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State of the Net keynote


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This is a "Digital City" project presentation, specifically designed for a conf in Trieste, Italy. 14 years ago I worked on a "digitale citta" projecto - and so

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State of the Net keynote

  1. 1. Digital City MechanicsA system for creating jobs...
  2. 2. In 1998 we began building a Digital CityIn Trieste
  3. 3. Digitale Citta projecto • Utilizzato a banda larga di Telecom Italia • Ha lavorato con il Sindaco Illy • Integrated, rich media UI design
  4. 4. Built on AJAX - 6 years beforeAJAX Focused on family computing
  5. 5. Profile pages, Multiple personae
  6. 6. QTVR Shopping, Seniors interfacesEmbeddedApps
  7. 7. Real-time Video cams - in Clubs
  8. 8. We Cannot Create Jobs FastEnough... • Job training is geared toward “old Job” Models • Workforce training dollars are wasted • Not clear how many freelancers exist • Hi-tech industry doesn’t care
  9. 9. What is a Job? Its Changing... • No longer 40 hours a week, into an office • Virtual work habits & workgroups • Online tools, apps & services • Computers & handheld devices • Freelance nation, Project-based economy
  10. 10. Hi-Tech Jobs for "normal people?" • As high as 60% do not have hi-tech skills • As high as 25% unemployed in some regions • 25% of workforce are freelancers
  11. 11. The real Digital Divide • Feeling comfortable using computers as a tool to make a living, to get work done • Not free laptops and net access and MS Office
  12. 12. Digital Economy Ecosystem building blocks
  13. 13. Hybrid of Technology andSociology • Don’t just offer the tools to the people • Make sure they USE them! • Show normal BENEFIT and VALUE from on-line technology - make a living, not just waste time!
  14. 14. A New Model for Creating Jobs • Jobs require comfort online & with PCs • On-demand skills & tasks • Virtual workgroups - online tools • Project based, peer network, social-based • Involves producing LOTS of online multimedia • Games, simulations, visualizations, videos, mashups, remixes • Interactive multimedia + data = app economy
  15. 15. OpenPlatform • Built-in training curriculum • Real-time Video Help • Community Activity streams • Online marketplace, Job board • Community Timeline • Community Media Channels
  16. 16. New Workforce Training • Haves help the have nots • Retrain workforce for tomorrow’s jobs • $25k per job instead of $60k • Experts -> semi-skilled -> interns
  17. 17. Multiple levels - simultaneously • Meta • Entrepreneurial • Community – Groups – Projects • Individuals
  18. 18. Lots of Multimedia productionwork• Interactive Encyclopedias• Knowledge bases• Business Directory• Apps, games, simulations, videos
  19. 19. Picking up whereBroadband Infrastructure leaves off • Existing broadband infrastructure - stops there • Gigabit networking • Stable connection • Entrepreneurial culture • “ Sense of expectation" • Citizen dashboards - Software infrastructure • Emphasize multimedia production skills • Community engagement programs
  20. 20. Community Engagement is ourValue-Added Differentiation • Free training and Paid Internship programs • Local business directories and on-line marketplace • Community workshops • Local community "bureaus" • Free tech support for community organizations • Multimedia content projects and newsletters • People’s video help bureaus • On-line viral marketing campaigns by local groups • Encourage startups, independent workers, entrepreneurs
  21. 21. Three worlds over-lapping • Silicon Valley Tech Industry • College educated - Under-employed • Students/Interns/Un-employed
  22. 22. The Elitist technology industry • Comfortable in their success • Don’t care about jobs for normal people • Only focused on VC funded, home runs • Intellectually stimulating
  23. 23. Under-employed, collegeeducated • Never had a chance to put their skills – to use • Need motivation – to care to look for better job • No time for intellectualizing – just stay alive • Short term focused
  24. 24. Students / Interns / Un-employed • Need a job • Need motivation to care – at all – about anything • What’s Intellectualizing? • “ Shouldn’ t there be digital jobs – for us – too?”
  25. 25. An integrated system New methodology – uses on-line tools and points Points Video Workshop Help sEducation Desk Internship s On-line skills Focus on intangible skills needed for freelance workers
  26. 26. An integrated systemAll projects sponsored Interns placed into Learn by doingby local brands on-going projects Biz Video Directorys Projects Education Games Sites Visualizations Trainers training Trainers
  27. 27. An integrated system Tech Build trust in the Citizens cluster around Support neighborhoods Projects and Events Marketplac Orgs e Community Projects Education Engagement Live“Content” channels flow Citizens support new events Provide free tech support to ways of learning community orgs
  28. 28. An integrated system Channels Aggregate:All activity leverages - Content Socialfree open on-line - People Help deskplatform - Services Marketplace Media Biz Directory Community Projects Education Engagement Platform
  29. 29. An integrated system Entrepreneurial - Jobs Community Projects Education Engagement Platform
  30. 30. New kinds ONLINE CONTENT, Customize of online MARKETPLACE & marketing CLASSIFIEDS a city or CORPORATE region HYPER-LOCAL SPONSORSHIPSRELATIONSHIPS More efficient use of workforce training PROGRAMS PROJECTS SERVICES dollars
  31. 31. BU S IN E S SCorporate Sponsorships • Socially conscious spend their marketing budgets = creating local jobs • Help build local cyber savvy workforce • Train workers in online job skills
  32. 32. BU S IN E S SHyper-Local Relationships • Authentic connection to vendors and customers • Convince global brands to spend money locally • Timely, local, viral campaigns
  33. 33. BU S IN E S SOnline Marketplace & BizDirectory • Local businesses of all types – in our own online local biz directory • Goods and Services sold • Provide delivery and fulfillment • Webmercials for all listings and items • Transaction and reputation services • Craig’s list + Angie’s list + Etsy
  34. 34. Digital Economy Ecosystem • Entrepreneurial culture • Online job market • Not just for companies, but individuals • Support Independent workers, freelancers • Collaboration, Communication, Commerce
  35. 35. DCM puts the deals together• Build syndicate of local investors and stakeholders• Create local subsidiary, own 51% of entity – 49% = local investors, execs and staff• Create accompanying 501c3• Identify local industry to sponsor MM projects• Global brands sponsor viral campaigns - gain access to authentic hyper-local vendors and customers – via our Biz Directory• Setup and operate Bureaus and on-line Mktplace – offer community free services• Customize Citizen Dashboard to the City or Region
  36. 36. Tech Development Tec h Design Des ign Platform, Plug-Ins Development Games, V e s G m sVideos a e, id o Pa om P gin lf , l - s tr u Interactive Content Interfaces, T m le I ef e, Templates n r cs e p t ta as I eate o tn n rc C ne t t iv I.P.TAM P Jam aica C LE VE LA K ans as A ND C ity
  37. 37. Digital City Mechanics • Working towards this for 20 years – (Odaiba, MediaBar, Trieste, SuperBowl XXXII,, Blogging, Open Social Networking) • Helped build an industry before – (MacroMind Macromedia) • Social networking platform – (PeopleAggregator) • Open standards – (RSS, OpenID, OAuth) • Let’s do it in KC!