Social Media: When a Good Thing Goes Bad


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Social Media: When a Good Thing Goes Bad

  1. 1. Social Media: When a Good Thing Goes Bad Marc Ross @ 2ndSix Session 8
  2. 2. Revolution?
  3. 4. Movable Press + Printing Press 1439
  4. 5. Telephone 1876
  5. 6. Motion Pictures 1927
  6. 7. Television 1954
  7. 8. Server Room 1999
  8. 9. WWW 2009
  9. 10. Old Way vs. New Way
  10. 14. Movable Press + Printing Press Telephone Motion Pictures Television
  11. 15. Cases
  12. 17. 8:39pm E
  13. 18. How To Triple Your Twitter Followers Overnight: Call The President A Liar Presidential Heckler Takes His Site Down Obama Heckler Rep. Joe Wilson Already Has Facebook Fans Rob Miller raises $700k online in 24hrs off of his opponent, Rep. Wilson's "You lie" comment. Stunning. Predict $1M by tomorrow night. RT @CongJoeWilson: Posted a video response on YouTube. Please watch and pass on. Thank you for standing with me. #TCOT   RT @CongJoeWilson: Over 8,500 Americans are standing with me against the liberal attacks. Join them at   New Joe 'You lie!' Wilson video: He explains his outburst, seeks $$$: South Carolina Republi.. #politics #tcot #p2   Rep. Wilson’s ‘you lie’ brings him notoriety: With just two words, Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) has gotten his 15 mi..   Via @LATimesTOT: Joe Wilson explains "You lie!" outburst, seeks money | Cash flows to his 2010 foe His name has been the top trending topic on Twitter going on its second day now
  14. 21. For SEC, tech-savvy fans might be biggest threats to media exclusivity The SEC, one of college sports' biggest, richest, most prominent conferences, earlier this month sent to its 12 schools an eye-opening new media policy. It places increasingly stringent limits on reporters and how much audio, video and "real-time" blogging they can do at games, practices and news conferences. But even more interesting is that the policy also includes rules for fans in the stands. No updating Twitter feeds. No taking photos with phones and posting them on Facebook or Flickr. No taking videos and putting them on YouTube. A conference spokesman said this policy was meant to try to keep as many eyeballs as possible on ESPN and CBS — which are paying the SEC $3 billion for the broadcast rights to the conference's games over the next 15 years — and also on the SEC Digital Network — the conference's own entity that's scheduled to debut on later this month. Many are saying this makes the bosses of the SEC look like fuddy-duddy technophobes — that they don't "get" new media. August 16, 2009
  15. 22. SEC Football Ready to Sack Social Media Social Media Banned from College Stadiums   Is It Really Illegal to Tweet a College Game? SEC to Ban Social Media at Games: 4th and Dumb SEC football policy too restrictive on new media SEC Bans Social Media; Fears Future Media Abilities A laughable SEC football media policy on fans talking about football games… Tweet this: Social media has the SEC & its TV partners afraid of you SEC's New Fan and Media Policy Provokes Confusion, Outrage August 17, 2009
  16. 23. August 18, 2009 Common Sense Wins: Social Media to Be Allowed at SEC Games "I see social media as a way that our fans can be engaged and share the positive word of what goes on in our universities and our stadiums. We talk about the environment around our games and that it’s an experience, not just a football game. I think if we have fans in our stands that tweet, and enter Facebook entries, and a take pictures and show everyone having a great time whether it’s tailgating or the scenery around stadium - I think that’s a positive that we can use to get the word out about the atmosphere of our ball games.“ Charles Bloom - SEC Associate Commissioner of Media Relations
  17. 24. John Mackey Oped: The Whole Foods Alternative to ObamaCare "The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money." — Margaret Thatcher August 11, 2009
  18. 25. Whole Foods Backlash: Bloggers Outraged Over CEO's Anti-'ObamaCare ‘ Whole Foods Devotees Lash Out at CEO Wall Street Journal Op-Ed Prompts Whole Foods Boycotts Healthcare Op-Ed From Whole Foods CEO Rattles Customer Base Whole Foods furor over Mackey op-ed grows Mackey's Op-Ed Tarnishes Whole Foods Brand Image James P. Hoffa: A Message from Whole Foods: Let Them Eat Cake Whole Foods is in a whole lot of trouble Whole Foods' rotten core Liberal Whole Foods Fans Feel Betrayed
  19. 33. The KFC Coupon Crisis This week must be a terrible period of time for KFC China.  The fiasco of its online promotion led the brand to a very big crisis . Now let’s look back to the issue and try to learn some lessons from it. On April 6, KFC launched a digital campaign called  Super Tuesday  on China’s top e-commerce site Taobao. The rule of the campaign, dubbed a “one-second act ( 秒杀 ),” was set for 10:00 am, 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm on the day and involved 100 e-coupons for each “act.” Unexpectedly, all  the three types of e-coupons  had been available to download from several online communities since late morning. They were soon spread out through various social media channels. One  50% off coupon for the 64RMB KFC family bucket meal  was very much welcomed by consumers. It was supposed to be released on 4:00 pm and only the first hundred people who managed to grab them were supposed to be able to use them, as KFC originally planned. However, the coupon itself didn’t claim clearly on that. Instead, it was said the e-coupon could be used after it is printed and copies of coupons are also valid. On 1:30 pm, KFC suddenly posted a statement on the  campaign site ,  official brand site  and  official e-coupon site  to shut down the campaign.
  20. 35. Social Networks Reach Out To Ash Cloud Refugees Networks such as Twitter and Facebook have emerged as essential tools for those stranded, as many official travel information sites crashed under the pressure of online inquiries. The Swedish car-pool movement has set up a  Facebook group called Carpool Europe , connecting people offering or seeking car rides. Facebook and Twitter are also being used to source hotel rooms or alternative forms of transport, according to a report from  gigaom . Yesterday, a Dunkirk-style evacuation from France was organised by TV presenter  Dan Snow  (for those unable to fly back to Britain. Tweeting as calaisrescue , Snow evacuated twenty-five people in three boats, before the authorities brought the rescue effort to a halt for health and safety reasons. The hashtag #ashtag came into use on Twitter soon after the eruption, enabling people to discuss the disaster and share their experiences of trying to get home. Other tags, such as #roadsharing , #stranded , #getmehome and #putmeup have also emerged over the weekend, as the air travel chaos enters its fifth day. Many have also been using photo-sharing sites to share pictures of their surroundings and of the giant plume of ash emitting from the volcano. Baldvin Hansson, who flew over the volcano in a small plane, used Flickr to  share his spectacular pictures  of the ash cloud from above.
  21. 39. EUROPE FLIGHT DISRUPTIONS 20 April 2010 UPDATE : Last updated at 0600hrs (+8 GMT) on 20 April. This site will next be updated on 20 April by 1800hrs (+8 GMT).  Singapore Airlines is closely monitoring developments relating to the proposed reopening of European airspace. At this stage, however, most European airspace remains closed to us.  Customers booked on affected flights are advised not to proceed to the airport. Customers who have registered their mobile telephone numbers with us will be notified by SMS text message.  Singapore Airlines will provide updates on affected European flights as soon as information is available. Europe-bound customers are advised to visit  regularly for updates.  We are experiencing high call volumes at our call centres and seek our customers’ understanding. Customers who wish to check on the status of their flights or airport closures may call our hotline at +65 6542 3311. For customers who are checking on alternative travel arrangements and rebookings, please call +65 6223 8888 or +65 6789 8188. For contact details of our offices around the world, please click here .  
  22. 40. Q&A
  23. 41. Marc A. Ross [email_address] @marcaross @microadvocacy +1 (703) 598-3242 Blog: Web: