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Marcela Kane is Halliburton’s Director of Tax


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Marcela Kane is an international tax professional with more than fifteen years of experience in the tax services industry. Marcela kane Lantrip has worked for multiple multinational organizations and is currently the director of Tax at Halliburton. Marcela Kane Lantrip joined the organization in July 2015.

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Marcela Kane is Halliburton’s Director of Tax

  1. 1. Marcela Kane
  2. 2. Continental Who's Who recently recognized Marcela Kane Lantrip as a Pinnacle Lifetime Member in the field of Tax Services. She is currently the director of Tax for Halliburton, a multinational oil and gas company. Marcela Kane Lantrip has worked for Halliburton since July 2015.
  3. 3. Marcela Kane Featured In IAW
  4. 4. Marcela Kane Began her Career in Bogota, Columbia Marcela Kane Lantrip was born in Peru and raised in Bogota, Colombia, where she initially pursued higher education and career opportunities. She graduated from the Universidad del Rosario where she earned her first two college degrees. After graduating in 1998, Marcela Kane accepted her first professional position with the National Tax and Customs Administration of Colombia.
  5. 5. Marcela Kane: Many Areas of Tax Services Expertise Marcela Kane provides advice on technical and operational tax, and research and analysis of complex tax issues. Marcela Kane Lantrip's areas of expertise include US GAAP accounting for income taxes, tax provision processes and analytics, U.S. taxation of non-U.S. operations, non-U.S. taxes, risk management, foreign currency, and tax planning.
  6. 6. Marcela Kane Enjoying with friends
  7. 7. Marcela Kane: Role and Responsibilities at Halliburton Marcela Kane Lantrip joined Halliburton in July 2015 and is currently the director of Tax for the organization. Her responsibilities include extensive interactions with international entities, foreign team coordination, consolidation, SEC reporting, and tax management. Additionally, Marcela Kane Lantrip enjoys the opportunity to interact with multiple cultures.
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