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About Marcela Kane - A Texas Businesswoman


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Marcela Kane lives and works in Houston, Texas, as a Tax Director. She has nearly two decades of experience. Marcela Kane Lantrip holds both a Doctor of Laws and a Master of Tax degree from the Universidad del Rosario in Bogota, Colombia.

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About Marcela Kane - A Texas Businesswoman

  1. 1. About Marcela Kane - A Texas Businesswoman Marcela Kane Lantrip is a diverse tax professional with an excellent reputation in her field. She serves as a Tax Director at Halliburton in Houston, Texas, and holds both a Doctor of Law and a Master of Tax degree from the Universidad del Rosario. Figure 1 Marcela Kane
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  3. 3. As a hands-on leader with experience working with global, cross-functional teams, Marcela Kane Lantrip’s expertise is highly valued by her colleagues. “With over [fifteen] years’ experience, across [five] global companies, I have seen trends,” she wrote in a recent interview. “Being recruited for key positions, my experience in M&A activity is both with approve and withdrawn deals. This equates to leading transition and separations from clean rooms, and working tightly with external auditors. Global stability, political environment, consumption forecast, economic disturbances are key tools in my forecast requirements.” In addition to her extensive experience as an international tax professional, Marcela Kane Lantrip is bilingual – speaking both English and Spanish – and she has been repeatedly commended for her sound decision-making, analytical ability and problem-solving skills. She also participated in the Haliburton Charity Golf Tournament and an event that benefitted the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women movement. Marcela Kane Images
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  25. 25. Figure 24 Marcela Kane Would you like to learn more about Marcela Kane Lantrip? Visit her LinkedIn & twitter profile for her complete professional background at