InhouseCIO B2B Case Study from #MMSEM11


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InhouseCIO B2B Case Study from #MMSEM11

  1. 1. InhouseCIO Case Study: Taking Local Online Marketing to the Next LevelPresented by:Dave Nazha of InhouseCIO & Regan Riley of Marcel Media
  2. 2. InhouseCIO: Partnership with Marcel Media • In the Spring of ‘10 InhouseCIO wanted to create a new PPC campaign. 2010 • Marcel Media launched a Paid Search campaign with InhouseCIO. Marcel Media made weekly optimizations to the site to improve quality traffic 2010 and conversions. • In December InhouseCIO sees conversions triple since first month of launch. 2010 • Marcel Media is launching an SEO program with InhouseCIO. 2011 2
  3. 3. About InhouseCIOInhouseCIO is a professional IT Services firm that works with small andmedium sized businesses globally. InhouseCIO provides your business with anassigned dedicated team that manages and monitors your IT operations.Service Offerings: • Unlimited Support • Flat Monthly Fee • Rapid Response Times • Proactive Preventative Maintenance • Dedicated Team Assigned to your Company • Network and Server Support • Computer Support • 24/7 Monitoring • Cloud Solutions 3
  4. 4. The ProblemInhouseCIO needed a more customized online marketing solution.After several years of working with vendors who they paid to runtheir marketing campaigns, their team was looking for an agencyto partner with to grow their business.The InhouseCIO team was interested in workingwith an agency that focused on communicationand customization. Their previous vendors hadused an automated, off-the-shelf solution whichinitially drove an increase in website leads.InhouseCIO was now looking for a solution thatfocused on the quality of the lead versus thequantity of website traffic.11/1/2011 4
  5. 5. The Solution• 17 months ago InhouseCIO partnered with Marcel Media and launched their first Paid Search/Pay-Per-Click campaign.• InhouseCIO worked with the Marcel Media team to identify campaign goals and benchmarks.• They identified that their focus was to increase website traffic to, but more importantly to drive highly qualified leads that would lead to conversions.• By continually tweaking ad copy and optimizing keywords, they started to see an increase in lead submissions and identified which campaigns were driving the greatest ROI.• Targeted analytics tracking and reporting.11/1/2011 5
  6. 6. InHouseCIO: Overview Marcel Media Services • Pay-Per-Click Management • Landing Page Testing • Google Analytics • Reporting Campaign Goals • InhouseCIO wanted to utilize paid search to drive quality online leads via form submission. 6
  7. 7. InHouseCIO: Project Details• Google AdWords • Keyword optimizations • Bid management • Keyword variations • Creative copy development & testing • Managing daily budgets• Advanced Google Analytics Tracking • Goal and conversion tracking• Acquisio • Additional bid optimizations 7
  8. 8. The Value of a Lead: Quality vs. QuantityIdentifying campaign goals early on helped to evolve the campaignand identify the type of traffic InhouseCIO wanted to drive to theirsite. The focus was on conversion metrics and identifying whichtypes of traffic converted into a customer.Currently, most of the leads InhouseCIO receives are prequalifiedand exactly the type of customer InhouseCIO is looking to target.Traffic Stats: • Leads have increased tripled • Conversion rate is up 64% • The value of the lead has increased exponentially • After 12 months of ongoing campaign optimization the revenue increase was up 31%11/1/2011 8
  9. 9. InhouseCIO: Paid Search Campaign Results• Over the past 18 months InhouseCIO’s paid search campaign has brought in over 6,000 website visitors• Paid search has accounted for 50% of overall traffic to the site, making it the highest traffic-driving medium• Of those visitors 90% of those are unique, making it the largest source of new visitors to the site• Website metrics have improved across the board, meaning visitors are finding what they are looking for after clicking on an ad. • Pages per Visit is up 48% since launch • Average Time on Site is up 63% since launch • Bounce Rate is down 18% since launch 9
  10. 10. Top Performing KeywordsTop Converting Keywords: • IT Companies • Computer Services Chicago • IT Consulting • IT Support • Small Business IT • Technology Consulting • Chicago IT Consulting • Outsource IT • IT Outsourcing • IT Services 10
  11. 11. What’s Next?InhouseCIO has recently increased their budget for long term SEO.InhouseCIO is adding cloud solutions domains, websites, etc… tooptimize.More reporting and analytics to look at now with SEO campaignsalong with PPC. Looking to compare results on: • Traffic • Conversions • Lead Quality11/1/2011 11
  12. 12. Summary THANK YOU! QUESTIONS? #MMSEM1111/1/2011 12