Mobile en cloud wat is de impact op ons huidige it ecosysteem


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Presentation used at Mobile Event 29th of april at Info Support in cooperation with SDN and DotNed

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  • De term Native wordt op verschilendemanierengeinterpreteerd. Op diverse OS-en hebben we eenbepaaldebetekenis, meestaleenverwijzingnaareen C of C++ achtigetaal.
  • Rhodes – rhomobile ; Ruby + HTML; MVC architectuur met extra framework zakenvoor sync en ORMAntenna: Appcellerator: pure javascriptoplossing met cross platform API. Wel: native UI bindings. Interpreted door meegedeployde interpreter
  • Mobile en cloud wat is de impact op ons huidige it ecosysteem

    1. 1. Mobile en Cloud:wat is de impact Marcel Marcel op ons huidige Meijer de Vries SDN Regional DirectorIT-ecosysteem? @marcelmeijer @marcelv #ISMOB Dennis Vroegop DotNed @dvroegop
    2. 2. context Mobile NUI NUI Cloud
    3. 3. Trends
    4. 4. Trend 1: Mobile
    5. 5. Market research # of mobile devices sold now exceeds # of PC’s!Source:
    6. 6. Market research In a few years the number of mobile devices will dwarf the number of PC’sSource:
    7. 7. Market Shares Right now it is a two horse raceSource:
    8. 8. Market shares The game is not over, there is still a big market to gain!Source:
    9. 9. Smart Phone OS predictionsWindows Phone Others 2010 Others 2011 Others 2015 4% Windows 4% 4% Android 3% 23% Phone 6% Android 39% Android 49% Windows Phone Symbian Symbian 20% 19% 0% Symbian 37% iOS 17% iOS iOS BlackBerry 19% 16% 13% BlackBerry BlackBerry 13% 13%Source: Gartner (
    10. 10. Tablet Market shares predictions Others 2010 2011 2012 2015 Others Android 2% Android 7% 22% 17% Windows Android Windows 4% 35% Others 0% Others Android Windows 10% 9% 14% 0% iOS 45% iOS iOS iOS 84% 67% 73% Windows 11%Source: Gartner(
    11. 11. The different business modelsRevenue = hardware Revenue = software license Revenue = advertisementHigh margins High volume High volumeConsumer focused Enterprise and Consumer Consumer
    12. 12. Building apps for the Mobile Space User DeveloperExperience Distribution: productivity Public or private Security & Corporate? privacy Which platforms? Application Lifecycle Management
    13. 13. User interface designGraphical design– How does the app look?Interaction design– How do I create an effective and efficient user interface?– How do I create a natural experience that people understand without training?
    14. 14. User ExperienceEmotionSenseSometimes almost areligion!Must closely match thenative device experience!
    15. 15. Application types
    16. 16. HTML 5 mobile websites Runs from the web Maximum reach No native user interface Optional shortcut on the device with offline support
    17. 17. HTML5 mobile apps Can be purchased from AppStore Installed on the device Network connection not required to run No native user interface
    18. 18. Native mobile apps Can be purchased from AppStore Installed on the device Network connection not required to run Native interface Maximum richness
    19. 19. Native mobile apps Different development environments – Java for Android – Objective-C for iPhone – XAML/C# for Windows Phone
    20. 20. Application typesNative look & feel -- -- ++Camera Access -- +- ++GPS ++ ++ ++Secure service communication JSON/REST JSON/REST JSON/SOAPAccess to calendar -- -- ++Twitter integration +- +- +Distribution ++ AppStore presence AppStore presence
    21. 21. Building native apps, the options C / C++ Different CPU architecturesObjective-C C# / Silverlight 3+ C / C++
    22. 22. Building native apps, the optionsReally?Write an app for each device?I need to master Objective C, Java and C#?Any alternatives?
    23. 23. 3 types Xamarin WP7 Silverlight MonoTouch Xamarin Mono for Android Adobe AIR Appcelerator Titanium WP7 ActionScript JavaScript > Native Silverlight XCode C#Objective-C Service2Media Rhodes Ruby + HTML Lua C# Android SDK Java Antenna Sybase Unwired App Logic Rapid Scripting “4GL” code gen Language Shared Kony PhoneGap language Javascript HTML5 / CSS / JS Lua Vendor tools “Magic Box” Hybrid
    24. 24. Building the right user interfaceUI technology changes more rapidly then yourservicesSo what UI technology do I choose?General rule of thumb:– Reach: Web– Rich: Native OSSeparate lifecycle of client and services– Services are stable– Uix changes more rapidly
    25. 25. Code sharing is possible! Android Per App Reusable 16% 20% Specific WP7 35% 12% iOS Shared Shared app 18% logic 65% 20% Windows8 14% ...and that’s without the back end!
    26. 26. Next Generation User InterfacesTrends
    27. 27. Touch interface
    28. 28. How target size influences error rate usability research 1/25 1/100 1/1000
    29. 29. Use touch target sizeRecommended size – 7x7mmOptimized for accuracy – 9x9mm Microsoft: 9x9mm Apple HIG: 44x44pxOptimized for small size – 5x5mmEach target has 2mm padding
    30. 30. What about other input methods? > Command output > more command more outputCommand line interface Graphical user interface Metro style user interface• Text commands • Click, double-click, right click • Slide/right click to select • Zoom/scrollbar to jump • Hold/hover to learn
    31. 31. Windows 8 touch interactionsPress and hold to Tap for primary Slide to drag Swipe to selectlearn action Swipe from edge for Pinch to zoom app and system UI Rotate to rotate
    32. 32. Need for a design language(Metro)
    33. 33. CloudTrends
    34. 34. Cloud Computing is Serious Business
    35. 35. Cloud Services“Bring Your Own VM” “Bring Your Own APP” “Bring Your Own User”
    36. 36. Capacity Current
    37. 37. Capacity Cloud
    38. 38. Typical Scenario
    39. 39. Cloud implications on architectureCloud introduces a new phenomenon– Pay as you go cost modelThis can have major implications on your architecture– Which cloud specific features do I useHard questions– Pay based on I/O or Compute cycles • How many I/O’s to storage of my service? • Algorithms can make a difference!– How much data am I going to store • Price differences based on storage models
    40. 40. Development Changes Cost Efficient
    41. 41. Continuous clientAs a user I want to use multiple devices andcontinue my work seamlessly
    42. 42. Source:Gartner
    43. 43. Source:Gartner
    44. 44. Source:Gartner
    45. 45. SummaryMobile trend is just taking offThe game is on!, not overNew user interface concepts will influence theway we build appsEach form factor requires unique interfaceCloud is there to support our massive computingdemandPay as you go model – Game changer for new business models!
    46. 46. Next session:20:15 Marcel MarcelTrack 1 (Seminarruimte 1) Meijer de VriesNext Generation User Interfaces SDN Regional DirectorTrack 2 (Seminarruimte 2) @marcelmeijer @marcelvGebruik van MVVM en Maps op Windows Phone Dennis Vroegop Thank you! DotNed @dvroegop