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The Most Common Errors in Writing Essays


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The Most Common Errors in Writing Essays

  1. 1. TOEFL iBT Writing: Does Your Essay Meet These Four Criteria?Your success in TOEFL iBT writing lies in your preparation. Therefore, toprepare, you should practice making written responses to sample iBTindependent writing tasks after which you can have someone else, preferablya TOEFL iBT writing specialist, evaluate your essay according to the officialTOEFL iBT rubrics that Educational Testing Service (ETS) uses to evaluateyour essay. Framed from the official ETS guidelines for the independentwriting task of the TOEFL iBT, the following four questions about your essayshould be answered by whomever you choose to evaluate your essay:Take a Look at Paper Writing Service1. Did I answer all parts of the question?Since many of the TOEFL iBT questions are multi-tasked, you should getfeedback as to whether or not you have answered all parts of the writingassignment.Have a Look at Paper Writing2. Is my essay well-organized?In this case, the reviewer of your essay should check your thesis statementand topic sentences in the body paragraphs to make sure that they directlyanswer the question being asked. There should be adequate use of transitionwords and other types of signal words that show how your ideas areconnected. Your reviewer should pay particular attention to the key juncturesof your paper which can be especially troublesome: end of the firstparagraph, beginning and end of each paragraph, and concludingparagraph.There should be a strong sense of unity in all these key junctures.See a Look at Writing Services
  2. 2. 3. Do I provide adequate supporting detail for the generalizations I use in myessay?To evaluate this, your reviewer should check to see that you are usingspecific, even personable, details in the body paragraphs that are relevant tothe topic statements of those paragraphs. It is also important to evaluatewhether or not the details show a progression of ideas. The reviewer shouldcheck for word cues such as for example, for instance, and case in point, allof which can be used to introduce supporting points.4. Do I write with grammatical fluency, with only minor grammatical or wordchoice errors that do not obscure meaning?The reviewer, ideally a native-English speaker familiar with the language ofacademic writing, should keep in mind that it is not just important to begrammatically correct, but it is important that you use a combination ofsimple, compound, and complex sentence structures, thereby displaying whatETS calls syntactic variety. Another sticky issue to consider is youridiomaticity of language use. In other words, how natural sounding are you?Would a native speaker use similar grammar and vocabulary to expresscomparable ideas? Does it sound like you are translating from anotherlanguage? Compare the following sentences:Unnatural: How many years do you have?Natural: How old are you?Even though both sentences are grammatically correct, "How old are you?" ismore natural sounding.If you can do well in these four areas when taking your practice tests, youhave a good chance of scoring higher than 24/30 points on the independentwriting task when you take the actual TOEFL iBT exam.Good luck!