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Crocker bookmarks

  1. 1. REAL PROPERTY WEBSITES – AND THEN SOME Michael S. Klein Ira J. Waldman ©2011I. Bookmarks A. Title Insurance Companies 1. - Stewart Title Underwriting Manual 2. ea=Main+Menu – Land America Single Source 3. - Fidelity Title Passport 4. – First American Underwriting Library 5. - NETR Online Property Data Store 6. - West Region Title Insurance Center – unofficial site with links to underwriting manuals, forms, closing practices, etc. – author of site does suggest your own verification. B. Forms 1. - CORI Knowledge Database including Forms. 2. - Freddie Mac home page, a good source for current multifamily forms, adaptable for many property types. C. Federal Government 1. - Thomas Library of Congress 2. - United States Foreclosure Laws 3. - USGS – California and Nevada Earthquakes 4. - EPA Website D. Local Government178174110633v2
  2. 2. 1. - Zimas (Zone Information and Map Access System for Los Angeles 2. - Access to Municipal Codes nationwide 3. - Access to Los Angeles City Code 4. - City-Data – Everything you want to know about a U.S. City 5. - Los Angeles County Assessor 6. - E-Codes - Municipal Codes on the Internet E. State Government 1. - State Property Statures from Cornell 2. - California State Board of Equalization 3. - California Secretary of State Business Portal – excellent for checking entity status 4. - California bills and statutes (can subscribe to bills) 5. - California Department of Corporations, Financial Services Division – the place to check for active finance lender licenses 6. - California legislative information and statutes (and see new beta site - ) 7. – California Franchise Tax Board – the place to go for tax forms and information on California withholding requirements in connection with real property sales 8. – Laws of New York – valuable with the number of financings selecting New York law to govern 9. - the location of drafts and final adoption of Uniform Laws by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (the Uniform Law Commission) –178174110633v2 2
  3. 3. very valuable for statutory history for Uniform Laws enacted in a particular state F. Libraries 1. - The (free) Public Library of Law – free resources with a tie in to fast case (see below) 2. - Fast Case – next generation legal research for a relatively inexpensive price 3. - Casemaker from Lawriter – free with membership to many bar organizations; alas, not California 4. - Los Angeles County Law Library Members Portal/Remote Databases – significant service at low cost G. Commercial Databases 1. – Commercial Real Estate Information Company H. Residential Databases 1. - – data and listings 2. - Zillow - homes for sale, homes for rent and home values 3. - LA Times residential database I. Real Industry Trade Groups 1. - Urban Land Institute – research and publications 2. - National Association of Real Estate Appraisers 3. - CRE Finance Counsel, formerly known as the “Commercial Mortgage Securities Association” – news links, resources and publications J. Real Estate Education 1. - the website of Josh Stein one of the most prolific authors on real estate legal matters – click on the Publications link178174110633v2 3
  4. 4. 2. murray-law-library/ - the library of Jack Murray, another prolific author on real estate legal matters 3. – the public site of the American College of Real Estate Lawyers has all of its program materials and newsletter articles on line and searchable 1 year after the publication date. A treasure chest of relevant material 4. - California State Bar – Real Property Section – Member access to Real Property Law Journal articles 5. – Los Angeles County Bar Association Real Property Section (but also check out the online version of LA Lawyer at for searchable archival access 6. me.html - ABA Real Property Trust & Estate Law Section Probate and Property Magazine – full access for members only 7. – Google Scholar – a good source of cheap opinion and article access, always to be ultimately verified. K. Real Estate News and Publications 1. - Wall Street Journal Property Report 2. - George Smith Partners – always good finance information 3. - Business Journals from around the U.S. 4. - The Los Angeles Business Journal 5. - Realty Times – News and Advice featuring local market conditions 6. – DIRT Listserv L. Miscellaneous 1. - Google Maps178174110633v2 4
  5. 5. 2. – Caller ID spoofing, voice changing and call recording 3. – online file sharing, send larger files, manage file transfer, FTP replacement with no email attachments. 4. – call management tool, especially for Skype – record voice mail calls to disk 5. - One number for all your phones, online voicemail and cheap calling 6. - the All-In-One Solution for Remote Access and Support over the Internet178174110633v2 5