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Facebook strategy

  1. 1. -I suggest planning your FB posts weekly and/or monthly. By writing as many as you can ahead of time, youll only have to be on FB 10-15minutes or so a day to post and reply to any postings from your fans and interact with other companies.-Try to keep the posts between 1 and 3 sentences long. If theyre too long people wont read them.-Try to only post once per day, and dont do more than 15 per week if possible. Facebook isnt as "quick" as Twitter and you dont need to postnearly as often to reach the same, if not a greater, number of people. Normal is 5-7 per week. Think quality not quantity.-If youre starting with a blank slate, just begin sharing the posts as suggested in the plan. If youre switching over to my plan from what you hadbeen doing, it would be proper to indicate that there are changes coming, and then introduce each post (and how it works if appropriate) thefirst time you share it.-while I always try to give you completely accurate information, its important that you know what FBs terms and conditions are for your pageand posted content, especially as they change frequently.-with the way that Facebook pages work, you can comment on pages with your page. Its a great way to connect with other (local) businessowners and raise awareness about your company (if you dont know how this works, ask me!)-make sure to include a link to your facebook page on your website! (not just a like button but an actual button/link that will take people there.)I have 7 main ideas for you:1 talk about what to share online and where to share it. This would be a way to offer suggestions about what to blog, post, tweet about, greatwebsites/groups for different types of businesses to either post on or interact with, what videos to share, how to get good content etc. Thingsthat many people wonder about and usually just push forward (blindly) because they dont think its easy enough to find an answer.2 talk about marketing. This is a discussion based idea. Each week talk about a different aspect of marketing. You can talk about a particularonline site (fb, craigslist etc), business image, websites, communication, online newsletters etc. Essentially any marketing topic on or off line is agood thing to ask a question about. You can also base the discussion on current news, trends new ideas or happenings. Youll want to try to
  2. 2. come up with a new idea each week. You may be able to talk about a topic, but ask a different question about the topic, within 6 months’ timethough, or if it seems appropriate to follow up the next week with a follow up question you can/should do that.3 share about social media. Share tips about blogging, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube (and/or any other sites you want to include).Some topics to share about include tips for writing catchy stuff, viral videos, video equipment, writing styles, being social etc. Rotate betweenthese 5 topics every 5 weeks. Feel free to ask your fans questions as well and start discussions about social media too. This is a great way tocreate interaction.4 share about SEO keywords. Come up with 52 categories of businesses and write 1 post for each of them with 6 or so SEO keywords they coulduse. Some may be repeat keywords, but some should be specific. Start with the keywords for just 30 of the categories, and then as you getcloser to having shared all 30, write the other 22. You can reuse the categories each year and maybe even some of the keywords.5 talk about link building. Each week you can share a suggestion for link building, share some ideas for how to link build, share a relevant articleon link building, ask questions about link building and ask your fans for their questions.*When you share an article, share the topic/title, a sentence about it that will interest your fans and a link to the article so they can read it. Alsoconsider asking a question about the article to encourage discussion on your FB page.6 share one of your blog posts, either a new one or an older one. Dont have your site automatically post the post or just post the link, insteadyou should share the topic or title, a sentence about the post to interest and engage your fans and a link to the post, not your blog, so they canread it. Feel free to also ask a question in the post on FB to engage your readers about the post there too.7 share about your services. Each week share a little about what you do, how you can help fans, or invite fans to check out your site. Includeyour website link in each post so fans can learn more.Facebook Plan:I suggest that you usually have a catchy title for each posting and you should always post the same topic on the same day.You can adjust the plan to include as many or few of the topics suggested, but the plan below includes all of them.So on Sundays you could post "Social Savvy: have you tried using a Facebook page for business yet? What have your results been?"
  3. 3. Sunday: "Social Savvy" talk about social media on Sundays (#3)Monday: "Lovely Links" share about link building on Mondays (#5)Tuesday: "Marcela Masters" share about your services on Tuesdays (#7)Wednesday: "Smart SEO" talk about keywords on Wednesdays (#4)Thursday: "Crucial Content" talk about content on Thursdays (#1)Friday: "Mastering Marketing" talk about marketing on Fridays (#2)Saturday: "Business Building" share blog posts on Saturdays (#6)