Social experience seminar final simon


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Social experience seminar final simon

  1. 1. RightNow Social Experience © RightNow Technologies, Inc.
  2. 2. Ready to put social to work for your organization?
  3. 3. Listenand respondon the social web… and cultivate your own community.
  4. 4. Listen and Respond CLOUD MONITOR
  5. 5. Thousands of Critical Conversations
  6. 6. Relevant Results
  7. 7. Scheduled Searches
  8. 8. SmartSense Prioritization
  9. 9. Easy Follow-Up
  10. 10. Cloud Monitor Customer Examples •Gather unsolicited, honest customer feedback and responses about large broadcasted events such as the PGA Masters Tournament •Closely monitor customer comments regarding CBS Interactive's Amen Corner live video feed of the event to ensure quality service •Accurately gauge customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction with products and services for organization to make enhancements or quickly respond to an issue By monitoring social networking sites, we are able to track true customer sentiments and views. Only on the social web are consumers giving their true feelings about a brand or products and we can use this sentiment at CBS to innovate and learn." Robert Monteiro, director customer service and communities, CBS Interactive
  11. 11. Cloud Monitor Customer Examples •Directly connect with customers through the RightNow agent desktop without having to login to specific networking sites in order to answer product questions •Use RightNow SmartSense, which detects customer sentiment, to qualify social inquiries to determine priority of response time •Quickly identify topics of incoming social inquiries and route to appropriate subject matter expert for a timely response “As a growing online retailer, customer service and satisfaction is paramount to our continued success. RightNow Cloud Monitor is a strategic solution that supports our conversations with customers in the social media environment by helping us respond in a timely manner to their needs." Lisa Larson, director of customer care,
  12. 12. Cultivate Your Own Branded Community COMMUNITY
  13. 13. RightNow Community Applications Support Community Innovation Community Social Experience Designer
  14. 14. Peer-to-Peer Support
  15. 15. Incident Escalation
  16. 16. Crowd-Sourced Ideas
  17. 17. Better Products and Services
  18. 18. Keep Consumers Engaged
  19. 19. Facebook •Find answers •Add their comments to your knowledge base •Ask a question •Keep track of their discussions •Answer questions directly from the agent desktop •Capture all Facebook interactions in the unified customer record •Monitor and respond to posts •Moderate the conversation on Facebook
  20. 20. One of the Three Experiences That Matter
  21. 21. RightNow CX The Customer Experience Suite
  22. 22. Hearst Corporation Online community fosters a culture of innovation and knowledge sharing Company-wide innovation program rewards employees for speaking up New business opportunities are identified and explored quickly—before the competition can move Process improvements are shared across the company Ideas will come from 20,000 employees across six business groups and 200 businesses Room for expansion will allow outside experts to join the conversation
  23. 23. Rally Software Agile developer community for peer-to-peer support and product development Customized product idea center captures feature suggestions 50% of the roadmap is sourced from the community Culture of routine innovation enables an 8-week product development cycle 9,292 members: customers, partners, and Agile experts Powerful permissions make it easy to manage multiple member groups 100 groups, 4,339 posts, 7,920 comments, and counting
  24. 24. Clorox Open innovation community uncovers early-stage technology ahead of the competition 100% ROI in two months—thanks to a single idea Customers and partners provide feedback through online focus groups Granular control over permissions protects highly confidential information Out-of-the-box deployment in two weeks New groups emerge every day
  25. 25. Thank you © RightNow Technologies, Inc.