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Leadership 2.0 FAPAC May 12, 2009


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Brief presentation given jointly with Grace Rodriguez ( to the Federal Asian Pacific American Council ( an trade association within the US federal government. It was a bit last minute, so I cribbed much of it from previous presentations. The Q&A went especially well since a group of young submarine naval officers really called me out on a lot of my assumptions.

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Leadership 2.0 FAPAC May 12, 2009

  1. 1. Leadership 2.0 Houston Texas May 12th 2009
  2. 2. Personal Introduction BULLDOG FINANCIAL Marc Nathan All Online Social Networks ‘marc1919’
  3. 3. Houston Technology Center HTC enables and accelerates the growth of emerging technology companies for the purpose of creating jobs and promoting economic development in the Greater Houston Area 501 (C) 3 Non-profit, opened in 1999 C5TALYST Acceleration Program Coaching | Connections | Capital | Customers | Community
  4. 4. (Very) Brief History of Leadership TOP Leader Staff DOWN Constituents
  5. 5. (Very) Brief History of Communication 1971 1600 BCE First Email Chinese Script 3500 BCE 1455 Indus Script Gutenberg Bible 6600 BCE 1876 Jiahu Script Telephone Patented 2000 BCE February 4, 2004 Cuneiform Tablets Facebook Launches
  6. 6. Leader Modern Organization Staff Constituents
  7. 7. NewLeadership Paradigm Old Leadership Paradigm Support Direct Inspire Control Motivate Manage
  8. 8. Servant-Leadership Emphasizes the leader's role as steward of the resources (human, financial and otherwise). It encourages leaders to serve others while staying focused on achieving results in line with the organization's values and integrity.
  9. 9. The greatest leader forgets himself And attends to the development of others. Good leaders support excellent workers. Great leaders support the bottom ten percent. Great leaders know that The diamond in the rough Is always found “in the rough.” - The Tao Te Ching by Chinese sage Lao Tzu circa 600 BCE
  10. 10. Three Main Ingredients of New Leadership Transparency Freedom of Information Act - 1966 Freedom of Electronic Information Act – 1996 24 Hour News Cycle Blogs / YouTube / Facebook / Twitter
  11. 11. Three Main Ingredients of New Leadership Transparency Authenticity
  12. 12. Three Main Ingredients of New Leadership Transparency Authenticity Engagement
  13. 13. Two main Demographics
  14. 14. Baby Boomers vs. Millennials
  15. 15. Baby Boomers 78 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964 spend an estimated $2.3 trillion each year on consumer goods and services. 95 percent watch TV, with 77 percent of their viewing occurring between 7:30 pm and 11 pm. Two-thirds subscribe to cable TV and are most likely to watch Discovery Channel, A&E, the Food Network, ESPN and Fox News. They don’t like reality shows. 76 percent listen to the radio - more than any other demographic. 49 percent listen to the radio during morning-drive time. Radio programming preference varies, from oldies to country to talk formats. 6 percent subscribe to satellite radio. 57 percent read their local daily newspaper regularly. 68 percent read their weekly community paper. 87 percent surf the internet, spending an average of 123 minutes online daily. 93 percent regularly or occasionally use the internet to research products before they buy them. 46 percent say online searches are triggered by traditional advertising or an article they’ve read; 45 percent are prompted by television or other broadcast media.
  16. 16. Traditional Leadership
  17. 17. Gen Y • 71 million children of baby boomers • Born from 1977 to 1994 (ages 8 to 25) • Roughly 26% of population • First generation to grow up online • Most ethnically diverse generation ever • Turned off by branding and hard sell Sources: American Demographics, U.S. Census Bureau, USA TODAY research
  18. 18. Managing Millennials • Learning is intuitive • Multi-tasking is second nature • Work-Life balance is critical • Loyalty is less important • ‘How’ is as important as ‘What’ • Optics Matter
  19. 19. Opinions,
  20. 20. Thanks for your attention Marc Nathan Social Networks: marc1919