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Design for disability: Integration of human factor for the design of an electro-mechanical drum stick system


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Article presentation in CIRP Design 2014
Milan - Italy
Work developed in G-SCOP Laboratory - Grenoble - France

Published in: Science
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Design for disability: Integration of human factor for the design of an electro-mechanical drum stick system

  1. 1. Design for Disability: integration of human factor for the design of an electro-mechanical drum stick system Justine Coton, Marcel Gois, Julien Veytizou, Guillaume Thomann
  2. 2. This work is about: - Educational issues of disabled children who have difficulty of manipulating objects - Music activities allowed by assistive technology It was made in: - G-SCOP Laboratory (Grenoble – INP) - In association with AE2M (Ergonomic Adaptation of the Musical Material) 2 Introduction Figure : Logo AE2M
  3. 3. Dilemma and paradoxes - What starts technology progress 3 Background Well-defined needs Search solutions Search Users (clients) Technological Development USER CENTERED TECHNO CENTRED RISK Focus on obsolete technology, unusable or too expensive RISK To propose solutions for imaginary or non-priority needs Create link between these teams of designers
  4. 4. Dilemma and paradoxes - Approaches to design assistive technology products 4 Background Mass production Economies of scale Universalist Specialized Small batches Tailored production Approaches Bases Inexpensive standard products Expensive customized products Results
  5. 5. - User centered design approach - Concrete situation of musical instrument (percussion) not accessible - Developed tools and primary solutions to manufacture adapted products THE A2EM WORKING SCHEMA 5 Methodology ENGINEER MUSICIANS PARAMEDICAL THE DISABLED CHILDREN
  6. 6. THE ELECTROMECHANICAL DRUMSTICK (MEM) General Scheme - The drumstick (DS) is generated with a spin - Force is produced by an electromagnet (EM) - Spring (S) permits the return in initial position 6 Product development EM S DS
  7. 7. THE ELECTROMECHANICAL DRUMSTICK (MEM) Product Architecture (3D CAD and 3D printing) - Pin part (red) to fix and manage drumstick movement - Housing of system (blue) - Electromagnet movement (gray) - Electronic board 7 Product development
  8. 8. Product development 8 CLASSICAL MACHINING Good mechanical and aesthetical pieces It is a long and expensive process Z-PRINTER It consists on solidify plaster powder using a binder There is shape flexibility, but little product resistance FUSED DEPOSITION MODELLING Machine low-cost A plastic string (ABS…) is heated and deposed FUSED DEPOSITION MODELLING Professional Machine with better mechanical properties A plastic string (ABS…) is heated and deposed THE ELECTROMECHANICAL DRUMSTICK (MEM) Choice of Housing Production Technology
  9. 9. Product development 9 THE ELECTROMECHANICAL DRUMSTICK (MEM) Electronic Control Board - Located in the housing, it controls the electromagnet - 10 different modes (tempo, rhythm elements, etc.)
  10. 10. Product development 10 THE ELECTROMECHANICAL DRUMSTICK (MEM) Human interface - The choice made by the user (allowed by standardized connection)
  11. 11. Product development 11 THE ELECTROMECHANICAL DRUMSTICK (MEM) Complete system
  12. 12. Contributions - Proposition of a product with several personalization possibilities - Reflections about design methodology research (human factor in design and customization) - Social integration of children with disability - Cost reductions: 280€ to 245€ with 3D-manufacture process Future perspectives - Work with product development process perspective toward AT business viability - Continue the technical research about product adapting and development - Increase the network worldwide and work with open development philosophy 12 Conclusion
  13. 13. Thank you for your attention Marcel Gois