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Move Over Email There's a New Game in Town


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Move Over Email There's a New Game in Town

  1. 1. Move Over Email: There’s A New Game In Town Presented to: Access Group
  2. 2. AgendaIntroduction 3Evolution of Email 6Social Media 10Blog 20Measurement 24Question & Answer 28
  3. 3. Marcel MediaMarcel Media is a certified Google partner and a full service, interactivemarketing agency specializing in Search Engine Marketing and SocialMedia.We provide creative and customized marketing solutions such as Pay PerClick (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Interactive FacebookApplications, Conversion Optimization, Website Development and WebAnalytics. @marcelmedia
  4. 4. About Kelly CutlerKelly Cutler is the CEO of Marcel Media,a Google Certified interactive marketingfirm specializing in Search EngineMarketing.Kelly’s achievements include serving asthe first woman president of the ChicagoEntrepreneurs’ Organization, instructingat the University of Chicago and DePaulUniversity, and speaking on industry topics @kfcutleracross the country. /in/kellycutlerAnd two kids.
  5. 5. A Day in the Life of Social Media
  6. 6. Move Over Email…Mark Schmulen, general manager for social media at Constant Contactsaid, "Of all channels, e-mail marketing and social media go hand inhand, getting your customers to share your message with friends isthe most effective way to grow your business.”A study by Forrester showed that of 500 million e-mails sent, those thatincluded options such as share on Facebook or Twitter, generated a 30%higher click-through-rate (CTR) than emails without these components.
  7. 7. Evolution Of EmailEmail Marketing strikes many as old-fashioned. New marketingtechniques like Social Media, blogging and mobile marketing aredrawing attention. Some people say email marketing is dead, we sayemail marketing has evolved.• Subscribers below age 25 prefer SMS to email (social media updates are fed to users through SMS and social messaging)• 30% of subscribers change email addresses annually (social media profiles remain the same)• 21% of email recipients report email as spam, even if they know it isn’t (push versus pull marketing)
  8. 8. The Value ExchangeGood email content deepens your relationship with your audience through:• Effective subject line writing (getting your messages opened)• Distinctive voice (getting those messages read)• Delivering quality, niche specific content your prospect needs• Inspiring your audience to share the content online (promoting referrals and word-of-mouth). Email provides you the most direct line of communication for conversion, which could be anything from signing up for a newsletter, requesting information about financial aid services or liking your Facebook Page. Integration is the key to any successful marketing campaign.
  9. 9. How to Optimize Email with Social MediaYour Blog strengthens your personal brand becomes a centralized hub you cancontrol in giving you that valuable online exposure.• Provide an Incentive: “Like” our Facebook page and get $500 dollar credit toward student loans.• Promote opt-in URLS: Tweet out or post updates with rich resources and link to pages that have opt-in sign up forms for your newsletter.• Two-Way Promotion: Promote your email or newsletter on your social media profiles and visa versa. Inform your Twitter followers or Facebook fans about a special offer that’s only available to newsletter subscribers.• Make it Easy to Sign Up: Build out a Facebook app or welcome page that points to a variety of resources including a form to sign up for your newsletter that is embedded into your page.• Drive the Call to Action: Direct subscribers to highly optimized landing pages like blog posts that have a wealth of information, resources, and access to contact us forms.• Optimize Email for Mobile: Over 65 million users have Facebook for mobile
  10. 10. Social Media
  11. 11. TwitterTwitter provides an easy outlet for daily interaction with Students andparents of students.Tweets are a great way to provide informational resources, activities, andprograms students can attend to learn more about Financial Aid at theuniversity.You can offer a range of college news, well wishes, announcements, studentcongratulations and retweets of positive messages, pictures and videos.
  12. 12. UConn Financial Aid Tweet Feed
  13. 13. FacebookYour college Facebook page can act as a gateway to other social mediastreams, with news, pictures, videos and posts from your school blog.Examples of Content: • Calendar reminders • School functions • Guest speakers and lectures • Celebrations • Helpful resources for new students • Academia announcements
  14. 14. Facebook Apps for Colleges and Universities• Set the tab as the Facebook Welcome Page.• Fan-gate the page to help increase “likes”.• Incentivize referrals and users can win money towards tuition or a gift card if their referral signs up.• Promote the “share” functionality that allows visitors to post this app page to their personal Facebook wall and newsfeed.• App also allows users to send the application to their personal contacts through direct Facebook messaging (new feature).
  15. 15. Bowling Green State University Facebook Financial Aid Page
  16. 16. Social Media Revolution
  17. 17. Tips To Increase Social Media Engagement• Give fans something exclusive & reward super fans• Let fans help create the offer• Be concise-posts should be 80 characters or less• Posts that occur outside of business hours increased engagement rates by 20%• Facebook engagement has three peaks:  Early morning (7 a.m. EST)  After work (5 p.m. EST)  Late at night (11 p.m. EST)
  18. 18. Google+ Fact Sheet• 3 most important features for business: • Sparks (what’s trending) • Circles (allows for segmentation of content) • Hangouts (chat live with up to 10 people and stream it)• Has the potential to be more authoritative then a Facebook “like”• Google+ is now open to brands •• Google+ is not another social destination site and will continue to enhance synergy between search and social• Google+1 can currently be embedded into any owned digital asset
  19. 19. Google+ & Social Search•Currently Google does not have access to Facebook data, so it is possible a “+1” couldbe more authoritative than a “like.”•Circles provide marketers with the ability to segment their network out into a socialdatabase that will allow for hyper customization and targeted messaging.•Integration: a user could “+1” a paid search ad, then the brands Google+ pageappears and the user is prompted to join the brands page, they receive rich, branded,and highly targeted content, and ultimately that brand will have an influence on thatusers search experience.•“+1” generates a “earned” impression and your sites content will benefit fromGoogle’s indexing of these social search signals.
  20. 20. Blog
  21. 21. The blog should be the catalyst or hub for all your information andresources all social media and email marketing should lead studentsback to your blog.
  22. 22. Best Practices For Blogging• Become and Industry Expert• Always Add Value• Be Consistent (post 2-3 blogs a week)• Syndicate blog posts on social media sites• Highlight blog posts in email communications• Create unique and helpful content• It isn’t always about self promotion• Provide solutions• Know your audience• Incorporate dynamic content and multimedia
  23. 23. Social Plugins For Your Blog• Like Button: One-click share functionality• Send Button: Allows your users to Facebook message your content directly to their friends.• Recommendations: Gives users personalized suggestions for pages on your site they might like.• Live Stream: Lets your users share activity and comments in real-time as they interact during a live event.• Facepile: Displays the Facebook profile pictures of users who have liked your page or have signed up for your site.
  24. 24. Measurement
  25. 25. What Are Your Social Media Goals•Recruiting • Full Time Students • Continuing Education • International Students•Student Services • Provide Customer Service • Financial Aid • Admissions•Alumni Keep in touch with your graduates and provide them updates on events, fundraising opportunities, and upcoming news and developments.
  26. 26. How To Measure Your Social Media SuccessUnderstand Your Metrics: A conversion can consist of a mailing list or anRSS subscriber, a user signup, or a phone call.Identify Benchmarks • Facebook likes • Retweets • Content Shares • Reblogs • Links back • Comments • Time spent on page • Average page views per visitor • Followers • @mentions
  27. 27. Social Media Resources• Klout:• Twitalyzer: (Integrates well with Google Analytics and link tracking tools like•• Social Mention:• HootSuite: (provides monitoring and auto responders)• PeerIndex: (Uses an algorithm to map out the social web)
  28. 28. Thank You! Questions? Kelly