Tramonto wedding venue weekly update


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Update from Tramonto via Maryke Groenewald

The Susan Deacon Property Group

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Tramonto wedding venue weekly update

  1. 1. Marcel Deacon From: Tramonto Wedding & Function Venue [] Sent: 10 June 2010 03:16 PM To: Marcel Deacon Subject: From our Side George has seen an exciting week… Its here - feel it! And you certainly can! With only one day to go to the Soccer World Cup, the Gar Route, particularly George & Knysna are ablaze with Soccer fans, Soccer flags, Soccer Players and Soccer Sayings… anything Soccer go It is good to see the welcoming spirit extended to all international guests, and more so the phenomenal support our boys are enjoying while getting ready for the kick-off on Friday …. It’s fantastic to be involved with such a welcoming community! With that being said…j a little bit of trivia from our side…Enjoy! 1
  2. 2. Maryka & Pieter Steyn Pieter was born in Bloemfontein and he was raised in a conservative home. Now Maryka, the Mosselbay lady, grew up in a more relaxe home where there was always time for jokes and hearty get-togethers. Pieter has always been somewhat, carefully weighing things up that is until Maryka came into his life. “He once said to me ‘Maryka, it’s black or white, and now you want to make it purple and pink.’” got the picture, all he wanted to say is: you bring so much colour into my life! “Pieter and I were never really introduced to each other; we just found each other.” Believe it or not, Pieter’s parents have an interior designing company where he used to work over weekends. As it happened Maryka’s parents decided to replace their carpets and decid to use the Steyn’s company. As Pieter was assisting in the work he remarked that he would pick Maryka up after school. Where was th going? Apparently nowhere because a few years passed. Then Maryka and Pieter bumped into each other at a dance. Six months later after a few more dances the phone rang: what are you doing tonight, Pieter asked? “That evening, spent chatting over a single drink to us into the early hours of the morning, way past my curfew, the evening was one big dream, and I was lost in love!” We started seeing each other and we did everything together. “I even managed to get Pieter to Bungee Jump and wear a pink shirt!” “After about two years we started to travel and see the world. When Pieter turned 30 in September 2009 and having decided to get engaged he suggested that we go to Argentina and Brazil. “On 25 September Pieter took me to the popular Carlos Gardel Tango House for dinner; we were spoilt with fantastic entertainment and glorious food. It was truly romantic: the Tango dancers, the music, the fore language, the dcor. It was a fairy tale and there he asked me to be his wife! It was the biggest moment of our lives, but no one knew secret: we quietly got engaged among all those people. This is how we are as couple as well - we are very private but have a great lov for our families and friends. 2
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  4. 4. The Matric Dance has become an increasingly popular event, so popular in fact that there is now also a Matric Dance Expo held in die Western Cape every year. This event is also thought to be a “pre-wedding” orientation for a learner, which is why a lot of attention and effort is put into it. The event is a celebration of the end of your school career, serving to ease you into adult life! Tramonto has saved you some trouble by compiling a package of ideas and placing it right on your doorstep in order to relieve you of the headache of organising your once in a life time event!All you need to think about is your own attire - the rest is up to us! All-inclusive Matric Dance Packages All packages include your own DJ, venue hire, 3 course buffet menu, service charges, dcor as well as your own events planner – you d have to lift a finger! Autumn Nights in Paris Venue Dcor: The main colours are browns and oranges with a touch of silver (autumn colours). Leafless trees, fairy lights, lamp posts, park benches, bicycles, smoke machine, water fountain, and autumn leaves will be used to crea a Paris street setting. Table Dcor: Eiffel towers with lights. Broken glass pots and candles with silver under-plate settings. R530 per person. Casino Royal Venue Dcor: The main colours will be black, red and white to create a smart black-tie affair inspired by Jazz music and a casino atmosphere. Big playing cards, feathers, poker chips, a roulette table, large dices and a red carpet will be used to transform the venue. Table Dcor: Manikin hands/leg as center pieces holding feathers and playing cards or a cocktail glass arrangement with feathers. (Samples are available.) Poker chips, dices etc., will also be scattered on tables. Virgin Cocktails on arrival. @ R540 per person. Bollywood Nights 4
  5. 5. You can view this newsletter online if you have any problems viewing it here Copyright Tramonto 2010 Click Here To Unsubscribe 5