Social media marketing company in naples, florida


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Here's a quick rundown on digital response marketing group based out of Naples Florida. One of the hottest new digital marketing companies in the country.

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Social media marketing company in naples, florida

  1. 1. You can’t manage what you don’t measure- W. Edwards Deming
  2. 2. Optimizing the value of Digital Strategy, Marketing and Measurement.With the explosive growth of all things digital suchas social media, video, mobile, tablet computingand the web- The analysis, marketing andmanagement of those platforms and associateddata has never loomed larger.It doesn’t matter if you’re an SMB or a Fortune 500company. You need to adapt.At DRMG, We build it, we measure it, we manage it.
  3. 3. *What Do Companies Need Today?• Digital Strategy• Marketing effectiveness• Measurement analytics*DRMG offers 
  4. 4. Does this sound like your company?• You want to create marketing programs that drive customer acquisition, retention, up-sell and cross-sell within the constraints of a limited budget.• You want to confirm that your messaging is being delivered efficiently and is being received by the right customers.• You recognize the disruptive forces within traditional marketing.• You understand the fluctuating influence of traditional and new media• You get that social media has reduced the control your company has over its marketing and branding, but you still want to harness it.• You are challenged in developing offerings that allow you to increase overall marketing effectiveness and better navigate social media to execute messaging.
  5. 5. Why Digital Response Marketing Group?From creating or improving the effectiveness of your overall social businessstrategy, to measuring what is working and what isnt in your digitalmarketing initiatives, to building you an effective website, DRMG can uncoverthe business challenges long before your traditional metrics pick them up.How?We partner with you in the development of your online and offline productsand services that will provide the most valuable of measurement KPIs thatalign with your strategic priorities. We’ll help you take the next step inharnessing your digital, social, and web initiatives and analytics.Bottom line: We help you to respond to your customers.
  6. 6. Contacting DRMGThe Folks at DRMG have over 25 years of collective digital marketing,management and analysis experience-With the last 10 years focusedprimarily on search engine marketing and optimization, social mediamarketing and optimization and digital marketing management and spendeffectiveness.Find us on the web: http://www.drmglistens.comFind us on Twitter: our blog: Http://www.directmarketingobservations.comCall us: 239-963-4649Areas we serve: We are a global national company with offices in Naples,Florida, Chicago, Pittsburgh and New York.