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October 28, 2015
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To warbird pilots


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Letter from Jon Rodgers asking pilots to make more noise at Torrance Airport

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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To warbird pilots

  1. 1. JON RODGERS AVIATION CONSULTING EXPERT WITNESS SERVICES SPECIALIST IN NOISE MITIGATION October 28, 2015 TO ALL PILOTS - BUT ESPECIALLY WARBIRD AND HELICOPTER PILOTS WHO ARE NOT BASED AT TORRANCE The Tiger Squadron based at Torrance Municipal Airport (TOA) received the following e-mail from a neighbor: “I (would) like to invite you to fly somewhere other than South Torrance. Please put on your Tango Uniforms & move to another city or better yet, another planet. You are a nuisance to Torrance and unwanted here.” Additionally, another complaining neighbor sent the following e-mail to several allies living near Torrance: “As most of you know we have still not resolved our problem with the "Flying Tiger Squadron"- that group of loud low-flying foreign military planes that disturb most of our neighborhoods on too frequent a basis. As mentioned at last week's meeting, continue to call TOA Noise Abatement at (310) 784-7950. They cannot cover for these people forever, and when they get enough complaints we can have them grounded permanently (which is what we're working toward!). Below are a list of these violators and their contacts. Please let them know how you feel about them personally, as well. I've left out their cute nicknames, which they all have names like ("Sparky","Spud," etc.) The planes are mostly Russian YAKs and Asian Nanchang aircraft - go figure. In any case, it's time to turn up the heat on these arrogant pilots.” Since these arrogant neighbors obviously want the Tiger Squadron to solve their problem by rudely transferring the noise they don’t like to other neighborhoods, it’s time to show our support for the Tiger Squadron. Let’s turn the tables on these rude neighbors and the City of Torrance. Turnabout is indeed fair play. If you are based at another airport, whenever the fancy strikes, make your way over to Torrance and fly over the South Torrance area just to make a lot of noise and disturb these people-even wake them up so they’ll wear out the Torrance Noise Complaint line. And, for good measure, trip some of the infamous noise monitors. Just remember to fly in full compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations. As far as I’m concerned this problem exists only because the City of Torrance refuses to run its airport correctly. Instead of hustling noise complaints and using them to harass and intimidate pilots, they need to manage their communities to take the noise and not bother pilots no matter how much noise they make. I have the e-mail addresses of every arrogant and rude neighbor that is behind this garbage and they will receive a copy of this notice as will the Tiger Squadron, the City of Torrance and the FAA. Have a blast, Jon Rodgers P. O. Box 1127 * Frazier Park, CA 93225 * Tel. (661) 245-1243 * E-mail: