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Discover The Sweetcases Feb09


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For the first time in the tourism sector, iPtours offers this unique opportunity to give your brand an incomparable visibility on the Net.

Discover the Sweetcases and learn more about this collaboration with great results at a minimum price if compared to any advertising campaign.

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Discover The Sweetcases Feb09

  1. 1. Discover the Sweetcases - iPtours campaign 2009 Following a great deal of ex- pectation and effort, a new con- cept has come onto the market from the tra- vel portals, a concept combi- ning a passengers social net- work service and a transparent, easy-to-use sales channel that allows to create, buy and share your trips in one single website. Objective: easy travel Travel, because iPtours enables users to gather information about and discuss… travel, share and discover… travel ideas, plan and buy… trips. Easy, because the tools and applications are quick and easy to learn, because the site ’ s design is intuitive and constructed with the user in mind, and because the prices are transparent and don ’ t hide any nasty surprises. If you want to know more about our philosophy and our best features, read our press release. If you are interested in our social network, read everything concerning the Comunidad iP . Looking for che- ap flights and hotel rooms? Learn more about our sales channel. For more details regarding the tech- nology used don´t miss this article.
  2. 2. Our action plan The first stage of the project culminated in the starting up of the portal and its launch to the media, social networks and influential bloggers, always stressing what differentiates us. Now, in order to continue responding to the constant chan- ges in our real and virtual environment, we are carrying out a hard-hitting advertising campaign aimed at enhancing the visibility of iPtours and generating traffic in the portal with a view to obtaining registrations in the Comunidad iP ( iP Community ) and sales. Objective of the advertising campaign Given our intention of positioning ourselves as an engine for innovation in the market, we are launching a campaign based on ani- mated videoclips explaining the portal ’ s benefits and advantages in a comical fas- hion as seen from the peculiar standpoint of the Sweetcase family. Through content of excellent graphic quality which packs a big impact, the audience will get to know who we are and in what ways we are different. We shall begin with a se- ries of 12 chapters that will be launched starting in February 2009 ( the first two we- re shown at FITUR 2009 ) and shall gra- dually add more as the year goes on.
  3. 3. Our proposal – The Sweetcases A common feature in series and films, indirect ad- vertising -or product placement as it is more usua- lly known- is an exceptional tool for showing the benefits of a product associated with the context in which it is present. For the first time in the market, we want to give other brands the chance to asso- ciate themselves with our advertising campaign and take part in the Sweetcases ’ comedy plot. In this way, your product will have the same impact as our portal, since we guarantee you optimum visibility and a natural integration into our advertising message. Discover the Sweetcases, a family of madcap suitcases starring in the cartoon shorts who will quickly become a talking point with their incredible adventures. Don ’ t miss this unique opportunity to reach a huge online and offline audience thanks to the viral actions we are un- dertaking with the first two chapters. To view the two shorts, you can go to iPtours Channel, our channel on youtube, or press Ctrl and click on the image below: You can also find us on other video websites such as Dailymotion, Google Video, MSN Video, Yahoo Video, Yuglo, Viddler, AOL Motionbox, Veoh, and specialist communi- ties such as Hosteltur and Turismo 2.0. Together, these channels reach millions of users who could be seeing your brand at this very moment. What are you waiting for? Marcela Ureta Marketing 625 342 330