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Citizen Dashboard Proposal


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This is a proposal I'm submitting to Cuyahoga County, Northern Ohio.

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Citizen Dashboard Proposal

  1. 1. Citizen Dashboard A proposal for Cuyahoga County
  2. 2. What are Citizen Dashboards? • A way for a wide range of citizens to share resources, aggregate info and utilize an integrated environment – which is highly customizable? • Using their PCs • A geeky way to find a job or make money
  3. 3. The problem • Technology today is hard to use – you must be a geek to get any value from it • Many concerned people want to help – how do they? • We need to train people in skills which will get them jobs • The local community is not connected to what can be done with technology • We need to help generate jobs in the community
  4. 4. The Challenges • Generating jobs in Northern Ohio • Educating people to use the technology • Integrating technology into our normal, everyday lives • Enabling ‘digital lifestyles’ so that info can be: – Integrated into our lives – Aggregated from a wide range of sources – Customized to exactly what I’m interested in
  5. 5. Our proposed solution will • Create new jobs and help build an on-line community in Cuyahoga County • By using computers which are outfitted with the right software • And by getting local citizens their own ‘dashboards’ which will get them involved • And benefit from that software and community
  6. 6. The Citizen Dashboard effort • Integrated platform • System Integration • Job Generating projects
  7. 7. County wide system integration • An organization is created – with funding • That puts machines and software into the hands of the right people and organizations • And provides suppport and training on that software • To create jobs and build community • By putting on live events, sponsoring content projects and establishing a business directory
  8. 8. The Citizen Dashboard environment • Machines with video cam and mic • Browser and Skype • Wifi or 3G card • Special ‘dashboard’ software will connect it all together • Lots of commerce, education, entertainment and complementary services • With multimedia and ad bureaus for support
  9. 9. Project responsible for system integration • We help schools, churches, local businesses configure their machines and get accounts • We set up ‘bureaus’ which generate jobs, provide support and become an anchor in the community • We help sponsor events and content projects which all generate jobs • We provide a training ground and career path
  10. 10. Integrated platform • The dashboard provides and supports: – A social network, with personal pages, blogging and Groups – Real-time video Help – A marketplace and business directory – A series of knowledge bases and Content projects: • Green Job Skills – training and encyclopedia • History of the Region • Seniors project – A series of Live Events
  11. 11. Each Citizen’s Dashboard • Gives them a blog, media storage and a personal voice • Allows them to share their photos, videos or whatever they’re interested in (feeds) • A way to make friends, find jobs, join Groups, participate in ‘conversations’, etc. • Allows them to forge their own ‘digital lifestyle’ – which will not only train them, but also give them a future – on-line
  12. 12. Dashboards will • Aggregate a wide range of content sources – RSS, Events, Listings, Blog posts, Media, Activities • Provide storage for Media and Files • Support Persistent Content – Knowledge bases: Green jobs skills, Health – Content projects: Seniors project, local History • Provide Directories of local businesses, events, resources, government agencies
  13. 13. Job generating projects • Local bureaus: – Create web pages – Edit video and audio, edit graphics and photos – Book, place and manage ads – Run a CMS (content management system) • Content projects • Knowledge Bases • Live Events • Training and support services
  14. 14. Path through the system • Phase 0 – walk in off the street – Assess computer skills – Adeptness to technology? • Phase 1 – setup a machine – Download Skype, set it up – Go get your own Dashboard account – Configure your account – Connect into the community – Connect to Wifi or 3G
  15. 15. Path through the system <cntd> • Phase II – prove your worth or start learning – What area of Interest? – join Groups, join conversations – What skills? – edit music, photos, video, create blog posts – How geeky? – leave comments, configure pages – Want a job? – how can you help? – Provide support to Family Activities, Church or School events, Community at large
  16. 16. Path through the system <cntd> • Phase III – schedule meetings, appointments – Reach out to local orgs – Get folks to sign up – Provide basic hand holding – Attend training classes – Learn wide range of skills – Help put on Live Events – Help shoot videos, record audio – Help setup machines, status displays – Start conversations
  17. 17. Path through the system <cntd> • Phase IV – marketable skills – Edit video or audio – Touchup photos – Produce and/or place an ad – Build a knowledge base – Update Directories, run a CMS – Provide support – Configure a network or web site – Help teach classes – Help run an event
  18. 18. Path through the system <cntd> • Phase V – full member of the team – Help organize and put on an event – Manage a support center – Teach classes – Start and Manage a Content project – Create new communities – Help others through the system – Recruit, sell, organize, train
  19. 19. The circular ecosystem
  20. 20. “Day in the Life”
  21. 21. “Day in the Life” <cntd>
  22. 22. Partnership goals • Mobile carrier • PC hardware vendor • BigCo platform • Local media
  23. 23. Alliances • w/local schools, colleges and universities • w/hospitals, pharmas and insurance companies • w/local government • w/local businesses
  24. 24. Structure of Citizen Dashboard project • Broadband Mechanics • REALNEO • Cuyahoga County
  25. 25. Who we are • Marc Canter • Norm Roulet