Getting the most out of the world's biggest social network


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This presentation was delivered at Social Media for Social Good in Glasgow on 26 April 2012.

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Getting the most out of the world's biggest social network

  1. 1. FacebookGetting the most out of the world’s biggest social network#begoodbesocialMarc
  2. 2. What we’ll cover today • Getting started with Facebook • Facebook strategy • It’s good to talk • The Facebook Timeline • The Ubiquitous Network • Taking Facebook further
  3. 3. Getting started with Facebook • Facebook Pages will give you more
  4. 4. Getting started with Facebook • Have multiple administrators
  5. 5. Getting started with Facebook • Keep it relevant
  6. 6. Getting started with Facebook • Choose captivating images
  7. 7. Getting started with Facebook • Reach out to your supporters and peers • Think carefully about linking Facebook to Twitter • Give people a reason to like your Facebook Page
  8. 8. Facebook Strategy (ooo scary word) • Think about who your audience are – what are you going to post to get their attention? • Create a calendar of key events for your organisation • Gather inspiring stories to tell • Calls to action – empower your supporters • Build a community • Learn from the data by using Insights
  9. 9. It’s good to talk • Keep it brief and inspire • Always reply to comments and posts on your page, even if they’re negative • Every so often thank your supporters • Ask for feedback
  10. 10. The Facebook Timeline • Cover images
  11. 11. The Facebook Timeline • Milestones
  12. 12. The Facebook Timeline • Highlighting
  13. 13. The Facebook Timeline • Pinning
  14. 14. The Ubiquitous Network • Page stories boost your newsfeed presence – post a variety of story types • Encourage staff to list you as an employer and share your updates with their friends • Check ins • Use tools such as like boxes and share buttons on your website • Put a Facebook icon on your email footer
  15. 15. Now it’s your turn • Split into groups of four • Choose one of your organisations • Plan a Facebook strategy for six months • include simple objectives, eg. gain 50 new likes • make a list of key dates • how often will you post? • who will post? • What unique element can you offer on Facebook? • something that your fans won’t get anywhere else
  16. 16. My top tips • Ensure your cover photo is a strong image that captures the essence your organisation. • Don’t just broadcast what your organisation does. Get the conversation flowing and talk to people. Be human. • If you’re posting stories, try and put them on your website and post a link to that. It will drive more traffic to your website. • Wherever you have your web address, put a Facebook logo there too so people know you’re there. • Encourage people to like/comment on posts. The more people that do, the more visible your posts will be.
  17. 17. Thank you for listening Keep up with the conversation on Twitter #begoodbesocial And of course on Facebook Need more help/guidance? You can find me here: