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  1. 1. EDUC 7106 Problem-Based Learning- Instructional Unit-Marion Bush Collaboration Rubric-Up to 25 PointsCollaboration Below Standards At Standards Above Standards -1 -3 -5Cooperation Student did not follow Student did not Student followed all the steps and follow a step in the the steps and instructions of the instructions. instructions to the assignment. assignment.Participation Student refuses to be Student is actively Student is actively actively be involved involved in planning involved in planning in planning and and preparing the and preparing the preparing the assignment. assignment and plays a assignment. . major role in the team’s assignment.Effort Student does not use Student uses some of Student uses time all their time their time effectively effectively and effectively and does and completes some completes all assigned not complete assigned of the assigned tasks tasks on time. tasks on time. on time.Attitude Student complains Student displays a Student displays a and displays a positive attitude positive attitude while negative attitude. while completing the completing the assignment. assignment and offer encouragement to team members throughout the assignment.Leadership Student does not stay Student stays on task Student stays on task on task. sometimes. and tries to keep the team members on task. Total Points: _________________
  2. 2. EDUC 7106 PBL Instructional Unit-Marion Bush Research Rubric KWL, Survey and Weight Comparison Table-Up to 25 PointsCATEGORY 1 2 4 5Topic More than five Three items were One item was not All the researchRelevance items were not not researched researched was completed on researched. completely on completely. the topic. the topic.Notes No notes were Only a few notes Some notes were All relevant notes taken about the were taken about taken about the were taken about video on the the video on the video on the the video on the video paper and video paper and video paper and video paper and graphic graphic graphic organizer. graphic organizer. organizer organizer.KWL All parts not One part Two parts All required completed. completed. completed. information completed.Resources Very little or no Sources of Sources of All sources of sources of information information information information was collected for collected for all collected for all collected. parts but not parts but not all parts and all documented documented. documented properly. properly.Mechanics There are more There are two There is one There are no than two grammatical or grammatical or grammatical or grammatical or mechanical mechanical mechanical mechanical mistakes. mistake. mistakes. mistakes. Total Points: _________________
  3. 3. EDUC 7106 PBL Instructional Unit-Marion Bush Food Nutrition Label Rubric-Up to 25 PointsCATEGORY 1 2 3 5Topic Relevance Not all items are Three or four One to two All items are relevant to the items are not items on the relevant to the topic. relevant to the menu do not topic. topic. relate to the topic.Food Labels Not all information Two or three One item is All information is related to the items are not not related to is related to the topic. related to the the topic. topic. topic.Attractiveness Not arranged Two to three One item is All items areand properly. items are not out of place. arrangedAlphabetically arranged properly.Arranged. properly.Mechanics There are more There are two There is one There are no than two grammatical or grammatical grammatical or grammatical or mechanical or mechanical mechanical mechanical mistakes on the mistake on the mistakes on the mistakes on the spreadsheet. spreadsheet. spreadsheet. spreadsheet.Formation Did not use Excel More than two Only one area Spreadsheet to create areas were not was not set up was created spreadsheet. setup properly. properly. and set up properly. Total Points: _________________
  4. 4. EDUC 7106 PBL Instructional Unit-Marion Bush Menu Rubric-Up to 60 PointsCATEGORY Point-1 Points-2 Points- 3 Points-10Organization Layout is Layout is alright Layout is Layout is logical, confusing and but headings are organized and appealing, unorganized. not totally the content is interesting and organized. organized for the content is well most part. organized.Attractiveness The menu has not The text may be a The menu is neat The menu is been put together little difficult to both with layout exceptionally in a neat and read or confusing and text. neat, both with organized fashion. with regard to the layout and text. layout.Content Topic more than Topic two or three Topic one left out; Topic Stated: five left out: left out: menu menu contains menu contains all menu does not contains some of several details required content. contain all the the content. from the research required content. and is interesting to read.Requirements All requirements More than one One requirement All requirements are not met. requirement was was not are met. not completely completely met. met.Graphics Use of font and Makes use of font Makes good use Makes excellentand Font color distract and color but they of font and color. use of font and from the menu detract from the to enhance to the color to enhance content. menu content. menu. the menu. There were more There were three There was one There were no than four mechanical errors mechanical errors mechanical errorsMechanics mechanical errors on the menu. on the menu. on the menu. on the menu. Total Points: _________________