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Preaching in Harlem, Billy Graham
calls race relations problem "most
burning social question of our day."
Actress Ethel Waters was one of Liiany ^ci;rocs who paificipated in uianinintli New
York crusade. She sang in l,5()()-voic...
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1957 piece on Rev. Billy Graham's efforts supporting integration

Published in: News & Politics
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  1. 1. Preaching in Harlem, Billy Graham calls race relations problem "most burning social question of our day." NO COLOR LINE HEAVEN -BILLY GRAHAM— First Negro member of Graham team, Rev. Howard Jones (c), talks to Rev. Thomas Kilgore and evangehst. Southern-born evangelist declares war on bigotry THE MOST vulnerable spot in Chris- tianity and democracy was limned many years ago by eloquent slaves who gave tongue to the spiritual, AU God's Children Got Wings. Bursting through the bonds of color and condition, they celebrated a day when there would be no more white sections in churches, when there would be no more Negroes and whites, when all men would stand equal before their Creator. And now, hundreds of invocations and lynchings later, the same cry has been taken up by Billy Graham, the evangelist whose grandfathers shouldered arms in the Confederate Army. Although he was born, raised and educated in the South, he is underscoring the old warning that there is no color line in Heaven. From that fact, he draws a corollary: there should be no color line on earth. And, like the slaves, he is saying that "every- body talking abont Ileaven ain't going there." "There are a lot of segregationists," he says, "who are going to be sadly disillu- sioned when they get to Heaven—if they get there." The blonde, blue-eyed evangelist, who recently completed an integrated crusade in Madison Square Garden, told EBONY: that Ameriea needs a revival to wipe away racial discrimination. "The sign is on the wall," he says. "This is our crisis." Coniinued on Nexf Page 99
  2. 2. Actress Ethel Waters was one of Liiany ^ci;rocs who paificipated in uianinintli New York crusade. She sang in l,5()()-voice crusade choir three times a week. I-'anied ac- tress said Billy was "sent from Heaven to wake up New York and deliver it from evil." NO COLOR LINE IN HEAVEN co..,wd "I tell you," he warns whites, "we are going to have to have a revival that will wipe away racial discrimination, that because a man's skin may he a little different color than yours you think yourself superior. I tell you there is no superior race in God's sight." The revival, he says, should stress three things: 1. That we must live by the principle of the Golden Rule. 2. That racial prejudice looms as one of the most burning issues in the destiny of the United States. 3. That God is color-blind and that prejudice based on skin-color is sinful. In the world to eome, he points out, there will be no place for Wliite Gitizens Gouncñs, Ku Klux Klans and "for white only" signs. "Some people," he has said, "are not going to get to heaven because they would not feel at home." "For everyone," Graham continues, "there is tliis solemn warning. One day we shall stand before the judgment of God and He has told us in advance what one of the questions will be on that great day of examination. Jesus made it clear that what we shall have to answer for is the way in which we have treated our neighbors. The horror of discrimination will never be fully realized until we remember the sobering words of our Lord; 'As you did it not to one of the least of these, you did it not to me.' If through blindness or overt treachery we err, it is Ghrist we insult and humiliate." "Our concern since God laid the matter on our hearts some years ago has been not so much to talk as to act, to set an example which might open new paths and stir the consciences of many. There is no segrega- OblivioUS of race, Negro and white members of choir clutch same song book a lift tlieir voices in praise of Lord. Members of choir were drawn from churche.s ini New York area. Some 50 Negro churches contributed singers to integrated choir, tion in our crusades, even in the South. A man who was to be an usher for our crusade in a southern city heard of this policy and called the office to verify it. Ts it tme that Negroes are coming and can sit wherever they please?' he asked. The answer was, 'Yes.' And the man retorted angrily. 'Then to hell with the revival.' But the story doesn't end there. He was drawn to the meetings by the Spirit of God and was converted. He apologized for what he had said and came to work as an usher side by side with Negro ushers and serving those who came of both races." In recent months, Graham has repeatedly attacked racial bias in his meetings around the country. It was not always thus. Graham himself admits that he lost his traditional southern views about race in recent years. He attributes his concern about the question to two things~a conviction, gained from constant study 'of the Bible, that Ghrist op- posed and fought racial bigotry and a conviction, intensified by world travel, that prejudice gives America "one of its greatest black eyes" in the view of nations balancing the sincerity of democracy and communism. "I have been growing in understanding of the Christian principle of the brotherhood of all men under the fatherhood of God," Graham admits. "In 1953-after the Supreme Gourt desegregation edict was handed down, I decided definitely that segregation was wrong." Long before the high court decision, however, Graham was on his way to getting religion about racial justice. He found a precedent for his own crusading in a passage of the Gospel, according to St. Luke. "It tells about the time that Jesus preached in his home town and the people turned from a friendly croviid into a murderous mob," he declares. "I asked myself what made them change. They changed Executive committee of New York crusade included two Negroes, Rev. Richard Hilde- brand, pastor of Bethel AME Church (3rd fr. 1.) and Rev. Gardner Taylor (not shown ). On opening night of the crusade, Rev. Hildebrand delivered the invocation. 100 "New" Billy Graham pn^itciics on race and salvation to large audience in Harlem. Graham told group that Jesus often preached against prejudice, but was "sneered and jeered" at and labeled a heretic. "" >judices," he added, "all stem from sin. Confiiiued on' Page 102
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Another Biblical incident that prodded Billy Graham's thinking is found in John-the story of the Samaritan woman who met Jesus at Jacob's well. "This points up the racial strife which existed between ihe Jews and Samaritans in Christ's day, as it exists in America today, even among church people," Graham observes. He says: "Though Christ was primarily concerned with the redemption of the individual, he did not hedge on the race question . . . He constantly emphasized neighbor-love and every violation of it is a sin. Jesus put no color bar on the Golden Rule." "Jesus," Graham continues, "broke down the barriers. He lauded the faith of the Gentiles. He lived for days among the despised Samari- tans. He said that many would come from the East and West and sit down with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom. He said that when he was lifted up he would draw all men unto himself." Graham believes that America is on the brink of moral disaster. "Our nation is threatened," he says, "as it has never been threatened since the Civil War." He adds: "We need anti-segregation legislation in this country, but unless it is supplemented by love of God it would be nothing but eold war." Jesus Christ, Graham holds, is the light that can lead men over the shoals of race hatred to the harbor of brotherhood. "Now when a man is bom again by faith in Jesus Christ," he adds, "the Bible says he is a new creation. He leaves the family of Satan and comes into the family of God. One of the signs that this conversion is genuine is a genuine love for all his brothers in Christ, for in Christ all divisions vanish. If a man lacks this Christian love, no matter how orthodox may be his doctrine, it is safe to doubt whether he has ever had a real personal encounter with God." Tlie evangelist who believes Negroes must share the responsibility for discrimination says: "We are going to have to come where we love each other as neighbors and where we look through tbe eyes of Jesus at this thing." If his continuing search for truth in Scripture had not been enough, Billy Graham's views on race were fortified by experiences during world travel. "After my travels in North Africa, India, the Far East and Western Europe, I arrived at the basic conclusion that America as a nation has a tremendous responsibility in today's world-that we are living in a fish bowl with the whole world looking in-that our racial tensions are causing some of the people of the world to turn away from us, to doubt that we have the moral and spiritual qualities to lead the Western World in this desperate hour. Race prejudice is a eanoer eating at the heart and core of American life and, therefore, threatening to eclipse the dawn of peace and justice for all humanity . . . It is high time that we came to the foot of the Cross. It is high time that we told the truth-that there is no superiority based on skin Confinued on Page lO^ '•-•• L( rget rieu okin trou nd t! own u cl the an 5
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With a hotel full of us preachers and what have you, she probably feels—'Ye Jews have no dealings with us Samaritans.' I ean't help liking her. I watched her closely. She never moved. She drank it in. Then they closed and she never moved. She watched them out of sight. I started back slowly, hoping perhaps she would catch up and I could just pass the time of day. But she kept behind me and I could hear her singing in a throaty voice, What A Friend We Have In Jesus. It must have stirred memories in her heart. We never know when we are witnessing for Christ who is listening." Looking back over similar incidents like this, Graham says, "My earlier meetings were segregated. I was reared in the South and had never thought it through. But I hope that through the years, I have grown in many directions. Our last Southern crusades were on a non- segregated basis and we did not have one incident. Where men are standing at the foot of the Cross, there are no racial barriers." He recalls, with a great deal of satisfaction, an incident that oc- euned near the end of his integrated crusade in Louisville, Kentucky. A Negro minister told him: "I want you to know that one of the greatest experiences I have ever had in my hfe was standing outside the Coliseum and having my people come up to me to say, 'Pastor, is it true that we can sit anywhere we like?' I raised my hand, made a wide sweep of the auditorium and said, 'Anywhere.' " "There were," Billy recalls, "tears in his eyes." "The great need in America," Craham concludes, "is not for more guns or more atom bombs. It is for men and women who have been transformed by the power of Jesus Christ and are going out living dedi- cated lives for Christ in the offices and in the factories and in the shops, taking their stand for the Lord Jesus Christ no matter what the eost may be. It may be the race problem that you take your stand on; it may be some problem in your local community; it's taking the witness for the Lord Jesus Christ no matter what it eosts." Blonde, blue-eyed evangelist has humched a frontal assault on projiLclicc and big- otry. He plans to hold a "cfLisade" in Africa. The preaclicr says he has re- ceived stream of abusive letters from racists. "I just ignore them," he says. NOW U.S. SAVINGS BONDS PAY YOU HIGHER INTEREST-FASTER! If you've always bought U.S. Savings Bonds for their rock-ribbed safety, their guaranteed return, the way they make saving easier—you've got one more reason now! Every Series E United States Savin<¿s Bond, yoii've bought since February 1, 1957 pays you a new, higher interest— 514 % when held to maturity! It reaches maturity/«.sfer—in only 8 years and 11 months. And redemption values arc higlicr, too, especially in the earlier years. About your older Bonds? Easy. Just hold onto them. 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