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TrafficStudyNotes - Danziger
1. 248du w/546 parkingspaces.2.2 spaces/du – how doesthiscompare w/Anzaapartmentsonsite
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Butcher Hill Traffic study notes


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Notes on traffic engineers study

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Butcher Hill Traffic study notes

  1. 1. TrafficStudyNotes - Danziger 1. 248du w/546 parkingspaces.2.2 spaces/du – how doesthiscompare w/Anzaapartmentsonsite parkinggiventhe offsite loadtheycurrentlyimpose? 2. Crenshaw/PCH–lessthanD LOS withoutproject –unmitigatableimpact?? 3. Findingthatthere isno LOS degradationin2019 giventhe projectatthe keyintersections ignoresin-flightandpotential projects&cumulative impactof these projects. If youlookatcum impact,theyacknowledge LOSdecreasesatHawthorne/PCHandHawthorne/244th (aswell as the likelydecline atHawthorne/Valmonte. 4. From report: Using the HCMmethodology to determinelevels of service for thestudied intersectionsrevealed similar results in LOS. Intersection delaysincreased with each scenario and the Crenshaw Boulevard/PacificCoastHighway intersection furtherdeteriorated in LOSduring both peakhours of traffic.Also,the intersection of Rolling Hills Road/Crenshaw Boulevard decreasedin LOSto “E” during the A.M.peakhourundercumulativedevelopmentconditions. 5. Right-turnonlyegressontoHawthorne impliessignificantU-turntrafficatPV Dr N (RHWay does not permitN boundU turns) as well assignificantpeak-hourtrafficfromVistaMontanaonto Hawthorne. If yousupporttheirproposedampeakhour trafficof .3 vehper am peakhour,this impactwill be minimal.Butgivenamore realisticimpactof 1+ veh/unit(givendual-income householdsinresidence,asseeninthe Anzaapartments),the impactshere will be significant. 6. 74 trip endsduring ampeakhours,97 duringpmpeak.So 30% of the resident have jobs? I understandthisisperthe engineeringstandards,butitcompletelycontradictsthe realityseen inthe large apartmentsonAnza. 7. PerFig 17, 15% of projecttrafficwill goSouthonHawthone pastRollingHillsRoad.Where will that trafficbe goingand whatbasisfor determiningthatallocationwasused? 8. The ‘cumulative impact’portioniswhollyinadequate becauseitignoresprojectsinRedondo and Lomita(andothercities) thatimpact throughtrafficon PCH. Twosuch projectsare the condosat PCH/ProspectandPCH/PV Drive. Evenso, buttheir– inadequate –measure of cumulativeimpact,PCH/Hawthorne declinesto LOS D, Hawthorne/244th declinestoLOSD. Note that the claimis that cum delay improvesat PCH/VistaMontanafrom37.1 pmpeakhour to 37.2 in thisscenario.