How to Pitch SEO to Executives - Winning Credibility & Buy-In


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The presentation outlines ways to win credibility and support for search engine optimization (SEO) initiatives from the executive level.

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  • Marketing executives are sometime unaware of the adoption of SEO by other companies
    Affiliating yourself with strong brands lends some credibility to your cause
  • - Three Slides: SEO Juice illustration (Champaign glasses), Google Core Ranking Factors & SEO-Browser Screenshot
  • Enquiro eye tracking study
    eMarketer industry surveys on online spending trends
    SEOMoz annual top ranking factors survey
    Chitika 2010 click through rate data
  • Show screenshots of keyword research, rank tracking reports, googlebot page views, etc.
    Google keyword research, Google AdWords, Google Insights, Google Webmaster Tools
  • - Show a mini-audit
  • - Illustrate how Google is now being used as a navigational tool
  • - Illustrate how Google is now being used as a navigational tool
  • - Compare organic search with the traffic channel with the highest spend
  • How to Pitch SEO to Executives - Winning Credibility & Buy-In

    1. 1. How to Pitch SEO to Executives Winning Credibility & Buy-In
    2. 2. Four Questions We’ll Answer Today 1. What are the major hurdles to get SEO buy-in? 2. Why do stakeholders continue to rely on mainstream methods of demand generation? 3. How do you explain SEO to a non-techie? 4. How do you show results?
    3. 3. Challenges SEOs Face
    4. 4. SEO is Associated with Snake Oil Unrealistic promises
    5. 5. Over-Hyped Pitches Unsuccessful past experience
    6. 6. Misinformation Executives Read These!
    7. 7. Executives Dislike Risk • Purchased media is seen as a “sure thing” • Enquiro BuyerSphere research illustrates corporate clients will choose a safer bet
    8. 8. Big Brands Believe it’s Easy • Big brand clients believe Google must send them traffic • Traffic should be “free”…free of effort
    9. 9. SEO is Not Top of Mind SEO Email Mktg Social Media Twitter Facebook Web Design Groupon Competition Online Ads PPC
    10. 10. How to Attain Credibility
    11. 11. Establish Credibility Align SEO with credible brands
    12. 12. Explain SEO. Quickly. • Explain SEO in 3 Slides or Less • Plain English. No Technical Jargon • Identify where you need their support
    13. 13. Educate with Industry Findings Enquiro Search Engine Eye Tracking Study
    14. 14. Educate with Tools • Everyday SEO tools have an “Aha!” factor for non-SEOs • Adds credibility through data
    15. 15. Highlight the Competition • Show rankings screenshots to highlight deficiencies • Bonus Points – Align with search volume data & SERP click-through data (i.e. Chitika) Them = 34% of Clicks Us = 17% of Clicks
    16. 16. How to Attain Buy-In
    17. 17. Illustrate the Google-Effect Show how return visitors also use search engines to “navigate” to websites they’ve visited before
    18. 18. Introduce Multiple Attribution & The Long Tail “FIFA 10 Xbox 360” Touch point #1 “FIFA 10 Reviews” “FIFA 360 Dribbling” Touch point #2 “FIFA 10 Walmart” Purchase! Utilize Google Search Funnel to Prove Your Theories
    19. 19. Compare Current Traffic Generation Methods ($) Budget Visits Organic Search Social Media *Traffic & budget data are for demo purposes and do not reflect the metrics of a particular organization
    20. 20. Overshadow Risks with Benefits Value of Traffic (USD) Source Google Adwords Monthly $40,500 Annual $486,000 Anticipated Traffic (Position 2-4) 8.5% CTR 350,000 Total Searches in Google for Top 20 Keyword Phrases 4.1 Million Searches If We Purchased This Traffic, This is How Much You’d Pay
    21. 21. Overshadow Risks with Benefits Potential Revenue Net Retail Price ($30) Monthly $210,000 Season $1.26 Mill Purchase Intent 2% Conversion Rate* 7,000 Anticipated Traffic (Position 2-4) 8.5% CTR 350,000 When We Monetize This Traffic, This is Our Revenue * Collect through exit surveys or point of sale surveys
    22. 22. Final Thoughts
    23. 23. Things to Remember 1. Align SEO with Goals & Results - Without them SEO is just traffic 2. Ensure a Web Analytics Foundation - Analytics plays a key role in attaining buy-in and illustrating results 3. Implementation is Another Story – Buy-in is only the first step 4. Educate. Don’t Sell. – Establishes Credibility
    24. 24. Thank You Marc Bitanga Manager, Search Marketing & Analytics Electronic Arts Twitter: @marcbitanga