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Linies2fulls English


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Linies2fulls English

  1. 1. Marcel Skoumal – ACTIVITY LINES<br /><ul><li> Improvement of knowledge on vanadium redox batteries, VRB, and other flow batteries (ADVANCED)
  2. 2. Study & Experimentation with VRB electrolytes (INITIATED)
  3. 3. Design of a VRB pilot battery (INITIATED)
  4. 4. Design of a battery test station (INITIATED)</li></ul>Batteries<br />(professional)<br /><ul><li> Use and experimentation with the Joomla! content management system (ADVANCED)
  5. 5. SEO & analysis. Studies on keyword strength, descriptions and their influence on search engine positioning (INITIATED)
  6. 6. Webhosting as user. FTP clients (MATURE)</li></ul>Internet<br />(hobby)<br />
  7. 7. Marcel Skoumal – ACTIVITY LINES<br /><ul><li> Catalan-Czech-Catalan pocket dictionary using Linguist’s Toolbox (ADVANCED)
  8. 8. Online Catalan-Czech dictionary using web application DS(INITIATED)
  9. 9. Catalan-Russian-Catalan pocket dictionary (SOON)</li></ul>Lexicography<br />(hobby)<br /><ul><li> Seed-to-seed cultivation of: Capsicum annum (MATURE), Fragaria vesca (ADVANCED), Brassica rapa (INITIATED), Thymus vulgaris (INITIATED), Cyclamen persicum (ADVANCED)
  10. 10. Cultivation in coco coir. Influence of the nutrient composition and presence of symbiotic fungi on crops. (INITIATED)
  11. 11. Study of pests. </li></ul>Plant cultivation<br />(hobby)<br />- Observation of: thrips, white fly, leafhopper and red spider mite (INITIATED)<br /><ul><li> Knowledge acquisition on phytoseid and other predators (INITIATED)
  12. 12. Experimentation with predator-appealing or pest-repellent plants (INITIATED)</li>