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Fundraising in a Recession - October 2009


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The slides from a keynote I gave for the Puget Sound chapter of the American Marketing Association meeting at the REI Flagship store.

Includes new ideas.

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Fundraising in a Recession - October 2009

  1. 1. Successful Fundraising in a Recession Supporting your cause when most giving is going down Marc A. Pitman,
  2. 2. The bad news seems to keep on coming  The bad news seems to keep on coming
  3. 3. And the media needs to fill time  And the media needs to fill time
  4. 4. Stress  Stress is increasing for all of us – for donors AND fundraisers!
  5. 5. Keep proper hygiene  But with proper hygiene—mental and physical—will save the day
  6. 6. We can succeed  But we can proceed with confidence and see our missions funded!
  7. 7. The Present Condition  Been in “recession” for almost a year and a half now.
  8. 8. No news is stil news, aer we out, are we not  Pundits have lots of fodder to sell issues of magazines.
  9. 9. After a free fall, stocks feel like they are on a roller coaster  Huge DNA picture strandLots of things are connected, in tandem
  10. 10. Odd characteristics of this recession  CaMore people across, degrees  Men and women  Even fundraisers are getting fired!mpfire picture with people talking
  11. 11. Media has LOTS of space to fill 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Print, radio, tv, online 100’s of channels 1000’s of magazines and radio stations Millions of blogs, and tweets, and podcasts
  12. 12. This situation is really tough  For businesses and small businesses: 1.Employment IS helping our community. Ask anyone that’s lost employers. 2.Assets aren’t equal to cash flow 3.NO ROOM FOR ENTITLEMENT! It’s ugly
  13. 13.  A trip to the grocery store but smaller ones – people really do help others in need Solicitations are taking longer – 30- 40% more activities to yield same results Major gifts & sponsorships less “sure” – wait and see approach (retirements have shrunk) Lead gifts still coming in This stuff is catchy.
  14. 14. Because you had a bad day, I should suffer?Remember Fiddler on the Roog?
  15. 15. Homelessness is on the rise
  16. 16. More and more people are hungry—not not just here, but around the GLOBE. Our mission is as needed as ever! WE MUST BE OUT THERE RAISING FUNDS FOR OUR CAUSES!
  17. 17. Let’s get fundraising!
  19. 19. Get R.E.A.L.!
  20. 20. RESEARCH
  21. 21. Organizational Google Profile Google allows you free advertising: Edit your profile Upload photos, logos, times, tons of information Tricking out your orgs Google profile helps your donors find you (even if YOU don’t Google things, you
  22. 22. Personal Google Profile
  23. 23. ENGAGE ENGAGE Now’s the time! Have you noticed: 30-60 minute appointments now taking 90-120! People seem to have lots more time. Show donors that you really do value the relationship – Engaging is 2-way, it’s dating
  24. 24. Free publicity
  25. 25. Your words or theirs
  26. 26. These are words they’re interested in!
  27. 27. Social media
  28. 28. ASK
  29. 29. Even on a post-it note
  30. 30. Not asking is not an option There’s nothing compassionate about not asking!
  31. 31. Enage about cuts  Ask them how they’re dealing with the recession
  32. 32. LOVE  The final step in REAL: Love  How many times are you supposed to say “thank you” between asks? SEVEN  Flexible with pledge payments: be proactive- even if donors don’t take you up on this, they’ll be grateful.  All the things  FP “Dust Picture” – to all last year’s sponsors, advertisers, & ticket purchasers AND  – to all in any previous year  Message: We’re investing your gift right now
  33. 33. Communicate with your top 100 Top 100 gives 84% of money One page Anecdotes Monthly From CEO
  34. 34. The bad news probably will keep on coming!
  35. 35. And we’ll keep hearing about it
  36. 36. It will be stressful
  37. 37. Keep up the hygiene!
  38. 38. We can proceed with confidence!
  39. 39. Free Resources  –Blog –Articles on Twitter –Audio  Give me your business card for –Free subscription my ezine –Free copy of my email solicitation guide