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Performance Support at 38,000 Feet


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Presentation of Wilma Baltes and me about Performance Support at KLM. We presented at Learning 2019 in Orlando on Tuesday 29 October 2019.

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Performance Support at 38,000 Feet

  1. 1. Wilma Baltes & Marcel de Leeuwe Performance Support at 38,000 Feet
  2. 2. 5 Moments of Need approach 1. When Learning for the First Time 2. When Wanting to Learn More
 3. When Trying to Apply 4. When Something Goes Wrong 5. When Something Changes Formal Instruction
 (Train) Performance Support
 (Transfer/Sustain) Source: APPLY Synergies
  3. 3. Learning environment (LMS)
 (Selfstudy modules & more) Workshop (F2F)
 (Cases & more) Flight
 (First flight)
  4. 4. Source: APPLY Synergies
  5. 5. Tips & Tricks 1. Start with Apply at the End (the real business is the start)
 2. Improve the work processes along the design and development
 3. Change the way of thinking (it is not just a format)!
  6. 6. Wilma Baltes & Marcel de Leeuwe Thank you!