Network :<br />Separate stream traffic from other traffic<br />vDisk types :<br />Standard image<br />Private image<br />Difference image<br />Write cache placement<br />Application Delivery :<br />Local Applications (installed)<br />Online applications (app-v, ctx profiling)<br />Offline applications (streamed to client)<br />
    37. 37. USB Devices<br />Not supported :<br />Bluetooth dongles, USB hubs, Human Interface Devices, NICs <br />Supported :<br />Flash drives, Smart Cards, SmartPhones, PDA, Printers, Scanners, MP3, Tablets<br />Support depends on client OS<br />
    38. 38. Questions ?<br />More XenDesktop in next session !<br />