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How to Build a Content Strategy to Maximize Results


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Genuinely Useful Content: Building a Long-Term Content Strategy that Will Help You Maximize Results with Social Media, Google and SEO

A successful content strategy is all about consistently creating and delivering genuinely useful and relevant content that attracts and nurtures just the right audience, your decision-makers and those that influence them. But with limited budget and resources, it’s not always easy to build a sustainable, long-term content strategy that delivers measurable results that align with your business goals.

In this presentation you will learn how to build and execute a successful content strategy that will help you maximize results with social media, Google and SEO. It’s about creating the right mix of content and social media that will earn your audience’s trust and eventually drive demand for your business.


- Steps to build a B2B content strategy from the ground up
- How to optimize content to perform well in social media and search
- How to scale your program and crowdsource your content creation
- How to build a metrics framework and measure ROI of your program
- Example of a successful content strategy in action
- Tools and resources to help you

This presentation is based on real life experience building a content strategy for IBM Security.

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How to Build a Content Strategy to Maximize Results

  1. 1. @santilli1 GENUINELY USEFUL CONTENTB u i l d i n g a L o n g - Te r m C o n t e n t S t r a t e g y t h a t W i l l H e l p Yo u M a x i m i z e R e s u l t s w i t h S o c i a l M e d i a , G o o g l e a n d S E O . @santilli
  2. 2. @santilli2 GENUINELY USEFUL CONTENT: Building a Long-Term Content Strategy that Will Help You Maximize Results with Social Media, Google and SEO Marcel Santilli @santilli
  3. 3. @santilli3 Why is my content getting no love in social or search?
  4. 4. @santilli4 How can I make my content strategy work with limited resources?
  5. 5. @santilli5 Or you might just be in the wrong room and your content strategy is perfect.
  6. 6. @santilli6 Don’t have a “bartender” mentality when it comes to your content strategy.
  7. 7. @santilli7 Have a “personal trainer” mentality
  8. 8. @santilli8 What is CONTENT?
  9. 9. @santilli9 It’s about consistently delivering information that is valuable and helpful to your audience.
  10. 10. @santilli10 •  Valuable •  Useful •  Contextual and relevant •  Easy to consume •  Device agnostic •  Shareable •  Findable •  Non-intrusive •  Builds trust and authority
  11. 11. @santilli11 The problem is that too often content becomes just an afterthought.
  12. 12. @santilli12 So how is IBM Security building a long-term content strategy?
  13. 13. @santilli13
  14. 14. @santilli14 Don’t underestimate the discovery phase.
  15. 15. @santilli15 How are you going to create value for your audience and help them?
  16. 16. @santilli16 Define customer-facing objectives first.
  17. 17. @santilli17 Measure everything from the beginning.
  18. 18. @santilli18 Track ROI to give your content program more respect.
  19. 19. @santilli19 Some KPIs we are measuring •  Cost per visit/view •  Engagement per visit •  Visit to response rate •  Average cost per response •  Response to validated lead (VL) •  Average opportunity per visit •  Average opportunity size •  Cost per opportunity
  20. 20. @santilli20 Define all aspects of your content strategy.
  21. 21. @santilli21 Defining your content strategy •  Content objectives •  Content types (articles, videos, etc.) •  Thought leadership vs. technical •  Evergreen vs. news vs. research •  Topics to cover
  22. 22. @santilli22 Don’t overlook the importance of good web design and UX.
  23. 23. @santilli23 Let social and search define your site requirements.
  24. 24. @santilli24
  25. 25. @santilli25
  26. 26. @santilli26
  27. 27. @santilli27 Make sure your content is optimized for sharing on different social networks.
  28. 28. @santilli28
  29. 29. @santilli29 Think about growth and scalability as you define processes and technology.
  30. 30. @santilli30
  31. 31. @santilli31
  32. 32. @santilli32 Define roles and responsibilities •  Program director / Chief editor •  Program manager •  Copy editor •  Social listening & ideation •  Metrics and analysis •  Social media and amplification •  Creative / graphic design •  SEO •  Web maintenance •  PR & AR •  Demand generation
  33. 33. @santilli33 Define content workflow based on type of content.
  34. 34. @santilli34 Your success depends on contributors and having the right tools is crucial.
  35. 35. @santilli35 Have a balanced contributor strategy.
  36. 36. @santilli36 We went from 30 to 130+ contributors in just over one year.
  37. 37. @santilli37 Balanced contributor strategy •  Internal experts •  Internal enthusiasts •  Internal researchers •  Internal executives •  Business partners •  Customers (experts and executives) •  Industry influencers •  Educators / external researchers •  Paid writers / journalists •  Paid influencers
  38. 38. @santilli38 Streamline how you onboard new contributors. Make it easy!
  39. 39. @santilli39 Establish guidelines and hold regular training and enablement.
  40. 40. @santilli40 Don’t settle for mediocre. Instead, empower your contributors and editors.
  41. 41. @santilli41 Don’t let your program lose creativity. Consistently push the edge and deliver great content.
  42. 42. @santilli42 Organized way to manage topics.
  43. 43. @santilli43 Have a keyword strategy.
  44. 44. @santilli44 A streamlined publishing and review process.
  45. 45. @santilli45 And a publishing calendar.
  46. 46. @santilli46 Have a social distribution and amplification plan.
  47. 47. @santilli47 Connect back to high value lead generation opportunities.
  48. 48. @santilli48 Always be optimizing for search.
  49. 49. @santilli49 Always be optimizing for search.
  50. 50. @santilli50
  51. 51. @santilli51 Integrate with other marketing efforts.
  52. 52. @santilli52 What about the results?
  53. 53. @santilli53 KPIs and benchmarking.
  54. 54. @santilli54 450% Increase in traffic YTY
  55. 55. @santilli55
  56. 56. @santilli56 432% Increase in traffic from search since May
  57. 57. @santilli57 1 in 10 Visit turn into an engagement
  58. 58. @santilli58 16% Visits turn into an action
  59. 59. @santilli59 3.5% Visits turn into a marketing response.
  60. 60. @santilli60 10,794 Number of responses generated so far this year
  61. 61. @santilli61 58% Lower cost per response than paid search.
  62. 62. @santilli62 69% Lower cost per response than content syndication.
  63. 63. @santilli63 2X Average opportunity size than average for division
  64. 64. @santilli64 1200% ROI On track if we close 25% of the opportunities generated by YE
  65. 65. @santilli65 Where are we headed?
  66. 66. @santilli66 7 key lessons to remember 1.  Build a program that is scalable with right tools and processes 2.  Create a great user experience with search and social in mind 3.  Focus on a balanced contributor strategy 4.  Measure everything from the start and connect back to revenue 5.  Consistently create content that become essential for your audience 6.  Connect back to lead gen with high value offers 7.  Be creative and don’t settle for mediocre!
  67. 67. @santilli67
  68. 68. @santilli68 Connect with me! Marcel Santilli