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Deliberate practice



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We practice software development every day when we go to work. However that practice is task centric, we are doing for the sake of finishing the task. Deliberate practice switch the focus to doing it for the sake of becoming better. We set a time and some rules to guide us and do it until we master it. This talk introduces the concepts and gives ideas to implement it in the context of software development using pair programming, code katas, dojos and code retreats.

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Deliberate practice

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Editor's Notes

  • Differs from normal practice in terms of effort and awareness
  • Facebook applications. Vast majority of people consider themselves to be above average drivers
  • Team Mentoring:Adults are much more likely to act their way into a new of of thinking than think their way into a new way of acting.Surfing the Edge of Chaos (Richard Pascale) Behaviourist Cambridge.
  • External feedback is not only good for customers. We benefit because we are often blind to our limitations.
  • StringCalculator, PrimeNumbers, Factorial, TemplateEngine
  • StringCalculator, PrimeNumbers, Factorial, TemplateEngine
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